Hotel LED Signs: Show Your Guests Exactly What They Want

We all know LED display signs are a powerful media to advertise and promote, since they can display attention-grabbing graphics on these screens to attract passerby and customers, but do you know how they work in hotel or motel business? Before you investing in one LED display board for hotels, it is necessary for you to learn about what a hotel LED sign can actually do for you to better take advantage of them.

Applications of Hotel LED Signs

Now, let’s go ahead to discover the applications of hotel LED signs because it is important for you to know where you can best install them to use these LED screen displays in the best methods. There are places you can consider to install them in:

1. Waiting room: you can install one there to show some contents to divert customer’s attention from boring waiting, or you can display some delicious dishes on your menu and facilities the hotel can provide to guide consumption. This can leave your clients a good first impression.

2. Service desks: putting an LED display panels on the service desk, you can display some detailed things about booking and prices, such as the booking channel and discount information. That can save your labor cost without explanation to every customer who asks for related things.

Hotel lobby LED wall case sharing

3. Hotel lobby: there is a little tip: you can choose some creative LED screens such as LED screens with different shapes such as ball LED display and transparent LED display because the lobby is one of the best places to show the aesthetic appreciation of your hotel. Try to place some surprise elements in there, such as an interactive LED floor display underfoot at the gate, and when customers entering the lobby, it will perform some ‘welcome‘ video. Imagine you are stepping into one hotel, and the floor will display different videos with your movement, you may think the hotel has been invested heavily and make the next possible experience more anticipated.

4. Hotel entrance: putting a LED billboard on the entrance of your hotel can remind people there is a hotel so to attract potential customers. But if you don’t put one, they may even not notice the existence of your hotel. It really can be a pity because we may miss the potential increasing sales volume.

Commonly, there are two kinds of advertising billboards you can choose from: painted billboard and LED billboard. In the terms of durability, LED billboard has more advantages because of the materials. Generally speaking, outdoor LED billboard will have IP65 rating, which can resist water and solid containment to a large extent, whereas painted billboard may face the problems of color losing or corrosion.

Hotel LED sign to show contents according to specific timing

5. Elevators: you can explore the business value of your elevators by placing some digital LED displays in them and rent the right to use to some companies to show their advertisements or promotion activities. That is a possibility to extend your benefits only by making a small change, and the benefit can be long-term.

6. Taxi waiting area: it is a wonderful place for you to set some poster LED displays to show various contents. Basically, you may need to display some repeated contents such as sponsors’ advertisements, services of the hotels or the timetable – in short, some information that don’t need your real-time control and LED poster screens can meet your requirement perfectly. This is one of the chances for you to utilize every square meter of the hotel as much as possible.

7. Banquet hall: the banquet hall can give a variety of activities such as weddings, business conferences, lectures or many others, and a LED display is an all-rounder. It can add color to the weddings or performances, or make the lectures or conferences more clear to the central topics by showing all audiences with a direct but comprehensive method.

In a word, you can put hotel LED signs in almost all areas with high human traffic in the hotel and almost all the hotel amenities.

Advantages of Hotel LED Signs

The advantages of LED display boards for hotels can be varied as it can show almost all essential information needed include from the weather updates to the latest information of the hotel, amenities conditions, and much more in an attractive way.

1. An updated exterior sign: it can be a new style exterior sign with more possibilities. For example, compared with the general one, advertising LED screens have wider viewing angle and high brightness, so you can notice it from a long distance.

Hotel LED exterior has vivid and bright images

Moreover, you can update information like new membership benefits, daily room specials, vacancies, new amenities on the screen if you want as they are programmable, and all these can better attract visitors and guests.

2. Better corporate image: the high-quality digital LED display goes beyond the capabilities of traditional ones to surprise your customers with the full-color and dynamic pictures, which show the pool, the facilities, the service details, immaculate rooms in a convictive manner.

3. Clear and innovative hotel directories: it is essential to have such directories to guide customers the position of rooms, pool, dining facilities, gym, spa, and much more. You can also place them in the parking area to let them find empty parking areas quickly. Never forget the professionalism is reflected in the details, and convenient hotel directories can leave a good impression for clients unconsciously.

4. Additional promotion channel: LED display boards for hotels can be an additional promotion channel, you can share pictures of the most exciting parts such as the tasty restaurant’s dishes, a slideshow for the abundant and pleasant facilities such as pool and gym, favorable comments from previous customers and so on.

Moreover, you can also present the social media accounts on the screens to create a more substantial impact on the guests in the future.

LED display boards for hotels


Now you may have a clear understanding of how hotel LED signs can boost hotel business and provide your customers an unforgettable stay. One of the simplest examples is if there are two advertising signs which one is shabby and old-school with the contents written as free breakfast and comfortable rooms, and another one is a digital LED screen which shows colorful and bright pictures of a hearty breakfast and the spacious room. Which one will you choose? 

Owning a hotel LED boards can display your customers the contents they really want. If you have any idea about this, go ahead and see what the benefits they can bring for you!

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