2022 Fixed and Rental LED displays: The Complete Guide!

LED display screens according to the application scene to classify words can be divided into indoor and outdoor, divided into fixed and rental LED displays, and so on.

The LED display has a single-color typedouble color type、 full-color type.

Differences Between Fixed and Rental LED Displays

1. Cabinet Material of Fixed and Rental LED Displays

Fixed LED screens are generally used outdoors and are literally fixed in one place and not easily moved.

There are high requirements for the lifespan, the materials and the installation way of fixed LED display.

Fixed LED displays generally use iron as the material of the cabinet.

Stronger and more stable, the advantages of facing some harsh outdoor environments, therefore the indoor/outdoor fixed installation screen is of heavier quality, inflexible to dismantle and lifespan is generally around 2-3 years.

Most of the rental LED display cabinets are made of die-cast aluminium, aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy and some new materials.

The rental LED display is designed to be hired out to event holders, so the cabinet and the components inside are relatively light and easy to remove.

Indoor environments are relatively watertight and less costly than outdoor; if not vandalised, intact rental screens have a lower damage rate than fixed LED screens.

2. The Components Inside the Cabinet.

For outdoor fixed LED screens, let me give you an example. Like the LED advertising display on the highway, the outdoor fixed installation led screen has a cooling fan than the rental screen because there is no way to change the components frequently.

Cooling fans are used to dissipate heat because the actual display time of the rental screen is relatively short and the activity does not usually last a long time, so no cooling fans are installed.

high way advertising fixed LED panel

High-way fixed LED panel

3. Comparison of components for rental and fixed installation screens

cabinet competition

Installation Methods of Fixed and Rental LED Displays

We talked about how the material of the fixed installation screen can affect the application scenario before, here I am going to mention one aspect and that is the mounting method.

Because the installation method of the fixed LED screen needs to calculate the wall load-bearing, but also to ensure the sealing of the screen.

So the fixed installation is more professional, need a professional installation team to do, the safety performance is higher.

The installation of rental LED displays is flexible and varied, so you can install them yourself by watching a simple installation video, but you must be precise and meticulous. It is also easy to maintain at a later stage, you just need to splice the individual LED lights into the shape you wan

Different Brightness Requirements

Based on the above conditions, the outdoor fixed LED display, because of the external environmental measurement is relatively large, so the requirements for the brightness of the display is also relatively high.
Indoor rental screens, because they are generally indoors, are relatively less light, so the brightness requirements for the display are not as high, but the requirements for clarity will be higher than outdoor fixed screens.
This is why the pitch of rental screens is smaller than fixed installation screens. 

The pitch of indoor rental screens can now be <p1mm, the most common being p2.5mm.

Even though they are used for different purposes, they are always LED displays, so there are similarities.

Both fixed and rental LED displays have a control IC.

The IC is the key component of the LED display, playing the role of connecting the transmission data, providing power and being able to convert electrical energy into light energy to be displayed on the LED module.

The number of different ICs controls the number of different LEDs and the size of the scanning method of the control IC also affects the refresh rate of the LED display. This also affects the production cost.

Indoor Fixed Installation LED Display

Fixed LED display floor tile screens, which are inlaid inside the floor, are specially designed for ground display LED displays. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 10T, its protection and heat dissipation will be specially treated to accommodate high-intensity stepping and long display times.

There are also floor tile screens that, with the help of infrared sensors, can track the heat and display different effects as it changes. Of course, every event is themed, so the technology that is resorted to varies from person to person. Here are some examples of practical applications:

Dance floor LED display for Bars

Dance floor LED display for the shopping mall

Outdoor Rental LED Screen

Outdoor rental LED displays are mostly temporary rentals.

Like general temporary meetings, performances, fashion shows and so on, the flexibility of the LED display requirements are very high can be disassembled at any time, in situ installation, and can be carried at any time, after the event is generally disassembled and shipped to other places.

Generally speaking, the cost of a mobile led display rental will be lower than that of a fixed module LED display, and the labor costs will be lower in terms of installation methods.

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Outdoor rental LED display for the live show

What do you need to pay attention to when installing two types of LED displays?

Outdoor Fixed LED display’s installation should be attention to:

  • In the very first one, survey the surrounding environment. Because of the outdoor uncertainties, so take into account the sunlight, screen brightness, to do some parameter testing to ensure the normal, stable use of outdoor fixed installation LED display.
  • The next one is we need to determine the size of the outdoor fixed installation area so that we can determine the size of the LED display to buy. Like the following is an advertising LED display, affected by the outside frame, you need to measure the size in advance before buying the LED cabinet.
  • Different solutions are given for different placement locations. For LED displays embedded in walls, calculate the wall bearing capacity. For suspended and roof-mounted outdoor fixed LED screens, the exact height is to be measured and the installation is to be carried out using cranes and other tools. In addition, the installer must also be highly cooperative.
  • Last but not least, inspection and maintenance. The follow-up maintenance is mainly for the outdoor fixed LED display in the process of playing some problems. So for the receiving card, power supply, heat sink, connection line and so on should be tested before installation, these are for the LED display can be used for a longer period. The content of the display can be changed directly on the PC.

Indoor led panel screen rental’s installation should be attention to:

  • At the start, rental screens are mostly used for temporary events. So it should be quick and easy to install in situ and easy to take to another venue after the event. It should not be too large or heavy.

  • The second one is that lightly carry and lightly put away. Avoid dropping the LED beads during movement, which may affect the effectiveness of the product.

  • Check and install the box before it is energised. Do not install again when energised, it can easily lead to safety accidents. Check the LED module with a multimeter before energising and exclude problems before it can be used properly.

  • Suspended and stacked are common installation methods. Indoor ultra-high height suspension also requires the use of special tools, such as the use of lifting cranes or cranes to rental LED display to a certain height for placement, but also to ensure the stability of the box does not fall, it is necessary to fix and support the LED display in multiple locations.

  • The stacking type is to put the weight of the LED display on the ground and to splice one LED display box into a pre-defined specification.

Whether stacked or suspended it is necessary to support the box and the whole display for a short time fixed.

Fixed and rental LED displays control system

Throughout the whole process, whether it is a rental LED display or a fixed LED display, a control system is needed to change the content in real-time. With an asynchronous control system, the computer needs to be connected to the sending box to input information and display the synchronised content.

Rental LED displays generally use an asynchronous control system.

There is also an asynchronous control system, where the display does not match the content on the computer side, which means that the card can receive and store the content.

Asynchronous systems are mostly used for fixed LED displays, where the content is edited first and then set to play one after another.

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