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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

UNIT LED is a global-leading 4K 8K Resolution Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display manufacturer, we offer high quality, high stable HD LED screen with the features of ultralight weight, ultra thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more..

Led display is a popular display product at present. In the stimulation of market demand and the in-depth development of the industry, the types of display screens are continuously refined. The fine pixel pitch LED display with high-definition picture quality is gradually showing its charm in various applications. This guide will give you a complete understanding of it!

1. What is a Small Pixel Pitch LED Display?

Small pixel pitch led display refers to indoor led display with high-definition resolution and pixel pitch of p2.5mm and below. It adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the state control of brightness, color restoration, and uniformity of display pixel units.

The main pixel pitch of the product includes P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, etc. Next, we will take you to understand what pixel pitch is and how it affects image quality.

(1) What is Pixel Pitch in LED Display?

Pixel pitch refers to the distance (unit: mm) between two adjacent pixels. It describes the density of pixels on an LED display screen. In layman’s terms, you can think of a light bead on the led panel screen as a pixel. The dot pitch is simply the distance between two adjacent lamp beads.

Pixel pitch reflects the amount of space between two pixels, so a smaller pixel pitch represents a higher pixel and screen resolution.

pixel pitch

(2) How Does Pixel Pitch Affect Picture Quality

As an important parameter of display products, the influence of dot pitch on the display effect is undoubtedly crucial. In order to obtain a high-definition picture effect, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the content source itself must be high-definition. And on the other hand, the display device supports a high-definition display.

The Fineness of the Screen

The picture we see is made up of many dots on the screen. Regardless of the resolution of the picture itself, the smaller pitch and higher resolution small pitch LED display can display more image content. As a result, the picture quality of the image is higher. At the same time, there is no obvious graininess.

Viewing Distance

Secondly, the dot spacing will affect the optimal viewing distance of the led screen. The narrow pixel pitch LED display has smoother transitions and richer details. So viewers can see clear images at closer distances.

Therefore, a smaller spacing equates to a smaller viewing distance.

For example, the optimal viewing distance of an indoor p1.667mm small pitch LED display is smaller than that of a p10mm led video wall.

2. The Advantages of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

(1) High-definition Display Effect

The dot pitch of the screen is small, and the resolution per unit area is high. It can display higher-definition graphics images and videos, as well as more channels of video and image screens. High grayscale means it has better color performance. The layering and vividness of the picture are high.

(2) High Refresh Rate and High Contrast Ratio

The minimum refresh rate of a fine pitch LED video wall can reach 3840Hz. The screen with a high refresh rate presents good picture stability. Moreover, when using mobile phones, cameras, and other devices to take pictures, the captured pictures are stable, without ripples and black screen phenomena.

(3) Brightness is Intelligently Adjustable

High brightness is a significant advantage of led displays. In environments with different brightness, you can adjust the brightness of the screen with the light sensing system. It allows for the best viewing experience and avoids visual fatigue.

(4) Good Color Reproduction

With the help of point-by-point correction technology and the light-emitting principle of LED itself, china’s fine pitch LED display completely retains the authenticity of color. With the blessing of high contrast, the color is more natural.

indoor small pixel led display

(5) Three-dimensional Visual Experience

Stunning high-definition images allow viewers to enjoy an extraordinary visual experience. Whether it’s live TV or digital advertising, a small pitch LED video wall brings you a wonderful audio-visual experience.

(6) Service Life

Looking at the usage time alone, the LED display has a longer service life than other display devices. In the field of indoor small spacing, the brightness requirements of the LED display are low. So a smaller power can meet its working needs.

3.Fine Pitch LED Screen VS. Traditional Display

(1) RPC

RPC means Rear-projection Cubes. RPC display screens are working in control rooms. The presentation of images in this technology has extremely high requirements and requires ultra-high-definition resolution. This technology is mature and stable. It is used for emergency command and monitoring centers that operate 7×24 hours.

As a late-stage star in visual display, LED technology is superior to RPC technology in many aspects. Such as clear colors and a wider viewing angle.

(2) LCD

Small-pitch LED screens have advantages in splicing gaps, lifespan, and flexibility. First of all, the LED display can be seamlessly spliced. And the integrity of the picture is good. Secondly, the modular design of the LED screen makes it cover a large range of sizes. More sizes can meet more market demands.

But it is undeniable that the LCD has certain advantages in price and the delicateness of the picture.

(3) DLP

DLP means Digital Light Procession. DLP and LED are two different display technologies. Therefore, the two display screens have differences in technical parameters, display effects, and application fields.

In terms of the seam, brightness, resolution, and wide application fields, LED small pitch is better than DLP. The cost of DLP splicing walls has an advantage over the small spacing of LEDs.

4. Which Pixel Size is The Best?

We mentioned above those small-pitch LED products have many dot pitches: P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, etc. You might be wondering which pixel size is the best. Firstly, let’s be clear: there is no best pixel size! Consider several factors to determine the most appropriate pixel spacing for your project.

