High Resolution LED Display: What You Need to Know

High resolution LED displays refer to LED products with a high refresh, a high grayscale, and a high resolution. Because the research and development technology of LED display is becoming more and more mature, its functions are more abundant. From the monochrome LED displays that only display text to the high-resolution LED screens with 4K and 8K image quality, the advantages of LED are now known to the public. The display industry has been able to innovate and change under the stimulus of the increased demand for high-definition displays.

Related Concepts About High Resolution LED Panel

Before we start to understand the high-resolution led display, we must first understand some technical terms.

1. Pixel pitch

You can think of an image as consisting of many small squares. Pixel is the smallest indivisible element in the entire picture. As you can see, each bitmap contains a certain number of pixels. These pixels determine the size of the image on the screen.

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between pixels on the LED display, and the unit is mm. For example, p2.5mm means that the distance between two adjacent pixels is 2.5mm. In simple terms, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the display and the sharper the image.

2. Resolution

Resolution is a crucial prerequisite to ensure full-color LED display has high-definition picture quality. The pixel pitch of the LED video wall is one of the foundations of high resolution. For one thing, the higher resolution means a higher definition. For another thing, it also means that it can display more content in the same display area. Display resolution is usually expressed in “horizontal pixels × vertical pixels”. Such as 1024×768, 1280×1024, etc.

3. 4K and 8K resolution

4K resolution means that the pixel value of each line in the horizontal direction reaches or is close to 4096. It belongs to Ultra HD resolution. In the field of digital technology, binary operations are beneficial. We often use pixels to measure the size of a digital image. If the number of pixels that make up a digital image is large, it is usually represented by K. The tenth power of 2 is 1024, so: 1K=2^10=1024, 2K=2^11=2048, 4K=2^12=4096.

8K resolution is an experimental digital video standard. Its resolution size is 7680×4320. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, more people feel the charm of 8K video technology. It has played an influential role in the live broadcast of the opening ceremony and important sports events.

Why is High Resolution LED Screen More and More Popular?

The advancement of technology and the increase in cost investment have promoted the transformation of the display industry. The demand for high-quality monitors has increased accordingly. A High-resolution LED video wall brings perfect picture quality, a good viewing experience, and high return income. Of course, the performance advantage of the product is still the key to gaining the favor of customers.

1. Ultra HD perfect picture quality

The pixel pitch of the high resolution LED display is generally below p2.5mm. Small spacing brings an excellent display effect. As we can see, the picture effect is stable, with no ripples and no black screen. The video is smooth and the dynamic display picture is clear. A good image display effect will bring the best viewing experience to the viewer.

Compared with LCD screens, another obvious advantage of ultra HD LED displays is seamless splicing. The screen will not be divided. It adopts a special connector, and the gap of the LED modules can be adjusted to show the perfect display effect.

LED video wall with perfect image

2. The golden ratio of cabinet

High Resolution LED Display panel



An ultra high-resolution LED cabinet adopts the golden ratio of 4:3 and 16:9. This product supports a variety of video formats at the same time. Because you can splice it in any size and any direction, it is easy to create FHD, 4K, 8K video walls.

3. High refresh rate

High-quality components and a meticulous production process are the secrets of high-quality products. High resolution LED displays mostly use high-quality black LED lights and black masks. Its contrast ratio is as high as 5000:1, and the refresh rate can reach 1920/3840 (Hz).

4. Simple installation

Generally speaking, the weight of the high-resolution LED video wall is very light, generally within 3-7kg. The features of ultra-light and ultra-thin make it easy to carry, transport, and assemble.

Front maintenance ultra-thin cabinet can meet the needs of small space installation and enhance the visual effect. At the same time, the staff can disassemble and assemble the LED module from the front. Pre-maintenance fully saves time and labor costs.

5. Power and signal dual backup system

A dual signal input device can automatically detect the integrity of the signal. The backup power supply will continue to supply power when one power supply is out of service. Therefore, it will not affect the use of the LED display. The dual backup system of power supply and signal escorts the continuous and stable operation of the product for 24 hours.

What Technologies are used in High Resolution LED Screens?

As the technology is constantly improving, the quality of the LED display panel is also getting better. Traditional DIP LED lights are gradually fading out of the led market. For high-resolution LED panels, SMD LED and COB LED are the two most popular led lights on the market. These two kinds of led lights have their characteristics. Next, we will give you a brief introduction.


SMD LED, or Surface Mounted Devices, is a packaging technology for LED chips. It directly encapsulates the led chip in the bracket to form a lamp bead, and then directly solders it on the PCB. Among them, the LED display with three-in-one SMD technology is the most popular product on the market by manufacturers and customers. The innovation of the three-in-one SMD is that the LED chips of the three colors of RGB are packaged in the same colloid according to spacing.

SMD indoor led module

SMD LEDs have the following characteristics:

  • SMD screens have a wider viewing angle, which can meet the viewing needs of different angles.
  • Compared with DIP screens, SMD screens are more suitable for fine pixel pitch LED displays.
  • The technology of SMD screens is more mature. The display screen has high color saturation and high screen flatness. SMD has always been the standard technology adopted by high resolution LED walls.


