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UNIT LED is a global-leading Outdoor Energy Saving LED Screen manufacturer, we offer high quality, high stable up to 50% Power Saving LED display with the features of Customized Size & Pixel. Unit energy saving LED display features Lower Power consumption, high brightness, sleamless splicing, excellent display Experience.

EV960 & OF800 Series is popular used for Outdoor 3D Advertising Billboard.

3d billboard advertising

Energy-saving LED display is a new product launched by display manufacturers based on environmental protection in recent years. With the development of society, environmental pollution and energy problems have become increasingly critical. Both indoors and outdoors LED displays are more and more popular in all walks of life.

For example, in large shopping malls and street corners, large-sized outdoor LED displays are widely used in outdoor advertising. The LED video wall with a large screen provides a good display effect. At the same time, it needs higher power consumption. 

The larger the area of the LED display, the more the number of screens, and the greater the power. The power of tens of square meters of LED video walls reaches tens of kilowatts. If you are looking for a low-power, energy-efficient LED display,  the high-quality energy-saving LED display will be a good choice.

1. Why is an energy saving LED screen essential today?

Green environmental protection has become the theme of today’s era. Now all walks of life are advocating the manufacture of green products. LED video wall manufacturers have also launched energy-saving LED displays with low energy consumption. 

Not wasting electricity and energy is the original intention of the manufacturer’s design and development. Energy-saving and environmental protection are also important indicators for customers to consider when choosing led display products.

Energy-saving products are popular among similar products, such as LED energy-saving lamps. The LED display screen, which belongs to the LED industry, is also advancing with the times. In response to the national call, an energy-saving display screen appears. As we all know, outdoor displays are brighter than indoor displays. 

As a good information carrier, outdoor fixed LED display screens inevitably produce light pollution problems while exerting advertising benefits and improving the image. Balancing the relationship between brightness and energy consumption has also become an issue in LED display design.

2. Features of the energy saving LED display

UNIT is a professional LED display manufacturer in China. UNIT’s R&D personnel have made a great contribution to the development and optimization of energy-saving LED screens. On the one hand, products with low energy consumption have a good environmental benefit. On the other hand, they can save costs for customers.

UNIT provides high quality, high stability, up to 50% energy-saving display. Taking the EV960 series as an example, we will show you the product features of energy-saving displays in detail.

energy saving LED display in Finland

1. Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption is a distinguishing feature of the UNIT EV960 series. The brightness of the UNIT energy-saving rarely LED display reaches 6000-6500 (cd/m2) while ensuring low energy consumption. The brightness is wonderful for people to watch in an outdoor position. People can see the advertising information even there is bright sunlight. And, the maximum Cabinet Power Consumption is 550W. The average Cabinet Power Consumption is 150W.

The dual-voltage power supply design is the key to the energy saving of the display screen. First of all, we need to understand that the three primary colors of the full-color display are red, blue, and green. The best working voltage of red light is 1.8V-2,8V. But the working voltage of blue light and green light is 2.8v-3.8V.

The traditional LED display is powered by a 5V DC single power supply. It provides a higher voltage than required, which inevitably results in wasted energy. The energy-saving power supply based on dual-voltage design can reduce unnecessary energy waste.

2. Environmentally friendly materials, the high recycling rate

EV960 series energy-saving display panels using environmentally friendly materials have high environmental benefits. Its whole machine recovery rate reached 90%. Save installation and maintenance costs. The die-cast aluminum chassis adopts a lock-side screw-free design. It is good for protecting the internal components.

3. Save installation and maintenance costs

First of all, this outdoor LED display panel has a powerful heat dissipation device. And you don’t need additional air conditioners or cooling fans. Secondly, the heat dissipation performance also enables the display device to have a longer working life. It will save you a lot of installation costs.

The good performance enables the LED video wall to work stably in the temperature range of minus 20 degrees to 40 degrees. The chance of failure is small. The module can be inspected and replaced by maintenance personnel from both the front and the back. Double service mode saves maintenance time.

Low power LED display

4. Longer service life

Aluminum material has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance. EV960 series energy-saving LED screen can reach 5VB fireproofing level. And the waterproof level has reached IP67. The high fireproof and waterproof rating allows the energy-saving screen to work stably in the outdoor environment for a long time. EV960 series use SMD2727 and SMD3535 sealed LED lamp beads. It has a long service lifespan.

3. Application Scenarios of Energy-Saving Displays

Outdoor energy-saving LED displays are significant in many fields. For example, advertising media, large hotels, transportation, theme parks, etc. All in all, the LED screen plays an important role.

1. Advertising media

As an excellent advertising carrier, display screens are good partners for advertisers. Particularly on occasions with human traffic, such as large shopping malls and bustling streets. Generally, energy-saving display screens are installed on the top or outer walls of buildings. Advertisers expect more people can receive advertising information and achieve better advertising benefits.

EV960 high way LED panel

2. Information display

In addition to beautiful pictures and video content, the energy-saving display screen also displays some industry-related text consultation and information. For example, LED display screens show information about trains to travelers in the station. 

The stock exchange uses the display screen to broadcast the latest trading information. There are display screens on the road to indicate the direction and play slogans to remind drivers of safety.

