What Can HD Rental LED Display Bring to Your Event?

With the advancement of technology and people’s pursuit of high-definition picture quality, HD rental LED display has gradually become the new favorite in the LED display industry. Rental LED display has become more common in many cities. High quality stage and event LED rental screens play an important role in major performing arts activities.

For small stage rental, due to the low cost of rental budget and requirements for lighting effects and artistic sense, customers do not have special high requirements for the picture quality of the rental screen for stage activities.

Relatively speaking, the rental budget for large stage display screens is sufficient. And the requirements for stage effects are more stringent. Therefore, event planners tend to consider HD rental led screens as the stage background when purchasing or leasing display equipment. These occasions include, but are not limited to festive celebrations, star concerts, world-class games, large-scale exhibitions, etc.

Asia cultural carval stage led display

1. High Quality HD Rental LED Display Products

There are many types of rental screen products. More pixel pitches can meet the viewing needs of different scenes. Common dot pitches are: p2.604mm, p2.976mm, p3.81mm, p3.91mm, p4.81mm, and p5.95mm. Among them, p2.604mm, and p2.976mm series led display products belonging to HD rental LED display.

UNIT provides many models of high-definition rental led displays. Various pixel pitches and cabinets of different sizes meet your individual needs. Our high-definition led rental screen uses high-quality raw materials, high quality driver ICs and LED display control systems. Therefore, the refresh rate of HD rental led panel can reach 3840Hz.

And the most important thing is that our HD rental LED video wall is on promotion. Come and choose the one that appeals to you!

UNIT High Technology HD Rental LED Display Series



  1. Pixel picth: p2.604mm, p2.976mm, p3.81mm, p4.81mm
  2. ultra-lightweight and space saving
  3. with a number of core technologies
  4. Innovative structural design
  5. Seamless Display and Visual Effects
  6. Supoort Right Angle Installation
  7. Multi Installation Way of Cabinet

XR Series

  1. Pixel picth: p2.604mm, p2.976mm, p3.81mm, p4.81mm
  2. Ultra HD Rental LED Display
  3. Fast Installation. Auto-locking system for fast and easy 1 man installation with ultimate safty and pixel protection
  4. Double Maintanence Service
  5. status LED display which can show the working conditions such as working temperature, working voltage, the screen lifespan and the DVI signal
  6. Support 3 installation ways of cabinet with hanging installation, concave& convex installation, stack installation
XR rental led display


  1. Pixel picth: P2.604mm and P2.976mm for indoor. P3.81mm, P4.81mm for indoor & outdoor display
  2. Ultra thin Design with Detachable back cover
  3. High Precision Curve Lock for Curved Installation
  4. Corner Protector for LED
  5. Magnetic Module, easy installation for LED panels
  6. Perfect Cabinet Design With Each Part
  7. High Waterproof and Modules are arranged regardless of left and right


  1. Magnesium alloy 500mm series LED display
  2. Ultra lighweight, Slim design. The light weight of 8kg/panel LED screen is easy to carry.
  3. Excellent quality picture output in every condition
  4. Double maintanence service. The magnet LED modules can be removed
  5. by tools on front side only 5 seconds.
  6. Curved with every 2.5° between -10°and 10°
  7. Both 160° from horizontal & vertical for the viewing angle


  1. Inspired by the unity of design and elegance with the features of Texture, Nimble, Professional, Flat and Handy
  2. Meet various requirements of indoor & outdoor applications
  3. Quick removable back cover for Power & Receiving box & hub board & connectors
  4. Best Quality Module
  5. High refresh rate, high contrast ratio, no ghosting.
  6. Excellent visual quality, zero-gap alignment
  7. Optimized PCB board design. Calibration-memo in PCB board. Perfect heat sinking CE / EMC certified optional.

2. Features of HD Rental LED Display Screen

HD LED rental screens with smaller pixel pitches are generally working in indoor places. In the field of large-scale outdoor stage rental, due to the large scope of the venue and the long viewing distance of the audience, it is more appropriate to use a p3.91mm or p4.81mm rental screen. It can not only meet the viewing demand of the audience for the display screen but also save cost.

Next, we will introduce the characteristics of the high-definition rental display screen in detail. By perceiving its excellent display performance, you can estimate its value to your project.

(1) Good surface flatness

The rental screens all use the mature SMD 3-in-1 technology in the industry. It makes the LED display have an ultra-wide viewing angle and good surface flatness. The flatness error of the entire screen of the display is controlled within 0.5mm. It can effectively eliminate the mosaic phenomenon and improve the picture quality.

(2) Portable design

The ultra-light box is convenient for transportation, disassembly, and installation. More customers choose portable rental screens to replace the cumbersome iron led screen cabinet.

(3) Perfect structure of cabinet

The cabinet design is rich in aesthetics and ergonomics. Top lock, side lock, and quick lock are easy to handle and assembly. High-precision curved locks can realize arc installation. The curved stage rental LED video wall presents the perfect stage effect.

(4) Good display effect

The brightness of an indoor high-definition rental led screen is greater than 1000nits. The gray level is 14bits. A variety of colors can be displayed. Therefore, the color reproduction of the display screen is high, and the video conversion is smooth and delicate.

(5)Front & real maintenance

LED rental video walls are dual maintenance products, not only 100% front-accessible but also can do rear service. You can remove magnet modules easily with professional tools. This design will save your labor and time costs.

3. Maintenance Skills of HD LED Rental Panels

A led display is an electronic device. Only use correctly can it have a long stable working cycle and excellent display effect. Reducing the wear rate of equipment is also a way to save investment costs. Next, we will introduce some maintenance skills for high-definition led rental panels during use.

(1) Stable power supply

A stable power supply is a basis for the operation of the display. In some cases, it is necessary to configure a professional power distribution cabinet for the display screen. When it finished work, turn off the LED display screen first, then turn off the computer.

At the same time, do not let the led screens display pictures with all white, red, green, all blue, and other colors for a long time. Otherwise, the current will be too large and the power cord will heat up seriously. More serious, the led lamp will be damaged. The service life of the display screen will be affected.

(2) Good structural bearing capacity

Whether it is a suspension installation or a wall-mounted installation, the load-bearing capacity of the structure must be good. A detailed and accurate calculation of the load-bearing capacity of the supporting structure must be carried out for any installation method. Safety is the first issue.

(3) Pay attention to moisture-proof

Moisture entering the led screen will corrode the internal parts of the led screen rental. Be careful not to let anything with moisture enter the led rental panels. If the led screen accidentally gets water, please turn off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel.

(4) Cleaning and maintenance

When cleaning the dust on the led screen, please wipe it as gently as possible. Minimize damage.


4. The Bottom Line

Our high-quality HD rental LED display can help you create the perfect stage and event backdrop. If you want to buy portable LED displays with a high-definition image, please don’t miss our LED rental screens!

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