How to Buy LED Screen? 5 Tips for You!

In recent years, there is a growing demand for display screens. So if you decide to buy LED screen,  you’d better consider these aspects.

What information do we need to confirm when selecting display screens? In this post, there are five tips for you to choose the right led display screen.

(1). Indoor or outdoor, rental or fixed installation?

(2). Which pixel of ch do you want?

(3). Final screen size you get

(4). Maintenance method for LED Display

(5). What’s the Control system?

There are many customers who do not know the technical terms, such as pixel. Next, UNIT LED will introduce the above points in detail.

Tip 1: Choose indoor or outdoor, fixed installation or rental

Cabinets for indoor and outdoor use are different. Outdoor cabinets often have higher waterproof grade and better heat dissipation.

The waterproof level of indoor cabinets is usually lower than that of outdoor cabinets, which can save costs, and the screen usually does not need an additional cooling system indoors. 

For example, UNIT MA960 pro is the most widely used outdoor product.The product we use most indoors is MA640.

outdoor led display screen

outdoor led display screen

Fixed installation refers to the fixed installation of the screen in one position, which usually does not move after installation.

Renting refers to assembling the cabinets purchased by customers into screens of different sizes, and changing different sizes according to different needs.

The rental led display screen is usually used for various activities or exhibitions. After the activity, you can put the cabinet back into the flight case and take it out for assembly next time.

rental led display

Tip 2: Choose the pixel you need

Pixel refers to the distance between every two small lights on the screen, which also represents the best visual distance of the screen.

If you select pixel 5, the best viewing distance of the screen is 5-50m. If you stand in a position beyond the visual distance, you will not be able to see the screen clearly.

If you are too close, you also will not be able to see the displayed content clearly. Therefore, selecting an appropriate pixel is an extremely important step.

Pixel (mm)

Best Viewing distance (M)























Tip 3: Choose the final screen size you want

When you decide to install a display screen, your target size may be 3 * 4m, 4 * 5m, etc. But using different cabinets to build your screen will result in different final sizes.

Screen size

The cabinet you use

Quantity of the cabinet

Final screen size


MA960 pro(960*960mm)


5*3=12 pcs




8*6=36 pcs


Generally, there is a certain gap between the final screen size and the size provided by the customer, so you must confirm whether the final screen size is acceptable to you.

Tip 4: Choose the maintenance method of the LED screen

Maintenance methods include Front maintenance and Rear maintenance. Front maintenance refers to the removal and maintenance of the screen from the front of the screen.

Rear maintenance is to repair the screen from the back of the screen. For rental screens, maintenance is usually performed from the back of the screen.

For fixed installation screens, there are usually two maintenance modes: front maintenance and rear maintenance, which are determined by the installation location and environment of the screen.

When the screen needs to be installed against the wall, there is not enough space behind the screen for installation.

So we need to install and repair the screen from the front, which is called front maintenance, so we need to use a cabinet that can be maintained from the front, such as the MA640.

When there is space behind the screen, we can install and repair the screen from the back.

At this time, the screen can be maintained both front and rear, We can use a cabinet that opens from the back.

Such as the MA960, or a cabinet that maintains the front, such as the EV960, MA640.

rear maintenance led display

About out products, the following information for your reference:






Front maintenance

MA960 pro(960*960mm)

Rear maintenance


Front maintenance


Front maintenance

MA960 pro(960*960mm)

Rear & Front maintenance


Rear maintenance


Rear & Front maintenance


Front & Rear maintenance


Rear & Front maintenance


Front & Rear maintenance


Rear & Front maintenance


Front & Rear maintenance


Rear & Front maintenance


Front maintenance


Front maintenance

Tip 5: Choose the appropriate control system

The control system is divided into synchronous control system and asynchronous control system. Synchronous control system refers to the LED display control system in which the contents displayed on the display screen and the computer display screen are synchronized.

How to choose from Synchronous and Asynchronous Control System?

Asynchronous control system refers to that the display data edited by the computer is stored in the display control system in advance, and the normal display of the LED display will not be affected after the computer is turned off. You can control the screen switch through the switch or remotely. Such a control system is an asynchronous system.

Different control systems correspond to different requirements. If you need to display content during a meeting or speech, you need a synchronous system. If you play the same advertising content on a regular basis, you need an asynchronous system.


After you confirm the above five information, you can buy led screen that is most suitable for you to build your screen, so that you can get an ideal solution.

Before you start the purchasement, welcome leave us a message about your investment.And if you want to buy LED screen at a good price, then it will be a good choice to contact us!

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