Indoor Poster LED Display Guide: Make Your Advertising Easier

As a new type of advertising carrier, led poster screen, with its bright color, ultra-high definition and other characteristics, has replaced the market of traditional LCD splicing screen, and is suitable for many small places such as conference room, multimedia function hall of administrative units, meet the demand of customer’s easy operation & portable advertising.

Poster/LED Poster display is designed for occasions requires easy installation & handy operation, and stand alone with 1 minute plug in quick start. Let’s take a look at this smart advertising led display for some ideas.

Chapter 1: Introduction Manual of Poster Led display

Indoor poster led screen is a kind of digital billboard, which enables the owners of retail enterprises, restaurants, clubs, exhibitors and even organizers to upload their video and digital static content in the simplest way to display their core products.

It’s smart, stylish and simple. For example, 2.5mm pixel spacing provides high resolution. Users can place it anywhere, and it’s portable and easy to maintain.

1.1. Main Component of Poster LED Display

All-in-one & portable-light weight & thin: Standing alone structure + Outer protective frame + Screen body + control system + power supply + cables & plugs, etc, makes it more user friendly for end users especially the green hand.stand alone with 1 minute plug in quick start, makes it as simple as take on your TV.

1.2. Multiple Installation for Poster Display

Stand alone, with wheels easy moving,hanging,wall mounted, DIY Creative installation, with multiple control method, multiple display application, it’s smart option for easy advertising, which makes it common seem on many places to attract attentions, such as shopping mall, meeting guidance, creative show, chain stores, mini stores, etc. Please see the installation picture as below:

How to install digital LED display?

Chapter 2:The Control System for Poster Led


2.1. Poster Screen Is Available for Multiple Control Method.

√  Synchronization control way: HDMI input, PC wifi, Ethernet cable.

Control system: Novastar, Linsn, etc
Control screen with near PC
Better option for customers who is used to operating on PC.

√  Asynchronous control way : U disk, Mobile handy app, Cluster cloud.

Control system: Novastar, Huidu, Colorlight, Xixun, Linsn (Not recommended).

Allows you control several screens remotely on PC, notebook & Mobile even from other city
Better option for customers has several screens & want to control them together.

2.2. Single Cabinet/Set Asynchronous Control System

One person is OK to control hundreds or thousands of Posters remotely from his PC or mobile handy app, which make the Poster easy to handle. The asynchronous cloud control used most to control several Poster together. Take our popular LINSN-PL-P2.5-640X1920 Poster for example.

LINSN-PL-P2.5-640X1920 Poster

Linsn smart LED poster with multiple functions with high-quality display
  • Size: 640mm (W)×1920mm (H)
  • Resolution of cabinet: 256(W)×768(H)= 196,608 (pixel dots)
  • Pixel pitch: 2.5mm
  • Module size: 320mm (W)×160mm (H)
  • Resolution of module: 128(W)×64(H)= 8,192 (pixel dots)
  • Best viewing distance: 2.5-25m
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz
  • The standard control system to control 1 cabinet as 1 set screen
Control systemSending card/controllerReceiving cardControl onOptional
Novastar1pc * T1 card/T3 card/TB3 box with wifi6pcs * MRV336PC. Android. iOS4G module
Huidu1pc * A30 card + wifi6pcs * R512sPC. Android. iOS4G module
Colorlight1pc * C4 box with wifi + 4G6pcs * 5A-75EPC. Android. iOS 
Xixun1pc * M60 with wifi2pcs * D80-16PC. Android4G module


2.3. Novastar Taurus multimedia player control system for several cabinets combination

Several Poster displays can be combined together to build a bigger size screen, below Taurus multimedia player box control for example.


Loading capacity

(pixel pitch)

Output(RJ45)2, 1xmaster Ixbackup4,2xmaster 2xbackup4
Maximum resolutionWidth 4096 Height 1920Width 4096 Height 1920Width4096 Height 1920
Video decoderH.265 4K HD video hardware
decoding 1080P video hardware decoding
H.265 4K HD video hardware
decoding 1080P video
hardware decoding
H.265 4K HD video hardware
decoding 1080P video
hardware decoding
U disk expansionUp to 128GUp to 128GUp to 128G
Synchronous modeX
HDMI OutputX
Audio output
Optional 4G module
Optional Lora module
Control modeWired. WiFi ApWired. WiFi ApWired. WiFi Ap
 WiFi Sta. 4GWiFi Sta. 4GWiFi Sta、4G
Backup√ (load half)
Support Nova Cloud
Java SDK

Support QTY MAX of


Screen size


(Pixel dots)

TB33pcs combined1920mm(W)×1920mm(H)768(W)×768(H)=589,824
TB66pcs combined3840mm(W)×1920mm(H)1536(W)×768(H)=1,179,648
TB810pcs combined6400mm (W)×1920mm(H)2560(W)×768(H)=1,966,080

Chapter 3: The Maintenance of Poster LED Screen

3.1.Front Maintenance with Magnets

LED poster screens are very fast and easy to maintain. You’ll like the convenience of being able to repair and replace panel modules from the front with just a handle magnet.
Front maintanence of Linsn LED poster screen

1.Remove M3 Screws;
2.Remove the cover and top bar;
3. Draw out acrylic cover from top;
4.Use vacuum tools to move module from front.

