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Esports LED Display Solution

Have you ever watched a thrilling e-sports match live? Have you also shouted excitedly for the exciting games?

With the development of the e-sports industry and the growth of the fan team, e-sports events are becoming popular around the world!

LED display screens help organize e-sports events with their characteristics of large area, high-definition display, and low latency.

As the well-deserved focus, the Esports LED screen injects new vitality into this visual feast.

LED Screen for Esports Events

UNIT LED rental series features high-definition picture quality, high brightness, and high protection capabilities. The rental series LED screen, which has superior performance and is easy to disassemble and install, can meet the needs of Esports LED display screen.


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Why Choose UNIT LED for Esports LED Screen?

UNIT LED is an enterprise focused on the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of LED displays.

We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable LED display solutions to customers around the world.

1. Our products are certified by CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE. High-quality products are the basis for us to gain the trust of our customers.

2. We have successfully expanded overseas markets, including Europe, America, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries.

3. With more than 13 years of experience in the industry, we have accumulated rich experience in more than 10,000 projects. These projects cover commercial displays, event rentals, sports activities and many other fields.

4. The LED display factory of more than 12,000 square meters is equipped with modern production equipment. Strong production capabilities ensure we are ready to deliver products to meet your needs.

5. We have established a professional technical support and after-sales service team to solve after-sales or technical problems with our products.


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Esports LED Display Screen: Full Guide 2024!

If you are an e-sports game enthusiast, then you will not miss the League of Legends S13 Global Finals. After this year’s Asian Games, the esports LED display once again ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

Judging from the more than ten years of e-sports competitions, competition venues and display equipment have undergone rapid changes.

With the rapid development of technology, the intelligent upgrade of e-sports competition venues is also underway.

By integrating 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, we will create a smart venue operation brain and build a smart venue for future development.

The LED display screen is a carrier that integrates display, control, operation, and maintenance.

1. What is an Esports LED display?

Esports LED display is a multi-functional digital display device that provides the main visual images at major e-sports events.

It mainly plays a variety of roles such as synchronizing the player’s operations to the live audience and advertising display.

The e-sports industry has a large number of young fans, which is a powerful force. In addition, e-sports events are different from traditional sports events, and their fan groups also have diverse and strict requirements for the viewing experience.

This will force LED display companies to increase technological and product innovation in related fields, that is, new demands will give rise to new technologies and new products.

2. Why Esports LED Screen Become Popular?

(1) Provide a better viewing experience

From an e-sports perspective, a new change in recent times is the increasing demand for multiple LED large-screen ultra-high-definition combinations.

Large LED displays are customized and integrated into modern sports venues to better attract audiences.

The increase in sports events is an important driving force for the construction and upgrading of sports venues.

On the one hand, it is the continued demand of spectators and athletes; on the other hand, it is also the inherent driving force of sports events in stadiums.

(2) The particularity of e-sports competitions

E-sports are different from traditional sports events. Audiences at e-sports events can only see the wonderful performances of the players through the display screen.

E-sports players compete by operating computers or mobile phones. How to deliver exciting and exciting games to the audience at the scene or in front of the TV in a timely and accurate manner?

The function of the high-refresh, low-latency E-sports LED screen is to allow the audience to see the players’ game pictures.

(3) Development of e-sports industry

The development of e-sports has also simultaneously promoted the upgrading of sports venues.

In addition to the promotion of the event itself, e-sports’ demand for ultra-high definition and new technologies has further stimulated the innovation of LED displays.

Both the 2021 League of Legends Finals and the 2022 Honor of Kings Summer Finals have added XR elements, reversely upgrading the LED display itself.


(4) Multifunctional

Under the demand for intelligent construction, the requirements for LED display screens are constantly increasing.

In sports events, LED displays play multiple roles such as live broadcasts of games, advertising, and scene interaction.

Applications include barrel screens, grandstand screens, scoring screens, track screens, stage screens, etc.

3. Key Factors of Esports LED Screen

(1) Main screen and secondary screen

With the development of sports events, some policies require gymnasiums above Class C to be equipped with LED displays.

The scene of an eSports competition should have at least one main screen and multiple auxiliary screens.

Multiple screens ensure that viewers from all angles can clearly understand the real-time game situation under normal circumstances.

The size, spacing, and placement of the main screen and secondary screen are determined according to the actual situation such as the size of the venue and the number of on-site audiences.

(2) Large size

Whether it is a small or medium-sized university friendly match, a city e-sports event, or a national or global e-sports competition, the number of spectators on site is not small.

The large export LED display screen ensures that most spectators at the scene can watch the game normally without using any observation tools.

(3) High definition

The screen with high definition and smooth animated video ensures that the audience can watch the entire game clearly and intuitively.

The high-quality screen provides the audience with good visual effects, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the exciting game.

