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High-quality stage rental LED display is common in various concerts, weddings, commercial performances, and annual celebrations. It is popular in a variety of activities. The Rental LED screen is lightweight, portable, and easy to install and remove.

With the accelerated development of the performing arts market and the increase in living standards in recent years, people’s demand for various cultural and recreational activities has also increased. The stage rental LED video walls are indispensable parts of the stage art system. Its market prospect is broad.

Waterproof and high-quality stage LED display rental can provide rich stage background, clear picture and video, and exquisite performance contents. We can say that in more and more events and activities, rental LED display has gradually become the standard. So what benefits can stage rental led screen bring to you? How to choose the most suitable stage rental products?

High-quality Stage Rental LED display Products

NG500/1000 Series Rental LED Screen

500*1000mm Cabinet Standard Size

SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology

Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance

Support Right Angle Installation

Detachable Back Cover Box

Indoor & Outdoor are Available

CE, Rohs Approved

3-Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

NG500 rental led screen

MAX500 Series Rental LED Panel

500*500mm Cabinet Standard Size

Only 7.85kg per Cabinet

Ultra-lightweight, Slim design

Double Maintenance Service

Curved Installation is Available

CE, Rohs Approved

Take you to understand the rear maintenance of MAX series rental led screens in half a minute!

stage rental led screen VS traditional fixed LED screen

First, let’s take a look at the special features of the stage LED display. Compared with the traditional fixed LED display, the stage rental led screen has some differences.

① Flexibility

Firstly, the application environment of rental LED display is more flexible than traditional display. The installation location of the LED screen rental is changeable. It is because of the choice of venue for the event. Where is your event venue, stage rental led display is installed. However, the installation position of traditional LED displays is generally stable.

② Portability

Secondly, the cabinet of the rental stage led display mostly consists of die-casting aluminum, magnesium alloy, and other materials, and the weight of the LED screen cabinet is lighter than that of a traditional screen. This is to facilitate disassembly and assembly. Colleagues save time and labor costs. The weight of a single Fixed led display iron box exceeds 20kg, which is inconvenient for repeated disassembly and installation between multiple locations.

③ Application areas

Thirdly, rental LED video wall is mainly used for various event stages, including concerts, cultural evenings, wedding celebrations, annual meetings, product launches, etc. It can be said that there is no stage rental led video wall, and the layout of this event site lacks the finishing touch. Traditional LED display is mainly used in advertising, indoor and outdoor media, transportation, and other fields.

④ Display effect

Finally, the image quality requirements of stage rental LED video walls are higher than those of traditional displays. In some large-scale performing arts activities, such as the stage of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, the display effect of the display screen needs to stand the test of the camera equipment. It is necessary to ensure that the display screen that appears in the live broadcast will not appear flowery or flickering.

rental led display

What Can High-quality Stage Rental LED Display Bring to You?

After understanding the characteristics of the stage rental LED video wall, you will understand what benefits it can bring to you.

1. The perfect event stage background

Due to its excellent display performance and fast disassembly and assembly, high-quality stage rental LED screens have gradually become popular in major exhibitions and large-scale events. High brightness, high refresh rate, and good picture quality are the unique advantages of LED displays. The exquisite pictures make more audiences feel the fun of the performance.

And major display suppliers have launched a variety of special-shaped rental LED displays for the stage background. Arc, ring, spherical, and other special-shaped led displays show the audience vivid pictures, videos, and stage content.

2. Save input cost

For a variety of small and medium-sized performing arts companies and event planners with a small budget, a rental LED display for the stage background is essential. But the cost of purchasing an LED display is high. It’s not wise to make bulk purchases for one or two event venues.

At this time, rental display screens came into being. By paying the rent, you can get the right to use the stage rental LED screen. It is helpful to save equipment investment costs for your event.

In addition, the portable design of high-quality outdoor/indoor stage LED display screen rental is convenient for disassembly, installation, and transportation. It can save you time and labor costs.

3. Low management and maintenance costs

The rental company needs to ensure that the stage LED screen rental can work efficiently during the performance. After the performance, the display equipment can be returned to the rental company if there is no man-made damage. Therefore, you do not need to pay extra money for the daily management and maintenance of the led display.

To sum up, using stage LED display screen rental can add sparkle to your event. A good viewing experience allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the content of the event. And it brings better publicity effects. In event planning, LED display has become the first choice for the stage background.

stage rental led video wall

Stage LED Display Rental Complete System

Rental LED panels are not enough if you want to create a fantastic stage effect. If you want the display screen to play beautiful pictures or video content to create a wonderful stage background, you need the help of other equipment.

① Full-color rental led panels: including cabinets, power cables, data cables, and other accessories. Depending on the actual situation, the installation method of the display is also different. For example, the UNIT MA960 series commercial LED display is available for the rental led screen. It just needs to add a fly rod.

② Computer. Desktop computers are generally used for fixed-installed display screens, while notebook computers are used with external sending cards. They are working for rental displays.

③ Large led control system. If the led screen is small, you only need to use a small amount of sending cards. Our salesman will calculate the number of sending cards according to the length and width of the screen you purchased to ensure the display effect.

According to actual needs, some displays can be controlled by remote control or wireless.

④ Led video processor. An LED video processor is necessary on some large-scale occasions. Such as the event site that needs to broadcast live.

⑤ Multi-function card. It is an important accessory for environmental monitoring and remote control with various control systems. For example, it can automatically adjust the brightness of the display by monitoring the ambient.

⑥ Cooling equipment. Generally, there is no need to provide special cooling equipment indoors.

⑦ Steel frame structure. Safety comes first. The structure with high stability is beneficial to the operation of the display screen and to ensure the personal safety of the performers.

How to Use Rental LED Display for Stage Background?

In large-scale exhibition, performance, and wedding, high-quality rental led screens are generally used as stage backgrounds. On the stage, the full-color LED display needs to play videos and pictures, and in some cases, it needs to support camera equipment to shoot it.

Through data transmission, the stage rental led display can present live images in time. Many audience members farther away from the stage can also see the show.

How to use the rental led screen to create a high-quality stage background? Here are a few tips for reference.

1. Combine with other technologies

With the blessing of high technology, the current led stage screen is different from the previous stage. With the help of 3D, VR, XR, MR, and other technologies, the led video wall creates an amazing visual space. The stage background and performance content complement each other.

Making good use of high-quality stage LED screen rental can broaden the visual space of the performance site and present rich stage effects to the audience. It is beneficial to enhance the viewing experience. If you have enough money for a large party, you can take this suggestion.

2. Pay attention to display quality

It may be broadcast live on TV at some large parties. Therefore, in addition to considering the display effect of panoramic lenses, stage rental led panels should also consider whether they can withstand close-up shots or some close-up shots.

It not only requires the quality of the display screen but also requires the organizer to use a high-end configuration control system. The stage LED display with high-end configuration has high stability and a better display effect.

3. Play premium content

Want to create a beautiful dance effect? You need help. The producer can play the video or picture content related to the performance program. Don’t abuse the content of live-action shooting, which will cause the separation of the performance and the background.

4. Do not abuse the stage rental LED video wall

With the maturity of LED display technology and the reduction of cost, some producers blindly pursue “panoramic video stage beauty” and use LED screens in stage design. The drawback of this abuse of stage display is light pollution.

Lighting plays an important role in a staging system. Stage lighting makes the whole stage more layered. However, if the LED screen is abused, it will cause light pollution and affect the viewing effect.


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