3.2. Back Maintenance with Screws

Here is the main steps for maintenance :
1.Rotate manually, remove the left and right borders
2.Slightly bend the acrylic glass and remove from the front side.
3.Lock the failed module location,Remove the screws from the corresponding back cover.
4.Remove the cover plate and find the location of the corresponding module.
5.Remove the screws of the corresponding back cover and remove the module.
6.Install the new module.
7.Turn on the power, press and hold the test button for 5 seconds to automatically read the calibration data.
8.Turn off the power when the display is normal.
9.Re-install the back cover, glass and frame in the reverse order of removal.

3.3. Advantage and Feature for Both Types


There are also minor problems with front maintenance, which can make it uneven,so will we advise use adjustable magnets which can adjust the flatness of display as following pictures :


Compared back maintenance , front maintenance is more convenient and save time.The major feature of the front maintenance is to save space.

For indoor or inlaid or wall-mounted structures, the space is extremely expensive, so there will not be too many places as maintenance channels.

Therefore, the front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure.

3.4. The development Trend: Hard connection

The hot-swappable front-end access module and the intelligent control board attached to the wireless connection module, hot-swappable signal and power connection methods, and a reliable permanent magnet protection system realize 5 seconds of front module maintenance.
Replace the faulty module without power off, you can easily take out the module with the handle magnet tool. In comparison, hard links are more expensive and suitable for high-end markets.

Chapter 4: The Specification of Poster LED Screen






Pixel Pitch





Pixel Configuration





LED Type





Module size






1/32 scan

1/32scan &1/16scan





Outer Frame



Steel &Aluminum



Driving IC

ICN2038S &ICN2153&MBI5124 &MBI5153

Refresh Rate

1920-3840 Hz

Power (Max)

600 W/Panel

 Grey Scale

16 bits

IP Rating


Power (Max)

110 W/Panel

120 W/Panel

120 W/Panel

200 W/Panel

Panel Weight





Input AC power voltage

110V-240V/50-60HZ Switchable

Working humidity


Signal type(with video processor)


Control Way

USB/LAN /Wireless/3G/4G Optional


3 Years


CE,RoHs,FCC Approved

Control system

Synchronous &Async

Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)


4.2. Customized Poster LED Display Size

For our Poster led screen the standard size is 480mmx1920mm,512mmx1920mm,576mmx1920mm, 640mmx1920mm with aluminum frame , For some special application ,we can accept customized size.

Chapter 5: Popular Poster LED for Indoor Application

5.1. Application Areas of Poster LED Display

1. Advertising media for high-end customer groups: Airport, High-speed rail, Hotels, Theaters, Clubs, Resorts, Banks, Travel agencies, China mobile, China Telecom and China post’s service halls.

2. Promotional media for various activities: Celebration Activities, Launch, Completion, Opening, Production Ceremony, Wedding Activities, Promotional Activities.

3. Promotion of brand, corporate image and service items of brand stores, chain stores, and specialty stores.

4. Subways, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, hospitals, administrative service halls, colleges, exhibitions, expositions and other public places with a large flow of people.

5. Product promotion, event promotion, quick shopping guide in various stores.

The floor standing of the poster LED Display can be moved arbitrarily and placed in any place. Its stylish appearance design blends naturally with the environment.

The elegant and concise shape and the high-resolution display effect effectively enhance the quality of the visiting space.

With its shape and excellent screen display, it can gather popularity and attract attention for the advertisements. It will definitely become the fashion highlight.

5.2. Recommend P2.5mm Indoor LED Display Case

it usually can be used for Elevator , Mall Store, Hotel reception, etc, with 640X1920mm display panel size, worked with Asynchronous Huidu control system ,the control way : U disk, Mobile handy app, Cluster cloud. stand alone which can move it any space.

Chapter 6: Advantages and Functions of Poster LED

When it comes to advertising, it is easy for us to bring up some media such as mobile LED display, rental LED wall, etc.

However, sometimes only a poster LED can help your brand impact the customers. This fabulous effect can not be delivered without the unique advantages of itself such as the special structure, vivid display, easy operation and so on.

Now, let us take a look at the 5 advantages of LED poster screen:

1) Thin and light body with strong expressive force. This kind of LED advertising screen owns a thin and light structure for easy delivery and installation.

For example, it can be only 35KG weight with 40mm thickness. Besides, the stability can be achieved with an elegant appearance, so it can stand on the ground steadily or be installed in a variety of sites such as stores, sports centers, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, etc.

