Energy Saving LED Display
Energy saving LED display is becoming very popular in recently years especially for outdoor LED display products such as P10mm, P12mm, P16mm, etc fixed LED display. With a very large area, LED display always need more power than ordinary appliances because the display is huge and ususlly needs many power supplies in all cabinets. For saving the cost, how to reduce the power consumption of LED display is a very major issue in the display market today.
Unit Energy Saving LED display

Outdoor LED display, as the new favorite of future outdoor display advertising media, is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, Banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places. LED display is a product with relatively large power consumption. How to reduce energy consumption and achieve energy saving and environmental protection is a problem that every enterprise must consider. So what performance does the LED display have to achieve real energy saving and environmental protection?

Unit outdoor energy saving LED display

First, adjust the brightness of the outdoor led display: LED display itself is using energy-saving materials, but the outdoor LED display area is large, it is relatively power-hungry, so we have to adjust the brightness of the outdoor LED display according to environmental changes.

Second, in the structural design method: because the outdoor LED display is outside, it will be affected by environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salt and alkali content, so the outdoor LED display structure design needs to take into account these, in order to save more maintenance Cost, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Third, improve led power: This plays an important role in the energy saving of outdoor LED display. The current outdoor LED display directly uses half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supply, plus the synchronous rectification energy saving effect is significant, giving the drive constant In the state of the flow, the power supply voltage is reduced as much as possible, and the power is separately supplied through the red, green and blue dies to achieve better energy saving effects.

Unit Energy Saving LED Screen Solutions

UNIT LED outdoor energy saving LED Screen with the energy-saving efficiency reached up more than 40% and the cost of power supply reached more than 35%. let’s take P16mm RGB LED display as the example.

P16 energy saving led screens

P16mm Energy Saving LED Panel

  • Pixel pitch: 16mm
  • Brightness: ≥7000CD/㎡
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz
  • Cabinet Weight: 48kg
  • Cabinet Size: 1024*1024*100mm
With UNIT unique PCB techology and saving LED parts. Power consumption can save up 40%; and the brightness of LED display keep the same. the brgitness can reach up 7500cd. high brightness to meet outdoor LED display advertising need.
Unit Energy Saving LED display
Unit Energy Saving LED display
UNIT use double circuit 2.8V & 3.8V for LED display Modules and LED display Control system to reduce electromagnetic interference. which is unlike the 5v or 4.2v standard power supply.

Common Led display and Energy Saving Led Screen parameters:

Unit Energy Saving LED display
How much money you save In Two Years?

Standard LED Display solution

Average 0.28KW/sqm

Electricity cost 2year:

= $0.2 x 0.28KW x 100sqm x 10h x 365D x 2

= $40,880

Energy Saving LED Video Wall solution

Average: 0.12KW/sqm

Electricity cost 2 year:

= $0.2x 0.12 x 100 x 10 x 365 x 2

= $17520

Result: Save $23360 In Two years on electricity cost.

Common Cathode SMD LED display Solutions

UNIT ES960 SMD Common Cathode LED display is our another energy saving LED screen products for outdoor applications. This LED display products is designed with 960*960mm standard cabinet size, 320*320mm panel size and one of the most important features is that it is power supplied separately with R and GB, which means that the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green and blue lamp beads, the current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC .These feature make the LED display is simple cabinet structure, low cost, high energy saving efficiency, safety and reliability.

Energy Saving LED display

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