What is Immersive LED Display? (2024 Definitive Guide!)

In recent years, the addition of VR, AR, XR, and other technologies has injected new vitality into the LED display. Immersive LED display combines high-quality LED display devices with VR, naked eye 3D technology.

Various industries have also turned their attention to LED immersive displays.

They want to attract more users through personalized experiences. It can be said that the innovation of LED display screens injects new momentum into the development of several industries.

This article will reveal the secret of immersive LED displays.

You will learn what an immersive led display is, its characteristics, application scenarios and the three elements of successful immersive led display solutions.

1. What is an Immersive LED Display?

What is an immersive LED display?

An immersive LED display is the latest display product that combines many technologies.

Compared with the traditional flat LED display, it provides a three-dimensional space to the user.

From vivid images and three-dimensional audio-visual space, people have an immersive experience.

The modular design of the led display allows it is easy to realize 4k/8K LED large screen.

Through the combination of 5G, AI, VR, touch, and other technologies, an immersive led screen breaks the viewers’ inherent impression of the traditional led display effect.

By creating a three-dimensional space, the immersive led display provides viewers with a more unique visual experience.

In addition to surrounding vision, immersive led display solutions can also present exciting interactive effects. It needs the help of appropriate sensing devices: radar, infrared, and gravity.

2. Why LED Displays Are Suitable for Immersive Space?

Immersive scenes have always been an interest in showrooms, entertainment, virtual filming, and other fields.

It brings a seismic experience through the extension of vision. Why flexible LED displays are suitable for creating an immersive space?

Immersive space requires a large screen with a high-definition flat screen. It makes it easier for visitors to create a sense of immersion.

Therefore, the characteristics of an led display determine that it meets the requirements of an immersive space building.

2.1 Modular Design

The led screen cabinet adopts a modular design, which can be flexibly assembled.

Immersive space requires a wide field of view and a large area of the screen. Therefore, a modular led display can create a large screen.

It will effectively extend the visual space and get a better immersive effect. Therefore, led displays with high definition and high brush are excellent display devices for immersive scenes.

2.2 High-Definition Picture

immersive led display

In most of the application scenarios of immersive led display screens, the distance between the viewer and the display device is very close.

It is a great test of the display performance of the device, and only led displays with high refresh rates can meet the needs of close viewing. 

For the soft flexible LED display equipped with a high-quality driver IC, its refresh rate can reach 3840Hz or more. At the same time can effectively reduce the generation of water ripples. 

2.3 High Flexibility

A curved screen is an important product for creating an immersive led video wall.

A soft flexible LED display is an excellent choice for creating a three-dimensional space display because of its high flexibility.

It can be assembled into various unique shapes according to the characteristics of the project.

2.4 Seamless Splicing

At present, the led display realizes seamless splicing. The screen displayed by different modules can be perfectly articulated.

The complete, undivided picture makes the whole space look integrated. Seamless splicing technology allows immersive images to be undivided, allowing for a better viewing experience.

3. The Advantages Of Immersive LED Video Wall

3.1 Interactive and Immersive Experience

Interaction and immersion are the two main features of immersive LED displays.

Whether it is naked eye 3D, XR virtual shooting, or immersive display, in the immersive experience market, the scene built with an led display can attract people’s attention very well.

The immersive led display makes people not need to use AR or VR equipment, and they intuitively feel a parallel virtual world.

Medium and large curved led displays with curvature can completely wrap the human eye’s range of vision and reduce the problem of edge distortion of the image.

Immersive solutions


VR equipment

① Thick and heavy, can not be worn for a long time

② Vertigo occurs

AR projection eyesglass

① Lighter body

② Easily disturbed by the use of the environment

Immersive led screen

① No additional auxiliary equipment

② Can break through the limits of single use to create large virtual scenes

③ High manufacturing cost

3.2 Real-time Shooting, Cost-saving

Virtual studio input is a good solution for the film and television production team that can not be out of the field because of the epidemic.

The studios created by curved led display screens can create a real scene. Vivid images can meet the shooting needs.

At the same time, virtual production can edit the virtual elements of the curtain wall in real-time.

Through real-time engine rendering and shooting production, you can save the time and labor costs of post-creation.