3. Image enhancement

The full-color display successfully attracted the attention of municipal workers with its beautiful display effects. In modern cities, energy-saving LED displays are influential for decoration. It can improve urban construction and is conducive to promoting urban image.

4. Entertainment venues

In some amusement parks, theme parks, and other entertainment venues, LED displays are not unfamiliar for people. The exquisite screen display is conducive to enhancing the tourist experience. In addition, it can also be used to play advertisements or information display.

4. Four methods to make LED displays more energy saving

Led display is a power-hungry product. How to reduce energy consumption is a problem that every manufacturer should consider. Below we will introduce four measures to make the display more energy efficient.

1. Use a system that automatically adjusts the brightness

To adapt to different weather and get the best display effect, a brightness adjustment system is helpful for LED screens. This automatic adjustment system can analyze the collected brightness. And, the software can automatically switch to the brightness suitable for the environment. While achieving energy saving, it can also effectively reduce light pollution.

2. Use environmentally friendly materials

With the help of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, the LED display module achieves a high level of waterproof and dustproof. 

When purchasing a product, you need to clarify the project requirements, such as application sites and audiences. A comprehensive analysis of various reasons is necessary for selecting the appropriate product.

3. Strong convection cooling system

Large-area LED video walls will emit high heat when working. A convection cooling system will play a role to help the display system operate stably. Because of the heat conduction effect of aluminum, the cooling system is more powerful. In addition, the energy-efficient display uses state-of-the-art chips to minimize the influence of heat and noise.

4. Adopt common cathode technology

Common cathode technology is a power supply driving method and an energy-saving technology for LED displays. In simple terms, it refers to using a common cathode to power the LED display. Precisely assigning current and voltage to R, G, and B chips is the core of the cathode power supply method. 

The current passes through the lamp bead and then to the negative electrode of the IC. It can achieve the ideal energy-saving effect of reducing the heat of the screen and reducing power consumption.

The driving method and supply voltage of common anode technology are different from the common cathode. In the common anode technology, the current first flows from the PCB board to the lamp beads. 

The chip is uniformly powered, and the forward voltage drop of the circuit becomes larger. In the case of constant current, the higher the voltage, the higher the power and the greater the heat generated.

5. Advantages of co-negative technology

  • Independent power supply, energy saving

A co-negative drive architecture adopts a precise power supply mode. Based on the optoelectronic characteristics of LED red, green, and blue lamp beads, the operating voltage of the LED lamp beads has been successfully reduced. 

However, the display effect and brightness have not been affected. The most direct performance is that the power consumption becomes less.

  • Longer lifespan

As energy consumption is less, heat generation is also reduced. Low heat is conducive to the long-term stable operation of the electronic components inside the led. Led lamp beads are not easy to be damaged, which improves the service life of the display screen.

outdoor LED screen
  • More stable display effect

The co-negative technology simplifies the number of resistors, reduces the number of components on the PCB, and further improves the integration. The color is more realistic, and the operation is more stable.

5. UNIT LED-A professial energy saving LED display manufacturer

UNIT is a technology enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of LED displays. The company was established in 2010. More than ten years of rich experience support us to provide the perfect led display solution. Why choose UNIT LED? The reasons are as follows:

1. Scientific standard production management

The company’s the production and office area exceed 8,000 square meters. UNIT LED has advanced production equipment and professional testing equipment. At the same time, our company has always taken product quality as the highest purpose. From raw material procurement to production and testing, strict quality control is at each stage.

Our products have passed quality certifications such as energy-saving, RoHS, CCC, CE, FCC, 1400, 1800, IP67 dustproof, and waterproof tests. The product technology and quality are at the forefront of similar products in China. They enjoy a good reputation in the global market. 

Especially the outdoor energy-saving LED full-color display screen saves energy up to 60%. Energy-saving LED screen is also the company’s flagship product.

2. High-quality products

We provide complete solutions for Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight, Xixun, Huidu LED control systems. High-quality chips, control systems, and strict quality control systems are the advantages of UNIT. 

UNIT’s led display panels are equipped with high-quality driver ICs, modules, and cabinets. The LED video wall with excellent performance presents the best display effect in outdoor advertising, sports, stage performances, and other fields.

3. 110+ Countries Solutions

Since its establishment, UNIT has exported LED display products to more than 112 countries. We provide efficient solutions for many industries. A wide range of products provides customers with more choices. Including energy-saving LED display, high-definition small-pitch LED display, rental LED display, outdoor/indoor LED display, etc.

4. Attentive customer service

UNIT adheres to the customer-centric service concept and has established a complete customer service system. We provide 3 years warranty and 5% accessories, one-stop service from installation to training, maintenance.

Our services cover all stages of pre-sales, after-sales. We specify detailed technical solutions, provide installation guidance and training for display screens, and offer warranty services for product failures. If you have related needs, contact us immediately. UNIT LED will serve you wholeheartedly.

6. Conclusion

The energy issue is a topic of great concern in today’s society. The LED display industry is also keeping pace with the times and developing more energy-saving products. In this article, we bring you a brief introduction to energy saving LED displays. If you are interested in an energy-saving led display, please contact us.