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P4 Front Service LED Display

The latest customer case of P4 front open/front service LED display to Bulgaria supports front services, can be maintained by just opening the cover from the front. This kind of LED cabinet features easy operation and easy maintenance and is quite suitable for combining advertising LED screen or playing the role of LED poster display because of the appropriate size of 1920*960mm.

Different from our previous perception of “front service LED display”, which means the LED display module can be assembled and disassembled from the front easily, the front open LED screen means the whole LED cabinet screen can also be serviceable from the front. Only lift up the front cover, you can reach the components inside.

This design allows more flexible installation environment no matter there is or is not enough room for maintenance. It is not easy for some back service LED display cause you need to install it in the place where have adequate room behind the screen, and for wall-mounted installation, of course, a front service LED screen will be a wiser choice.

Key Features

1. Save room, time, and labor cost for maintenance;

2. Customizable size and pixel pitch;

3. Easy installation and disassembly;

4. Suitable for advertising LED screen, and can play the role of poster LED display.

Front Access Maintanence

P4 indoor front opening led display

This cabinet is front serviceable thus it is easy to install, assemble and disassemble. It can offer great convenience to customers, saving them room and time. That is why front maintenance LED display can save you lots of time and energy.

It is very suitable for wall-mounted installation as it will leave enough room for the operation – you can open it from the front directly without any complex step.

This is the biggest feature of the front opening LED display is the easy installation and user-friendly design so many customers show special preference to it.

Below is the video of one of Unit front open LED displays, you can see clearly the structure and layout from it.

Great Display Effect

This front service LED screen utilizes high-quality materials and a high-standard production process to ensure high refresh ratio and high grayscale. Moreover, it can support longer viewing distances.

For customers who need great display effect and long viewing distance, this LED display screen can be one of your considerable choices and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor LED display.

Customizable Size

The cabinet size can be customized for different requirements of customers to suit different installation environments. You can choose different sizes and different pixel pitch such as P4, P5, P6.67, P8, and P10, and they are available.

In Stock and Fast Delivery

We can provide our customer with product delivered in three days, and the strong production capability enables us to have enough stocks to make sure the delivery on time.

strong production ability

We have adequate stock of front opening/front service LED display, and mature production line and services for it. If you have any need, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact details below:

Phone number: +86-137-8705-0055


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