gob module P2.5mm

GOB LED Module

High Waterproof Level
High Dust-proof
High Shockproof
Flexible GOB LED Module
Suitable for Fine Pixel Pitch

GOB Technology

GOB Technology

GOB Technology is an innovative gluing seal on the surface of the module. It can well protect the LEDs on the LED module from water, dust and damage. It is used to form effective protection by using an advanced new transparent material potted on the lamp surface. This material not only has super high transparency, but also has excellent thermal conductivity.

High Waterproof Level

IP68 Ultra-high Waterproof

The GOB LED module is covered with transparent glue on the surface of the module's PCB. The special shielding layer protects the led beads from water vapor interference. Therefore it has a super high waterproof level.
gob high waterproof (2)
GOB high waterproof
GOB high waterproof 2
GOB 2 (1)

P2.5mm GOB LED Module Front

P2.5mm GOB LED Module Back

Super Dust-proof

High Dust-proof Level

The surface of the GOB module is coated with a potting coating that makes it good at dust proofing. Compared to SMD LED modules, GOB modules are more suitable for use in windy and sandy environments.
GOB led module high dust-proof
GOB led module high dust-proof2
GOB led module high dust-proof3

High Shockproof

The GOB module has excellent anti-impact and scratch resistance. It can well solve the phenomenon of large batches of dead lamps and bad lights due to impact during transportation.

The surface of the lamps is raised into a spherical surface. Smooth and Hard, Impact and Wear-resistant.

GOB Flexible LED Module

Creative LED Displays

GOB soft modules are extremely flexible. Its bendable nature makes it the first choice for creating creative LED displays.
TypePixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionIC NumberBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
320X160 SeriesP1.25mm1010 (Black LED)256*12896600-800320*1601/64Scan
P1.538mm1010 (Black LED)208*10484600-800320*1601/52Scan
P1.667mm1010 (Black LED)192*9672600-800320*1601/64Scan
P1.839mm1515 (Black LED)174*8752600-800320*1601/58Scan
P1.86mm1515 (Black LED)172*8666600-800320*1601/43Scan
P2mm1515 (Black LED)160*8060600-800320*1601/40Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)128*6448800-1000320*1601/32Scan
P3.076mm2121 (Black LED)104*5242800-1000320*1601/26Scan
250X250 SeriesP2.604mm1515 (Black LED)96*9654800-1000250*2501/32Scan
P2.976mm2121 (Black LED)84*8454800-1000250*2501/28Scan
P3.91mm2121 (Black LED)64*6448800-1000250*2501/16Scan
240*240 SeriesP1.875mm1515 (Black LED)128*12848800-1000240*2401/64Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)96*9654800-1000240*2401/32Scan
Other SeriesP2mm1515 (Black LED)128*6448800-1000256*1281/32Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)64*6424800-1000160*1601/32Scan
P3mm2121 (Black LED)64*6424800-1000192*1921/32Scan

More GOB LED Module Details

P1.91 GOB LED module
P1.95 GOB LED module
P1.875 soft GOB module
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GOB LED Display Screen & GOB LED Module: Ultimate Guide 2023!

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, the LED display industry has also undergone earth-shaking changes. From DIP, and SMD LED displays, to COB, and GOB LED screens, the advancement of LED technology provides people with more choices.

As one of the most advanced LED technologies at present, GOB has high protection ability and excellent display effect.

What is GOB LED technology? What are its pros and cons? How to choose the most suitable LED display products for different package types? This article will take you to explain the GOB LED screen in detail. More information? Just read it now!

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1. What is GOB LED Display?

GOB, means “glue on board”. GOB LED display screen adopts an optical and heat-conducting filling material. After the manufacturing process, the lamp beads and components of the LED display are packaged and matte surface treated. This technology improves the protection ability of the LED display module.

The surface of the module covered with transparent materials has obtained a special shielding layer, which can effectively prevent the lamp beads from being damaged due to bumps during use or transportation.

GOB LED display screen

What Problem Does GOB Technology Solve?

