UNIT Technical Team Assists Korean Indoor LED Panel Projects!

Recently, UNIT LED’s technical engineering team achieved an impressive achievement. They successfully assisted a Korean customer in completing a complex indoor LED panel display project and provided the customer with excellent technical support services.

From the installation of indoor LED panel cabinets to software debugging, UNIT LED’s technical team participated and guided the entire process.

Let’s get more details about this wonderful LED tour in South Korea!

1. Business Trip for Korean Indoor LED Panel Projects

(1) Careful preparation by technical engineers

The professional background and experience of the UNIT LED technical engineer team laid a solid foundation for this trip to South Korea.

Before departure, the team conducted in-depth communication with the customer to confirm the specific needs and technical requirements of the project.

Not only did they ensure that they had the relevant technical knowledge and equipment, but they also carefully developed detailed arrangements and plans to ensure that the entire project could proceed efficiently and smoothly.

(2) Technical team cooperates with customers

Upon arrival in South Korea, the technical engineer team immediately started meeting with customers.

During this initial contact, engineers learn more about the customer’s expectations and specific project details.

Effective communication between each other laid a solid foundation for the successful implementation of the entire project.

2. Details of P1.56mm Indoor LED Panel Project

Indoor LED Panel Project Details:

LED product: N169 fine pixel pitch LED display

Pixel pitch: P1.56mm

Cabinet size: 600×337.5mm

Pcs: 64 cabinets

Application: Conference LED Screen

Location: South Korea

Before starting the installation, UNIT LED’s technical team first inspected the actual installation environment of the customer’s multi-functional conference room.

Then we had an in-depth communication with the customer on how to install this indoor LED panel display and finally determined the installation plan.

P1.56mm Indoor LED Wall
P1.56mm Indoor LED Wall
P1.56mm Indoor LED Wall
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Installation materials include:

64 pcs P1.56mm N169S indoor LED panels

Power cables

Network cables

Connected pedals


LED video processor


3. Installation, Configuration, and Visual Effect Display

3.1 Installation of LED Video Wall

At the start of the project, technical engineers invested in the installation stage of the LED display.

At this stage, the team needs to perform complex hardware connection and layout work.

They give full play to the advantages of teamwork and work closely together to ensure that every step is accurate.

4 Steps to install Indoor LED Video Wall

Step 1: Install and use the connected pedal mounting bracket

Step 2: Install indoor LED screen cabinets



Step 3: Correctly connect the wires between each display

Step 4: Install LED modules


During the installation process, technical engineers quickly and decisively took measures to solve the problem and ensure the smooth progress of the entire installation process.

Their professionalism and rich experience were fully demonstrated at this stage.

3.2 Indoor LED Screen Configuration

After the Indoor installation is completed, it enters the debugging stage. Technical engineers set about software configuration and system optimization to ensure that every function of the LED display screen can operate normally.

Through an efficient debugging process, they solved potential problems and ensured the stability and reliability of the entire system.

During the debugging process, technical engineers are not only problem solvers, but also the bridge between customers and technology.

They work closely with customers and provide professional advice to ensure that the LED display screen perfectly meets the customer’s needs.

3.3 Visual Effect Display of Indoor LED Panels

The most anticipated part has arrived – the effect display of the LED panel screen indoors.

Technical engineers present a stunning visual feast through careful debugging.

Whether it is the vividness of the colors, the clarity of the resolution, or the overall effect of the indoor LED panel screen, the customer is very satisfied with this cooperation.

4. Feelings and Visions

This trip to South Korea was a technical exchange on LED display projects with Korean customers.

During the installation and commissioning process of the P1.56mm indoor LED video wall, the UNIT LED technical team collaborated with the customer to solve problems and deepen their relationship with each other.

At the same time, We feel the warm hospitality of Korean customers. This trip to South Korea allowed the UNIT LED technical team to experience the local culture and taste Korean specialties.


After the project was completed, the technical engineers conducted in-depth summaries and reflections. They shared the challenges and solutions they encountered during their projects in Korea, as well as the valuable experiences they learned from them.

This experience is not only an exchange of technology but also an exercise in teamwork and cross-cultural communication.

UNIT LED will continue to be committed to providing the most advanced LED technology and excellent services to create more value for customers.

5. N169 Series LED Panel Indoor

The N169 series of small-pitch LED displays is a classic indoor display product launched by UNIT LED. Its product features include but are not limited to the following:

(1) 16:9 cabinet design: The N169 series indoor LED panel adopts a 16:9 cabinet design, which allows it to better adapt to common video ratios and provide more natural and realistic visual effects.

This design also helps simplify the content production and playback process.

(2) Front maintenance method: The design of the front maintenance method greatly improves the convenience of maintenance and upkeep.

Customers can more easily perform maintenance operations without moving the entire display, saving maintenance time and costs.


(3) Easy to install: This indoor small-pitch LED display focuses on user-friendliness, with a simplified installation process and design.

The installation process is faster and more convenient. Customers can complete assembly in simple steps, thereby reducing the technical difficulty of installation.

(4) Suitable for various indoor scenes: The N169 series indoor LED display is suitable for various indoor environments, including conference rooms, control rooms, TV stations, stages, etc.

Its flexibility and adaptability enable customers to apply it freely in different situations, showing a wide range of application prospects.

(5) 3840Hz high-definition image quality: The small-pitch N169 series LED panel indoor display supports a high refresh rate, reaching 3840Hz.

Clear and smooth pictures are especially suitable for high-speed motion scenes like sports events or fast-paced video content.

(6) High flatness: The flatness of the display is crucial to ensuring image quality.

UNIT N169 LED indoor screen uses advanced technology and craftsmanship to ensure a high flatness of the display surface, avoiding gaps and deformations during splicing, and providing a more unified and seamless visual effect.

6. The Bottom Line

The success of this Korean indoor LED panel display project is inseparable from the close cooperation between the customer and the UNIT technical team.

In the future, UNIT LED will continue to provide more customers with excellent display products, technical guidance, and other services to help express visual effects in more fields!

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