How to Install Light Pole LED Display? Guide Is Here!

How to install light pole LED display? This article will discuss common installation methods of street light pole LED display, preparation you should do before installation, and things should be done when installing the pole LED screen.

Common Installation Methods of Street Light Pole LED Display

Generally speaking, there are two ways of light pole LED display installation. They are build-in installation and stent installation.

1.Build-in installation:

This installation method means the street light pole LED display will integrate with the light pole. That usually means, the waterproof ability of the screen should be powerful, and the overall difficulty of installation is relatively high. So the communication ahead of time is necessary, and the design draft should be mature before the installation.

Pole street LED display installation methods

2.Stent installation

This is a comparatively easy installation way. In most of time, the size of screen can be selectable with the height of the street pole. The screen can be side mounted on the street light pole or installed on the front of the light pole by clamps.

For example, the street light pole with height of 4-5m can match the screen with size of 400*800mm; light pole with height of 6-8m can be compatible with pole LED screen with size of 600*1200mm, and LED screen with size of 800*1400mm is very suitable with street light pole of height of 10-12m.

How High the Street Pole LED Screen Should Be Installed?

1.For main road with 6 lanes in two ways, the height of street light pole should be 10-12m as the covering area of the light pole should be larger.

Therefore, the LED light pole screen should be installed at 4-5 meters of the light pole

2.For road with 4 lanes in two ways, the height of the light pole should be 6-9m. And the street light pole LED display should installed at 3-4m of the light pole.

3.For garden, community and rural road, the height can be 3.5-4.5m so the light pole LED screen should be installed at 2-3m of the street light pole.

The parameter of pole street LED display should both consider the height of the bearing light pole, and also the actual environment of the installation site.

Unit pole street LED screen

Customer Case: Street Pole LED Display Screen

What Should Be Prepared before Installatoin?

There are several things should be figured out before installation:

1.The type and size of the street pole LED display;

2.Installation environment such as how wide the road, and how height the bearing street light pole;

3.Contents that are ready to display;

4. Communication methods.

What Should Be Done during Field Investigation?

1.Examine the condition of the bearing carrier. For example, the bearing capability, and whether there are enough space for the screen to embed in, whether there are obstacles that will influence the installation, etc.

What is more, the geological stratification should be investigated to avoid the risks of pole sinking or even collapsing.

2.On-site power supply situation. For instance, whether the cables need to be rearranged or whether the cables that have already arranged meets the requirement. And the length of the power line needed should be accurately measured.

3.Ensure the smooth communication lines. There are many factors that related to it. For example, the length of the communication lines needed; whether there are other devices that need to use this line; the switching methods of the signals, etc.

If there have already been communication lines, figure out whether the lines are adequate to support the pole light LED screen. Consider to arrange optic cables when it is necessary.

Smart street light pole

4.Tools to be carried, such as tape measure, laser ruler and scaffolding.

5.Surrounding environment. Please pay attention to waterproof protection and lightning protection.

Moreover, whether the application site is near the seaside or chemical plant. And the view distance, height of the screen, best visual angle and sunlight orientation all should be taken into account.

6.Whether the users have any special requirements, and whether these requirements can be achieved considering the actual condition.

7.If providers are not convenient to do the field investigation, let users to do this job if necessary and situation approved after ensuring the pole street LED display and LED control system.

What Should Be Considered When Installing Light Pole LED Screen?

1. The combination part of the pole LED screen and the light pole should be able to have high waterproof capability.

Besides, the LED cabinet should have good drainage capacity to prevent ponding.

2.Installing lightning protection is necessary, and the main body of the screen should keep good grounding connection with the shell.

The grounding resistance should be less than 3 Ohm to allow the timely discharging when there is large current caused by lightning.

3.Install industrial-grade chips which can resist temperatures between -40’C —80℃ to prevent abnormal working situation when the ambient temperature is too high or too low.

4.After the pole light LED screen in installed, and field debugging is necessary.

5.The bearing capacity, spaciousness of the road and height of the light pole. All these decide the size of the pole LED screen.

Some customers have such knowing that the LED screen should ba as large as possible, however, it should match the height of the street light pole, otherwise there will be incongruous feeling.

6.The application module of the light pole LED screen, and according to the different application module, the screen may installed in different sites.

For example, for some pole LED displays that integrates with functions such as WIFI, big data collecting and one-key alarmsystem are suitable for commercial plaza, community and parks.

7.The appearance of the street light pole LED display as some customers want to adopt creative LED display on the street light pole. And that is an other aspect for installation staff to consider about.

8.Take pictures of all angles and details when installing the screen. If there are any problems happens after the installation, these photos can be great materials to study.

The Bottom Line

This article introduces the methods of how to install light pole LED display including introduction of common installation methods, preparation, and things should be done during the installation. More information about useful LED knowledge, welcomes turn to our LED Display Screen page.

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