(1) Low Protection Level

With the expansion of the application field of LED display, traditional SMD LED displays cannot meet the requirements of special application scenarios for product quality and display effect.

Some merchants study packaging technology and choose COB LED technology, and some merchants choose to improve SMD technology. GOB technology belongs to the protection process after the improvement of the SMD packaging process.

(2) Damage to the Eyes

The bright glare of the indoor display, the dizziness caused by high-frequency refresh, and the graininess of the surface-mounted lamp beads can easily cause visual fatigue.

It is especially evident in scenarios such as dispatch centers that require close viewing for extended periods. GOB small-pitch technology solves the pain points of customers well.

(3) The Mask Affects the Visual Effect

After a period of use, the SMD LED display may appear yellowish and white on the mask, which is not easy to clean.

The small-pitch SMD LED display is prone to bulging of the mask in a high-temperature environment. It will affect the visual effect.

2. Benefits and Drawbacks of GOB LED Screen

As one of the most advanced technologies, GOB technology has solved the pain points in previous market applications for the display industry. Knowing GOB LED module, you can’t ignore its characteristics and shortcomings.

Benefits of GOB LED Screen

(1) High Protection Ability

GOB technology solves the weather resistance of the display screen, and the ultra-high protection level effectively reduces the phenomenon of dead lights and knocked lights on the SMD LED screen.

The ultra-high protection ability is reflected in the following aspects: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-blue light, anti-salt, and anti-static.

(2) Better Visual Effects

The matte effect on the surface of the module improves product contrast, reduces glare and glare, and reduces visual fatigue. Even long-time viewing will not damage eyesight.

(3) Wider Viewing Angle

After surface glue treatment, the surface of the module is smooth. GOB LED display realizes the transformation from a point light source to a surface light source.

The GOB LED screen luminescence is more uniform, greatly improving the viewing angle. Both horizontal and vertical viewing angles can reach 180°.

(4) Wide Range of Applications

High-protection GOB LED can be used in several display products: small-pitch LED displays, rental LED displays, poster LED posters, and shelf LED displays.

Due to its high protection ability and excellent display effect, the application range of the GOB LED screen covers a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes.

(5) High Surface Smoothness

Flatness is a standard for testing LED technology. Good flatness means a better visual experience. At present, the glue-filling process of GOB LED is relatively mature, the thickness of the glue is uniform, and the surface of the module is smooth.

Drawbacks of GOB LED Screen

(1) Difficult to Maintain

If the lamp bead is damaged and needs to be repaired, professional tools, materials, and maintenance personnel are required. Therefore, the maintenance cost of the GOB LED module is relatively high.

(2) Process Issues

Although GOB LED board can change the protection ability and appearance consistency of the module, there are still some defects in this process.

Such as internal stress release problems, heat dissipation problems, poor colloidal affinity, and other problems. It is undeniable that it will take a long time to solve all the technical problems.

(3) Some Special Cases

There is no reliable outdoor protection ability and anti-collision ability in outdoor and rental transparent display applications.

3. Understand DIP, SMD, COB, GOB LED

Since the development of the led display industry, a variety of production and packaging processes have emerged one after another, from DIP to SMD, and then to COB packaging processes. A lot of effort went into it.

Next, let’s understand what are DIP, SMD, COB, and GOB and their differences.

DIP LED display module

(1) DIP LED Display

DIP package is the abbreviation of dual inline-pin package. The DIP LED display module inserts the red, green, and blue lamp beads on the led PCB board, and then makes a module through wave soldering.

Affected by the diameter and size of the lamp bead, the DIP LED module can only achieve P6. DIP LEDs do not support smaller pixel pitches. Good protection performance, high brightness, and good heat dissipation make it suitable for outdoor use. At present, the P10 DIP LED module and P20 DIP LED module still have a large market share in outdoor displays.

With the advancement of technology, SMD LED display has gradually occupied more markets and has a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors.