(4) Low latency

This is to ensure that the live audience can obtain viewing progress that is basically consistent with the player’s operation speed without affecting the viewing quality due to the slow screen response speed.

(5) Rental LED Screen

The venues and venues for e-sports events have changed significantly.

Due to the longevity of the competition itself, most of the current venues for e-sports competitions are temporary.

Therefore, for most Esport event planners, the demand for rental LED screen is far greater than the demand for customization.

4. LED Screen Solution for E-sports Events

(1) Traditional Sport LED Display Solution

A complete sports venue LED display control system solution needs to include LED displays and peripheral auxiliary system equipment as well as software and hardware to meet the needs of current and future event information and venue intelligence.

Traditional sports venues usually need to meet the requirements of high definition, high color, high brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, and high response, while giving priority to the safety and reliability of performance.

Conventional high protection measures such as waterproofing, dustproofing, and anti-static ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

(2) The Requirements for LED Screens in Sports Scenes

1) Meet Relevant Certifications

LED display screens in large stadiums need to meet the technical certification requirements of relevant sports organizations.

For example, FIFA’s technical standards for World Cup perimeter LED display. UEFA also has corresponding technical standards for LED displays in football matches.

As a perfect solution for the UEFA league, the UNIT LED OF1600*900mm series sports LED screen allows people to enjoy the game.

OF800 energy saving led display (5)
football perimeter LED display (2)

UEFA OF1600*900mm P10mm Perimeter LED Display in Cyprus

2) Maximize Returns

Sports events have huge commercial value. LED displays help maximize the commercial value of sports events and obtain the greatest return on investment.

On the one hand,  to increase revenue, sponsors and advertisers use sports LED displays for commercial advertising.

On the other hand, LED display screens provide live audiences with a more immersive viewing experience by combining AR, XR, and other technologies.

By enhancing the interactivity of sports competitions, ticket sales can be driven to bring more revenue to the organizers.

3) Good Audience Experience

To provide viewers with a better viewing experience, LED screens for sports need to have higher image quality requirements, more diverse video processing requirements, and more flexible content presentation methods.

(3) LED Screen for Esports Solution

The technical requirements for LED displays in electronic sports venues are basically similar to those in traditional sports venues.

Common cathode and energy-saving technology have become the core elements that sports venues prioritize when choosing LED displays.

Considering the capacity and display effect of the venues, the number of display screens in sports venues will inevitably increase in the future, and power consumption will be reduced through technical means such as LED common cathode solutions and chip dynamic energy saving.

At the same time, they will be combined with energy-saving power supply technology and renewable power supply technology.

In recent years, the continuous evolution of Micro LED technology in the LED display industry has given rise to innovative technologies such as the MIP/COB route, Chip COB+ dynamic pixels, and AM new driver ICs.

It is believed that these technologies can also solve the actual main problems of “utilization efficiency” and “operating costs” of electric competitors.

The energy of e-sports events will drive the construction of domestic stadiums and the demand for LED screens.


(4) Features of E-sport LED Display Screen

1) Customized Services

The e-sports industry has a large number of young fans. They have diverse and strict requirements for the viewing experience.

New needs give birth to new products. LED display for Esports events came into being.

Major events or stadiums use customized large-scale LED screens to attract young audiences’ attention to e-sports events.

2) Technological Innovation

The upgrade of sports venues and the demand for ultra-high-definition display equipment in e-sports events have stimulated the update of LED display technology.

For example, Macroblock launched the common cathode LED driver IC-MBI5762 for E-sports LED displays.

MBI5762 has the following features:

Presents highly dynamic and high-contrast display effects with a high refresh rate of 16bit/7680Hz

In e-sports competitions, the background behind players and anchors can be designed to present high-standard scenes for virtual production.

With low grayscale, high refresh rate, and automatic frame filling function

Supports real-time broadcast and shows slow-motion replay footage

Avoid dark lines or flickering in the picture and provide realistic high-definition pictures.

Use common cathode LED drive architecture and dynamic energy-saving mode to reduce the power consumption and temperature of LED displays

Further alignment with ESG trends

(3) Good Viewing Experience

E-sports activities have rich images, and the display screen and game operation page need to be synchronized in real-time.

Therefore, the E-sports LED screen needs to have a wider color gamut, better color reproduction capabilities, high digital delay, and a multi-screen display.

LED screen for Esports areas and events supports displaying a large number of dynamic pictures and videos.

By displaying game images, data, and replays of exciting moments in real-time and in multiple directions, the audience can be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of e-sports.

5. Recommended Products

NG500 Series

NG500 hd rental led display

MA-Y Series


6. Conclusion

The LED display screen’s high-definition picture quality, millisecond-level response speed, and unrestricted size perfectly meet the display needs of e-sports activities.

As a professional LED display manufacturer and digital LED display solution provider, UNIT LED provides E-sports LED display solution to help you create the most unique esports venues! Just contact us and get a quote now!