(1) Consider the Viewing Distance

We mentioned that pixel pitch affects the optimal viewing distance. So choose the dot spacing based on the distance between your audience and the display. The following are some common viewing distance calculation formulas in the industry:

LED full-color screen viewing distance = pixel pitch (mm) × 500 ~ pixel pitch (mm) × 1000

LED screen visual distance = pixel pitch (mm) × 1000

The most suitable viewing distance = pixel pitch (mm) × 3000 ~ pixel pitch (mm) × 1000

The farthest viewing distance of the LED display = screen height (m) × 30

fine pixel pitch led viewing distance

(2) Combining Your Budget

Smaller pitches do have higher pixel density and a more polished picture. However, the cost of led products has also increased. A smaller pixel pitch means a more refined production process and more raw material input.

These two will drive up your purchase cost, so if your audience is farther away from the display, choosing a larger pixel pitch will save your budget.

(3) Size Matters

In addition to the commercial field, small-pitch LED products are gradually entering the household field. Many customers choose a 4K led video wall instead of LCD TV to get a larger TV picture. 4K refers to a display resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels.

Thinking of achieving a 4K effect, the number of display modules with different pixel pitches is different. For example, with the same physical size, P1.667 LED modules contain more pixels than P2.5.

(4) Consider Special Requirements

In addition to considering the viewing effect of the naked eye, it is best not to ignore some specific requirements in some specific application scenarios. Such as virtual productions in cinematography or broadcast studios.

fine pixel led screen in studio

Displays in these types of scenes need to perform reliably under camera equipment. The smaller pixel pitch LED screen panel ensures the perfect presentation of media content.

5. Applications of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

(1) Security Monitoring

small pixel led screen in control room

With good color expression and high brightness, fine pitch LED video wall is popular in high-end indoor applications such as dispatch command centers, studios, and weather information centers.

Compared with DLP splicing large screens and LCD video walls that dominate the field of security monitoring, fine-pitch LED screens have no seams. And you can install it in various ways.

(2) Exhibition Display

Flexible assembly, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, and convenient maintenance make it widely applicable to various public information display fields. Such as information boards in hotel lobbies, airports, cinemas, hospitals, etc.

In addition, in some retail stores, merchants use small pitch LED displays to advertise and display product information. Therefore, small-pitch products also provide new ideas for retail advertising.

(3) Business Education

indoor fine pixel pitch led screen

Because the small pixel pitch LED display has a good display effect, it has good performance in business conferences, network video conferences, and other occasions.

Different from traditional projectors, electronic whiteboards, and other products, LED small-pitch screens are more convenient to install and maintain. Moreover, it can meet the needs of information presentations in various conference rooms and classrooms.

(4) Household Field

As the pictures of small-pitch screens become more exquisite, more and more customers choose to use narrow pixel-pitch LED displays to replace TVs, projectors, and other household equipment. The outstanding advantages of Led TV are room self-luminous technology and a high refresh rate.

However, at present, small pixel led screen as a home TV product also has obvious shortcomings. The cost is too high. It is only used in large-scale private theaters in high-end villas. In the future, with the reduction of costs, it may enter more ordinary people’s homes.

6. The Development Trend of Fine Pitch LED Screen

From SMD to COB small pitch, Mini LED and Micro LED, the LED industry is ushering in new opportunities. So what are the development prospects and advantages of small-pitch products?

(1) Ultra-fine Pitch Products

A smaller pixel pitch means higher-definition picture quality and higher product competitiveness. The development of the Led industry has prompted major manufacturers to strive to develop new products. It promotes the development of LED displays in the direction of the ultra-fine pitch.

(2) Intelligent Interactive Effect

Intelligence is a trend in major industries. People’s daily life and business activities are also affected. Therefore, many manufacturers began to carry out research and development to make the display screen more intelligent. Combine intelligent factors such as touch screen technology and sensing devices with the display screen.

(3) Visual Experience Upgrade

The combination of new technologies and displays brings people a new visual experience. For example, the current hot naked eye 3D LED display. VR, holography, 3D, and other technologies have been applied to the display screen, further opening up the application field of the led screen.

7. Successful Customer Cases

Case 1:N43 Fine Pixel LED display-4K LED Video Wall in South Africa

Installation Country: South Africa

Product: N43 Series fine pixel LED display

Pixel Pitch: P1.667mm / 4K

Pixel Configuration: SMD1010

Module Dimension: 200*150mm

Module Resolution: 120*90dots

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

Cabinet Material: Die-Casting Aluminum

Installation Method: Fixed installation

N43 series fine pixel led dsipaly

Case 2:4K P1.25 Indoor Fixed LED Display to America

Installation Country: America

Product: N169 Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.25mm / 4K

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5*60mm

Screen Size: 4.8m (W) * 2.7m (H)

Module Size: 200*168.75mm

Module Resolution: 480*270dots

Refresh rate: 1920/3840

Cabinet Material: Die-Casting Aluminum

P1.25 4K video wall-aging test

Case 3:P1.95mm China Fine Pitch LED Display in Japan

Installation Country: Japan

Product: Magic1000 series

Pixel Pitch: P1.953mm

Cabinet Size: 500*1000*80mm

Screen Size: 4.5m (W) * 1m (H)

Module Size: 250*250mm

Module Resolution: 128*256dots

Refresh rate: 3840Hz

Cabinet Material: Die-Casting Aluminum

8. Conclusion

Today we discussed the fine pixel pitch LED display from multiple aspects. Including its benefits, application areas, and how to choose the appropriate dot pitch. Then we show you the difference between a small pitch LED display and other display devices. Finally, we present some excellent examples of what UNIT LED has done. If you want to know more about the led screen, please send us a message directly!