① Good protection performance, good adaptability to the outdoor environment

② High brightness, good heat dissipation

① The angle of view is not easy to fix accurately, generally between 100-110

② High energy consumption, not environmentally friendly

③ The pixel pitch is large and cannot be used indoors

④ The production organization of the DIP LED module is relatively complicated, and it is not easy to realize mechanized production. The quality of modules and screens is limited by the quality of lamp beads. Therefore, it is crucial to identify a high-quality led module factory.

(2) SMD LED Display

SMD package is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices.

3 IN 1 technology is a representative type of SMD. It encapsulates SMT lamps packaged with RGB LED lamps in the same colloid at a certain distance.

At present, SMD LED display occupies 80% of the market share in the industry, and it is well-deserved to be the current mainstream product.

In recent years, the three-in-one technology and the update of production equipment have reduced the cost of SMD LED display modules a lot.

SMD LED display module

Good flatness. 3 In 1 SMD LED screen has a flatness that is easier to control.

Excellent visual experience. The surface of the screen has been treated with light diffuse reflection to make the picture not grainy. High color saturation and high color reproduction bring excellent display effects.

Energy saving. The power of a single LED light is lower, and the energy-saving LED Display with an energy-saving IC is more friendly to your electricity bill.

Low production cost. After years of technical precipitation, the production cost of SMD LED has been reduced. The price of the product is affordable for most customers.

Wide range of application fields. More pixel pitches are available. From p1.25mm, p2mm to p8mm, p10mm, SMD LED screens can meet the display needs of various indoor and outdoor scenarios.

The industry pain points solved by the GOB technology mentioned above have already been listed, so we don’t repeat them here.

COB LED display screen

(3) COB LED Display

COB is the abbreviation of Chip on Board. As a new packaging technology different from DIP and SMD, it sticks the bare chip on the PCB, then performs wire bonding, and finally encapsulates the chip and bonding wires with glue.

This packaging method integrates upstream and downstream enterprises and simplifies the production process of packaging and display manufacturing.

The COB process needs to go through many processes: wiping the board, dispensing glue, attaching wafers, baking glue, etc.

Compared with DIP and SMD, COB has the following significant advantages.

Ultra thin and light. The thickness of the PCB board is from 0.4mm to 1.2mm.

Anti-collision and compression resistance. COB LED display directly encapsulates the chip in the concave lamp position of the PCB, and then encapsulates and fixes it with epoxy resin. The surface of the module is smooth and hard, wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

Large viewing angle. The viewing angle of the COB LED display screen is more than 175 degrees and close to 180 degrees. The viewing angle of SMD LED is 140-160 degrees, and the viewing angle of DIP LED is smaller.

Can be bent. The high flexibility makes it easier for COB modules to make various curved screens and wavy screens. It is an ideal choice for creative LED display projects.

Strong cooling capacity. The COB LED display quickly dissipates heat through the copper foil on the PCB. Good heat dissipation prolongs the life of the screen and avoids serious light attenuation.

① High research and development costs. As a new product, COB technology is not as perfect as SMD technology at present and has high technical requirements and high production costs.

② The price of the cob screen is 10-20% higher than that of the LED display with the same dot spacing.

③ The ink color consistency of the screen needs to be strictly controlled.

(4) Is GOB LED a Packaging Technology?

The three major packaging technologies of DIP, SMD, and COB all involve LED chips, while GOB technology does not involve the protection of LED chips. It is a process of protecting the PIN pin of the bracket of the SMD device with glue on the basis of the SMD module.


GOB LED features version 1.0 of LED display panel integration technology:

  • Single lamp bead discrete package device
  • Standoff packaging technology
  • Display panel integration technology after packaging
  • Industrial chain form: upstream (led chip) + midstream (packaging) + downstream (display factory)


Therefore, GOB technology is not a LED chip-level packaging technology, it is a LED panel protection treatment process performed after the SMT process is completed.

4. How to Get High-quality GOB LED Module?

How to manufacture high-quality GOB LED display modules? Strict workmanship standards and high-quality raw materials are key.

