Why GOB is not recommended for outdoor LED Display

GOB, short for Glue On Board, is an encapsulation technology designed to solve the protection problem of LED lights. An advanced new transparent material is used to encapsulate the substrate and its LED packaging unit to form effective protection.

The material not only has super transparent properties but also has super thermal conductivity. Make GOB small spacing can adapt to any harsh environment, to achieve true moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-UV and other characteristics; GOB LED display products in general after product assembly, before glue, aging 72 hours, to test the lamp. After gluing, aging for 24 hours to confirm product quality again.

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In general, GOB adds a special layer of transparent glue to the LED module panel to better protect the LEDs. As a result, some customers ask us if they want to add GOB technology to their outdoor LED displays for better protection of the LED screen?

Heoretically speaking, regardless of indoor or outdoor LED display plus GOB, the waterproof of the module can be improved and the LEDs can be better protected.

In practice, GOB is only suitable for indoor LED displays with small spacing. The main reason is that the small pixel pitch led display is also more precise due to the small point spacing.

When the LEDs break and need to be replaced, it needs highly skilled and professional maintenance personnel. It is often difficult for customers to repair them by themselves and they need to return to the factory for repair.

Therefore, when GOB is applied to small spacing modules, it can largely avoid future maintenance problems. Due to the short visual distance, the audience will sometimes touch the screen surface, and GOB can also avoid screen damage caused by the audience’s touch.

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However, GOB is not suitable for outdoor LED display, mainly for the following reasons:

  1. The dot spacing of outdoor LED display is very large. In general, it is relatively simple when LEDs need to be replaced.
  2. Outdoor LED display surface itself has IP65 waterproof, GOB waterproof is not necessary.
  3. Outdoor LED display requires high brightness display, and GOB transparent glue will reduce the brightness.
  4. Outdoor LED display heat is generally higher than indoor, plus GOB will affect the heat dissipation and thus affect the service life of the screen.
  5. Outdoor installation environment will accelerate the aging and yellowing of GOB adhesive layer

In conclusion, GOB led technology is suitable for indoor LED displays, and we do not recommend customers to use GOB for outdoor screens.

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