COB(Chip on board) LED, refers to the packaging technology that integrates light-emitting chips on PCB boards. COB has three package forms: strip, square, and round. As a new technology, the price of COB LED screens will be 10%-20% higher than that of SMD LED screens. However, the high cost also brings a better image.

COB LEDs have the following characteristics:

  • COB screens are stronger in protection.
  • COB screens display fuller pixels. It can effectively suppress moiré. Even if people view it from a close distance, it will not hurt the eyes.
  • COB screens have better heat dissipation performance. The heat is dissipated directly through the PCB, so the thermal resistance value is small.


GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on board. It aims to solve the problem of LED lamp bead protection. GOB adopts advanced new transparent materials to encapsulate the substrate and LED lamps. This material has good transparency and ultra-high thermal conductivity. This special packaging technology enables GOB small-pitch LED display screens to adapt to harsh environments and achieve good moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, and impact-proof effects.

GOB LED module

GOB LED has the following characteristics:

  • High protection function, effectively avoid the phenomenon of large area deadlights and lights out.
  • Compared with COB LED screens, GOB screens are easy to maintain and cost less.
  • The viewing angle is wider. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles of the GOB screen are both close to 180 degrees. In addition, GOB can effectively eliminate the moiré phenomenon and help reduce visual fatigue.
  • Wide application. The application of the GOB process has expanded the scope of the application of the LED display. GOB technology is used in fine pixel pitch LED displays and various LED products that require high protection capabilities.

4. Point-by-point correction technology

When the LED display has worked for some time, the color uniformity will be affected due to the difference in LED light decay or other external reasons. An obvious manifestation is the phenomenon of a “flowering screen” appearing on the display screen, showing pockmarks, bright and dark spots, and even mosaics. The function of point-by-point correction is to improve this phenomenon and make the picture of the LED screen more pure and delicate.

Point-by-point correction is a technique to improve the brightness uniformity and color fidelity of high resolution LED video walls. In the later maintenance, maintenance staff can use professional instruments to perform one-time calibration on the entire screen. The operation is simple, and the effect is good. It can effectively improve the image quality and reduce the waste of resources.

What to consider when choosing a high resolution LED panel?

For the LED display with equal size, the smaller the spacing, the higher the resolution, and the more natural the color. High-resolution LED displays are widely used in indoor stages, visual data management centers, command and dispatch systems, conference centers for party and government organs, and TV broadcasting centers. When choosing a suitable HD LED display, you’d better consider the following points.

First, choose led products according to project requirements. Such as application scenarios, display area, etc.

Secondly, clarify the viewing distance. Generally speaking, HD LED panels have a wide viewing angle. Since high-definition displays usually work indoors, pixel pitches below P2.5mm are suitable for close-up viewing. UNIT HD display series offers a variety of options, such as P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P2mm, etc.

Thirdly, choose the appropriate product model according to the budget. Different models have different display effects and different quotations. Choosing an interested LED manufacturer to communicate with will save you time.

Fourthly, choose a professional LED screen manufacturer for trading. Qualified suppliers can provide good technical support and after-sales service.

High Resolution LED Panel Cases

As a company specializing in the production and sales of LED screens, UNIT has been committed to providing customers with high-quality LED display products for many years. Next, we will introduce some real cases about UNIT high-resolution LED displays.

N169 Series indoor 4K LED display for America

The customer from the United States is satisfied with the N169 series display. The P1.25mm indoor fixed LED display perfectly meets his needs for 4K image quality. A high-resolution LED display with extra-large size and perfect picture quality is comparable to a TV screen.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s spiritual needs are getting higher and higher. The most obvious example of this is the rapid development of the film industry. The current mainstream display terminal in the film industry is the projection screen, but with the higher requirements of consumers for the viewing experience, LED display screens have begun to enter the film industry. LED displays are gradually beginning to replace traditional TVs and projection screens.

MA640 series P2.5mm LED Display Screen to Korea

Project details:

Installation Country: Korea

Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm

Product Model: MA640 series

Module Size: 320*160mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 640X480mm

Screen Height: 5440mm

Screen Width: 2080mm

p2mm indoor high resolution LED video wall

Project details:

Installation Country: Korea

Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm

Product Model: MA640 series

Module Size: 320*160mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 640X480mm

Cabinet Weight: 5.5Kg

Screen Height: 1440mm

Screen Width: 9600mm

Screen Size: 13.824㎡

Application: Indoor LED display

The indoor small-pitch display has a good display effect. The exquisite pictures bring the audience a pleasant visual experience. Thanks to the wide viewing angle, it can cover more target audiences.

UNIT is your best LED display cooperative manufacturer. Our high-resolution series LED panels adopt advanced LED light-emitting materials. And they are equipped with high-quality control systems in the industry, such as Nationstar, Colorlight, etc. With more than 12 years of rich experience in the industry, we have provided many customers with satisfactory high-resolution LED display solutions.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we give you a comprehensive introduction to high resolution LED displays. Including an explanation of some technical terms, advantages, and a comparison of three different packaging technologies. By reading this article, I believe you will have a new understanding of high resolution LED video walls. The three technologies of SMD, COB, and GOB have their characteristics. Who can win the competition in the small-pitch LED display market? The choice of the market is also the choice of the customer.

UNIT offers a range of high resolution LED displays with great quality. A variety of sizes and models to meet your project needs to the greatest extent. If you are interested in this series of products, please contact us!

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