(1) High-quality Raw Materials

Raw materials include LED module components and packaging materials.

First of all, the packaging materials of the modules must meet the production standards of the GOB process. This material needs to have the following characteristics: strong adhesion, high transparency, strong tensile and vertical impact, antistatic, high-temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, etc.

Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the hardware facilities of the module pass the test. High-quality components are the guarantee to ensure that the module will not have dead lights, caterpillars, and deformation of the light board.

For example, the PCB circuit must be more than 1.6mm thick, the solder paste must be high-temperature solder paste, and the lamp beads must be Nationstar and Kinglight series.

(2) Strict Process Standards

The high-standard production process is responsible for product quality and customers. The GOB process needs to pay attention to several aspects:

Packaging process. The transparent material needs to completely cover the surface of the lamp and fill the gaps. Make sure there will not be any air bubbles, white spots, or air holes.

Uniform Glue Thickness. The thickness of the transparent adhesive layer must be uniform. This is also to ensure the flatness of the module.

sufficient aging time. It is necessary to ensure more than 24 hours of aging test before the lamp surface is glued. This is to ensure that the electronics can work properly. It is difficult to maintain after glue filling.

5. Applications of GOB LED Display Screen

(1) Immersive Scene

GOB LED display is a good choice for creating immersive scenes. In some interactive scenarios, the LED screen is not only a carrier for information display but also a platform for people to interact.

Immersive scenes have high requirements for the flatness of the screen body. The GOB display screen does not feel grainy to the touch, and the interactive experience is better than traditional LED displays.

small pitch gob led screen

(2) Small-pitch GOB LED Display

The high protection ability of the small-pitch GOB LED screen protects the lamp beads from damage. Good visual effects will not cause visual fatigue.

The feature of being friendly to human eyes makes it the darling of big data centers and scheduling intelligence centers.

With the construction of smart cities and infrastructure construction, small-pitch products combined with GOB technology will gain more room for development.

(3) Creative LED Display

Soft Flexible GOB LED module has super high flexibility and excellent waterproof and scratch resistance. The bendable feature makes the soft GOB module suitable for various creative LED displays.

Moisture-proof, waterproof, and scratch-resistant GOB soft modules create more durable and creative display projects for you. Such as cylinder LED screens, spherical LED screens, wave screens, and so on.

(4) GOB Floor LED Display

Traditional floor tile screens use PC masks and acrylic panels to protect the lamp surface from being stepped on. It may cause protruding screw points and obvious seams.

GOB floor LED screen has a more transparent display while strengthening the screen protection.

Cooperate with interactive games to achieve different human-screen interaction requirements, making the LED screen more dynamic.

(5) Retail Industry

Shelf LED display and GOB Poster LED display for the retail industry can withstand the impact of use.

Even if you accidentally spill a drink on the screen, there is no need to worry.

6. How to Maintain the GOB LED Module?

Compared with ordinary LED modules, the maintenance of GOB LED modules is not easy. But with the right tools and materials, the repair method is not complicated.

If the lamp beads of the GOB LED display module are dead, then we need to replace the new lamp beads. Here are the brief steps:

Preparation tools: heat gun, solder paste, glue, lamp beads

(1) Confirm the position of the dead light

(2) Use a hot air gun to melt the glue on the surface, and then remove the broken lamp beads

(3) Apply solder paste to the bottom of the new lamp bead, and then place the lamp bead in the correct position (note the positive and negative poles)

(4) After the lamp beads are fixed, clean up the impurities around the lamp beads

(5) Re-seal the lamp beads with glue and wait for the glue to dry.

The video below shows you the maintenance process. For more technical videos, please subscribe to the Youtube channel of UNIT LED.

7. Conclusion

In this post, we discussed the technical characteristics, application fields, and maintenance methods of the GOB LED display module.

It has the super high waterproof, dustproof, and anti-scratch ability. High-definition pictures, wide viewing angle, and uniform color performance make it widely used in various indoor and outdoor scenes.

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