NO doubt it can bring your products a sense of professionalism while still be energy-saving and flexible.

2) Visually captivating. One of the most outstanding advantages of the Poster LED is that can capture your customers’ eyes.

The customized and vibrant content, high-resolution display effect, anti-reflection, and other abilities of this screen can all bring your audiences a different impression from that of dull paper signs and LED screens hanged on high sometimes you even can not be aware of them.

This digital LED poster can display static or animated content depending on your needs, and it can be sure to catch the eyes of the potential customers passing by.

LED display poster advantages

3) Multi-mode operation from anywhere. For example, Linsn Poster LED can support both synchronous&asynchronous control system. The multiple modes it allow can include:

a. Standalone mode: users can update content via WIFI and USB, or the built-in storage space. HDMI input and output are supported, too.

b. Mobile mode: the screen can communicate with mobile devices such as phones to run for management, such as adjust the basic setting of brightness, turn on-off, network setting, etc. It can achieve one device to control multiple screens at the same time.

c. Mirror mode or split screens mode: for example, the screens can display the same contents or split images simultaneously through HDMI cables.

d. Wireless multi-screen mode: the display contents can be controlled via WIFI routers.

In a word, smart cloud management delivers conveniences and flexibility, and the content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC computer, USB, etc. And it can support the built-in media player to store and play videos and images in all formats.

4) Low maintenance compared with other media. Traditional billboards can be easily damageable and need constant upkeep with vinyl painted on it, which means comparative high labor cost and maintenance fee. However, poster LED can be highly resistant to damage with the scientific design and strong structure.

5) Cost-effective operation. If you use a static billboard, usually means you have to pay money for the production of the vinyl advertisement. With a poster LED, there are almost zero production costs, and all the contents you want to display only need to be edited on the computer and send the signals to the screen. LED poster screen can be your good partner for saving your labor and energy costs while giving you more content opportunities.

Chapter 7: Development Tendency

In recent years, the use of poster LED is rising, and the chances emerge due to the development of technologies and the expanding needs for marketing, thus poster LED has been featured with many innovations. So, what are the exciting points we can wait and see in the future?

1) More intelligent.

Intelligent advertising is a new advertising form supported by advanced technologies. It can achieve smart advertisement including user analysis, immersive marketing which can immerse customers into the scenarios where need the products to stimulate the purchasing behavior, intelligent content generation and effect monitoring, etc.

Now poster LED is still used as a device for displaying, whereas in the future, it has huge potential to intelligentize the whole advertising industry and also become a strong media for communication in smart cities.

Smart LED poster screen advantages

2) More differentiated and affordable.

At present, some companies have launched different types of LED poster screens such as small pitch pixels poster LED, VR LED advertising display, 3D LED advertising screen, etc.

Of course, some of them can be expensive. In the future, with the decrease in production cost, these new types can be more affordable and popularized rapidly.

3) Higher image quality and sustainability.

With the continuous development of LED display, now higher resolution, vivid colors, and higher refresh rate have already been often used in this industry.

However, there is still room for poster LED screens to improve the cost-saving and environmentally-friendly properties to meet the demand of the rapidly extending smart cities market.

Chapter 8: How to Maintain Poster LED Display

1) Since most Poster LED display are used in public places, unstable voltage may cause equipment damage. It is recommended to use stable mains power and never use the same power supply with high-power equipment such as elevators.

2) Place the Poster LED display in a ventilated, dry, and direct-light environment. Do not expose the equipment to rain or moisture; leave a heat dissipation space of more than 10cm around the equipment. To ensure normal operation, the continuous switching time should not be less than 10 second.

3) Do not place Poster LED display in a sealed place, or cover the equipment, block the ventilation holes of the equipment, to prevent the equipment from being damaged by the high temperature in the chassis when the equipment is working.

4) Please read this manual carefully before inserting or removing the CF card. If the CF card cannot be inserted, do not insert it hard to avoid damage to the CF card pins.

(When this problem occurs, you need to check whether it is plugged in reverse) Before cleaning the screen of the advertising player, stop using the device and unplug the power plug. Make sure that the device is in a power-off state.

5) Wipe gently with a clean, soft, non-threaded cloth. Do not use spray directly on the screen.

When cleaning, please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the device shell. It is forbidden to spray liquid on Poster LED Display to avoid damage to the device.

Do not disassemble or repair the multimedia advertising player by yourself to avoid high-voltage electric shock or other hazards. Professional maintenance personnel should be asked to complete all maintenance work.

6) No matter how good an electronic product is, it will have its own longest use time, and of course the advertising player is no exception.

The switch of the advertising player will cause certain damage to the advertising player. Frequent switching will cause damage to the electronic components of the screen, affect the operation of the advertising player, and affect its service life; continuous use should not exceed 7*24 hours.

And the heat dissipation environment is good, 7*24 hours is no problem, of course, in order to ensure the service life of the Poster, it is better to be cautious!

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