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DIP570 P8 LED Display Module Outdoor RGB 3in1 320×320

Pixel Pitch: P8mm

LED Type: 3in1 DIP 570

Module Size: 320*320 mm

Model Pixel: 40*40 Pixels

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CE, RoHS, FCC Approved


P8 Front Access DIP570 LED Module Outdoor 1R1G1B 320x320mm with 40*40 Dots

Front Maintenance P8 DIP570 RGB 3in1 Outdoor LED Panel Module 320X320mm


1. DIP LED Module Including the Data & Power Cables.

2. Epistar LEDs, 2 Years Warranty, Ship in 24 hours, Free Online Support.

3. High Contrast for LED display.

4. Driving LEDs with a constant current.

5. LED Module Work With Linsn, Novastar, Colorlight, Xixun, Huidu LED Conroller Card System

p8 outdoor dip module (3)
3in1 DIP

Using high quality RBG led lamp bead, no damge lamp, uniform current, same brightness.

Strict Aging Testing

UNIT provides72 hours aging test and 24 hours video aging to ensure the LED display moudles have best stability.

3in1 DIP LED Module Vs. Ordinary DIP LED Module

(1) Color Mixing Method

Ordinary DIP LED modules usually contain single-color LED chips, such as red, green, or blue.

When these LED modules display color images, they need to use a variety of LED modules of different colors to be combined, and the purpose of displaying color images is achieved by combining different colors.

The three-in-one DIP LED module integrates red, green, and blue LED chips in the same LED package.

Therefore, they can display rich color images in the same LED module by controlling the brightness and proportion of these three colors, without requiring a combination of LED modules of multiple colors.

(2) Application Scope

Ordinary DIP LED modules are usually used for single-color or dual-color LED displays, such as single-color text symbol display or dual-color simple graphic display.

They perform well in scenarios with simple requirements and a single color.

The 3IN1 DIP LED module is more suitable for full-color LED displays, especially in application scenarios with high color performance requirements, such as outdoor billboards, large-screen TVs, etc.
Color performance:

Because the three-in-one DIP LED modules integrate LED chips of three colors: red, green, and blue, and can precisely control the brightness and proportion of these three colors, they can present richer and more realistic colors and provide more High-quality visual experience.

To sum up, the 3in1 DIP LED module has a wider application range, richer color performance capabilities, and higher visual effects than ordinary DIP LED modules. It is suitable for color LEDs that require higher display quality. Display application.

LED Module:

Pixel Pitch:

P8mm DIP 3in1 LED

Module Size:


Module Resolution:

40×40 dots

Driver Mode

1/4 Scan

Warranty Time:

2 Years



Electricity Parameter:

Physical density:

15,625 pixels/㎡


10000 nit

Brightness adjusted:

100 grades by software or automatically by sensor

Best view distance:

≥ 8m

Best view angle:

140°(Horizontal); 120°(Vertical)

Color processing:


Color temperature(k):

5000—9300 adjustable

Whole display flatness:

≤ 1mm juncture

Working temperature:

-20°C ~ +50°C

Refresh frequency:

≥ 300Hz


≤ 90 ~ 95%

Protection grade:

IP65 Waterproof

Working Voltage:


Power supply:

AC 110 / 220V, 50/60Hz

Average power consumption:

230 w/m2

Max power consumption:

700 w/m2

Screen lifetime:

100000 hours

More Details

DIP P8 Outdoor LED Display Module-front view

DIP P8 Outdoor LED Display Module-back view

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DIP 3in1 P8 Outdoor Display LED Module