So, the major foreign film and television bases have joined forces with led display manufacturers to create a large virtual shooting base.

3.3 Variety of Shapes, Full of Personality

A flexible led display has a high degree of flexibility. According to different installation scenarios, the immersive led screen can be spliced into many shapes: strip screen, curved screen, shaped screen, etc.

With special shapes with customized video material, the led dream cube brings a more creative and interesting immersive experience.

Mobius Strip LED Display

4. Scenarios of Immersive LED Screen

Museum & Exhibition

The immersive led curtain wall incorporates many technologies has created a different exhibition solution for the museum exhibition hall. The artifacts interact with the audience through digital scenes.

It not only protects the artifacts but also enriches the spiritual world of people. More cultural relics exhibits go out through a new way of presentation. And, more and more immersive led displays combined with the cultural characteristics of the pavilion brush the network.

Immersive LED Screen in The Museum of Chinese Canal

Entertainment Venues

Planners have set up immersive devices in some large shopping malls, and theme parks. Because these scenes pay great attention to the interactive experience of visitors.

Some immersive LED projects with wonderful interactive effects have appeared—for example led tunnel screen + floor LED display, curved led display + interactive floor tile screen.

Immersive LED displays are very popular in entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars, and KTVs.

By installing large LED displays on walls or ceilings, you can create vivid visual effects for guests and enhance their entertainment experience.

Virtual Production

Actors say goodbye to the green screens and directly perform to the LED screen in the high simulation of the scene. It allows actors quickly enter the performance state. Moreover, it will save the cost of post-operation.

Within the past two years, virtual shooting LED studios gradually emerged in the film and television production industry. Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Universal, and many other companies have built a sizeable led virtual studio.

Virtual LED Studio

virtual led studio

The intelligent immersive studio can render the broadcast screen in real-time to achieve the flattering effect of infinite expansion of virtual space and a combination of reality and imagination.

On the one hand, the high-quality led video wall greatly enriches the program presentation effect. On the other hand, it helps to solve the problem of long disassembly time and low usage rate of the traditional studio.

Large Heavy Machine Simulator

Aircraft and train drivers need to go through repeated simulation drills before the official live operation. These immersive led displays allow users to immerse themselves in the simulation.

Performing Performances

In performing arts performances, immersive LED displays can be used as stage backgrounds or stage decorations to present colorful visual effects to the audience.

The high brightness and high definition of the LED display can enhance the visual appeal of the performance and combine with music, dance and other elements to create a shocking atmosphere.

Digital Art and Installation Art

Aircraft and train drivers need to go through repeated simulation drills before the official live operation. These immersive LED displays a

Immersive LED displays provide endless possibilities for digital art and installation art.

Artists can take advantage of the highly customizable and interactive nature of LED displays to create stunning digital artworks, perfectly combining art and technology.

In general, immersive LED displays have a wide range of application scenarios, playing an important role in entertainment, business, culture and art, bringing new visual experiences and entertainment methods to various activities and venues.

5. 3 Factors to Make an Immersive 3D LED Display

How to make an immersive 3D LED display to get a good immersive effect? The following 3 points are essential.

5.1 Custom Video Footage

Do you know how important video footage is for creating an immersive led screen? Even a flat LED video may produce a 3D effect with the right content.

Customized materials can combine the relationship between people and space. It brings people a unique sense of immersion experience.

Meanwhile, the resolution of the video source is consistent with the resolution of the display, which can achieve no distortion and no distortion of the picture.

5.2 Professional Control System

The mature immersive led display has at least three sides led display compositions.

A professional control system will set the screen into a subdivision display. It can solve the synchronization of video content between devices.

With the correction software, multiple viewing angles of the display screen tend to be consistent. A realistic visual effect appears.

5.3 High-quality LED Display Panel

The led display with high resolution and high refresh rate has an excellent display effect.

Smooth and clear pictures can enhance people’s sense of reality. UNIT soft led display adopts high quality SMD beads: SMD1212, SMD1515.

Therefore, the role of drive IC is particularly crucial.

Some chip manufacturers have also launched solutions for immersive applications. Such as, MBI5264, MBI5754, MBI5762, and MBI5265.




