What Can Flexible LED Display Modules Bring To You? Quick guide here!

Different from the traditional LED display module, the flexible LED display module is with a certain curvature. This feature also makes the flexible LED display module has a wider range of applications, today we will talk about the application scenarios and some features of the flexible LED display module.

LED display modules are also divided into two types: indoor and outdoor.

What is a flexible LED display module?

The flexible LED display module is the same as the traditional LED display module, which is composed of LED lights, PCB board circuit, driving IC, circuit and plastic kit. But different from the traditional LED module, the flexible LED module is made of a special material, using flexible PCB and bottom shell mask, which makes the module especially soft and can achieve 120 degrees of folding.


Flexible modules are equipped with high-strength locking and linking devices. Flexible FPC boards are made of flexible insulated substrates, and the face and bottom shells are made of rubber with high-strength compression and torsion resistance, which can perfectly solve the installation problems of various complex shapes.

So if you want to show something different to customs, you better choose flexible LED modules to promote yourselves.

How the qualities of flexible LED modules present LED display better?

(1) High-quality Chips. Unit LED choose Nationstar, king light for flexible LED display modules to make sure high refresh rate with suitable colour uniformity.

(2)SMD 3 in 1 LED, adopt high reliability SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121 to ensure flexible LED screen module with a high refresh rate of 1920Hz or 3840Hz.

(3)High flexibility. It can be replaced or taken out from the front to form a special-shaped LED display according to your needs. Yes, the screen is more characteristic and attractive.

(4)Front service. Unit flexible LED display module supports front maintenance. The module is made of high magnetic magnets, so the flexible LED display module can be maintained from the front, which is convenient for you to install and operate.

(5)Different sizes of modules are available to meet your diverse needs. From P1.875mm to P5mm, we have high flexible sizes for you to choose from.

Flexible LED Display Module Parameters:

Pixel pitch 1.857mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
Pixel Configuration SMD 3 in 1 LED SMD 3 in 1 LED SMD 3 in 1 LED SMD 3 in 1 LED SMD 3 in 1 LED SMD 3 in 1 LED
Module resolution 128*64pixel 120*60pixel 96*48 80*40 64*32 64*32
Module size 240*120 240*120 240*120 240*120 256*128 320*160
Module pixel 8192pixel/module 7200pixel/module 4608pixel/module 3200pixel/module 2048pixel/module 2048pixel/module

(6)The small unit flexible module design is capable of providing complex shapes, and the curve conforming to the mask design will not disrupt the way the flexible LED modules are connected.

Rigorous quality control and long-term application experience have proven the stability and superior performance of achieving high refresh rates and performance using Epistar LEDs and MBI5124 driver ICs.

Now we can discuss what shapes can be stitched together using flexible LED modules?

First of all, a Curved LED display. Arc LED module is more common, many arc-shaped modules are spliced together into a circular LED display.

The second, is cylindrical shape. Like many shopping malls on the load-bearing column are LED displays, but for the beauty and personalized design, the use of conventional LED display is not to meet the special needs. flexible LED display modules can be bent 120 degrees, so can be tightly packed the whole column, the mall is more intelligent and more technological sense.

The third kind is the special shape. Modern buildings to be more in line with modern aesthetics, or maybe to attract attention, the shape of the building will be designed very special. For example, unlike ordinary buildings with angles, one side of them is curved and the other side is right-angled, so to meet market demand, our flexible LED display module will be designed to be more special. The overall module is magnetic suction design, easy maintenance, with the same time also increased the mask design, to meet the diversified scene requirements, more for shaped stage background, exhibition activities site and shopping malls and so on.


Indoor flexible LED display

Flexible led display cylindrical shape module

Indoor Soft LED Display

There is one thing we should pay more attention to is that the outdoor flexible LED display sometimes are facing a harsh environment, so the LED chips need better protection, unit LED choose the best plastic material to package the lamp to make sure stable quality.



②PCB boards

③Kits, the brand of kits is Newstar

④Connections, including data transmission and reception cards, and power connections

⑤Connecting cables, including power cable and data cables

⑥Control IC

All of them are connected to the backend control port through a connector to control the playback content.

For Outdoor LED displays you need to use an asynchronous control system, for indoor digital advertising LED displays you can use an asynchronous control system to upload data.


PCB board material:

From a certain point of view, the PCB board used in the conventional LED module is hard, can not be bent, if artificially bent easily damaged, flexible LED display module using flexible PCB board, support 120 degrees of bending arc, which is also a necessary condition for the flexible LED display module.


The conventional LED module uses a hard plate chassis, which is a hard-bottomed mask, while the flexible LED display module uses a flexible chassis to ensure that its soft characteristics are not restricted.

Magnet design:

To have a smaller gap when the soft module is spliced, the flexible LED display module is designed with a magnetic suction, which is stronger than the conventional LED display module and better ensures the stability of the soft module.


Flexible LED display modules are lighter than normal LED modules because the flexible modules are thinner than normal LED modules.

Module installation:

common LED module installation requires screw fixing, soft module can be installed directly on the surface of the attachment by magnetic suction.


Flexible LED display modules are known worldwide for their flexible nature and have gained a place in the industry. If you want to learn more about flexible LED displays modules, please contact us.

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