It can achieve the accumulated excellence HDR standard at 64 sweeps: 16-bit/ 3,840Hz


① Chip for virtual production research and development

② Specifications for film shooting: 16 sweep / 16-bit/ 7,680Hz/ 240 frame rate


① 16-bit/ 3,840Hz

② Support HDR and high frame rate (120P)

③ Suitable for immersive led solution


Applied to the small spacing display with large LED driver chip consumption, which can reduce the chip consumption

Immersive LED Screen FAQs

(1) What are the advantages of using LED displays for immersive exhibits?

High definition: LED display can provide high resolution and good visual effects, able to present detailed content and enhance immersion.

Bright colors: LED display screens can present rich and colorful colors, making exhibits more vivid and lifelike and attracting the audience’s attention.

Flexibility: LED display screens can be flexibly laid out and adjusted according to the characteristics of the exhibits, adapting to display spaces of different sizes and shapes.

Interactivity: Touch interaction, virtual reality and other functions can be realized through LED displays, enhancing audience participation and improving immersive experience.

Saving space: Compared with traditional exhibit display methods, LED displays can save space and can display more diverse content.

Updateability: The content of exhibits can be easily updated through the LED display to keep the exhibits novel and fashionable.

(2) What are the applications of LED screens in immersive retail environments?

Product display: LED screens can be used to display product features, functions and effects to enhance product appeal.

Interactive experience: Combined with touch screen technology, LED screens can be used to create interactive experiences, such as virtual fitting rooms, product customization tools, etc.

Digital billboards: LED screens can be used to display dynamic advertising content, enhance brand image, and enhance store attractiveness.

Information indication: used to display shopping guides, promotional information, in-store maps, etc. to help customers better understand and utilize store resources.

Environment creation: Use the lighting and image effects of LED screens to create unique atmospheres and scenes to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

These applications help make retail environments more interactive, engaging and useful, providing customers with a richer and more personalized shopping experience.

6. UNIT Immersive LED Screen Solution

UNIT soft flexible led display

(1) High-quality soft flexible LED module panel

(2) Soft LED module frontal service maintenance design

(3) Any shapes LED display can be desighed

(4) Magnet Connection, easy to install and disassemble

(5) Low Brightness, High Grayscale

CE, Rohs Approved

(6) 3-Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

TypePixel Pitch (mm)LED TypeModule PixelModule SizeDriver WayBrightness (Nits)
240*120 Series1.875mmSMD1515128*64240*120mm1/32Scan700-900
320*160 Series1.86mmSMD1212172*86320*160mm1/43Scan700-900
256*128 Series2mmSMD1515128*64256*128mm1/32Scan700-900

7. How to Design Your Immersive LED Screen?

Determine site and space requirements

First, determine where the LED video wall will be installed and the required size and shape.

Consider factors such as the size of the wall, the viewing angle of the audience, and ambient lighting to ensure that the size and parameters of the LED display meet actual needs.

Choose the right pixel density

The pixel density of the LED display determines the clarity and detail of its display.

According to the audience’s distance and viewing experience needs, select the appropriate pixel density to ensure that the audience can get the best visual effect at different distances.

Consider brightness and contrast

The brightness and contrast of an LED display directly affect its visibility and clarity under various environmental conditions.

For LED video walls outdoors or in bright environments, choose a high-brightness and high-contrast display to ensure the content can be clearly seen.

Learn about product quality and reliability

Choose well-known brands and reputable LED display suppliers to ensure product quality and reliability.

Check product specifications, performance metrics, and customer reviews to see if the quality and performance of your display meet your requirements.

Customization and innovation

Based on project needs and creative ideas, choose LED display products with customization capabilities and innovative designs.

Consider how you can combine the features and functionality of LED displays to create a unique, eye-catching, immersive LED video wall experience.

8. Conclusion

Under the influence of the meta-universe concept, the immersive led display is created by combining led display with 5G, AR, VR, and other technologies.

In this article, we introduce you to the features of an immersive LED display, and how to create an immersive 3D LED display.

UNIT LED provides flexible LED display products with high definition and high refresh rate. They are suitable for creating personalized immersive LED displays. Welcome to consult more information about the LED display.

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