P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display to USA-MA1000 Series

P3.91mm Indoor Rental LED Display

UNIT magnesium alloy 1000mm series indoor rental LED display has the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-thin, convenient installation and high-definition picture.

There are many models of rental LED screens in this series: P2.640mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm. Today’s case is the p3.91 indoor rental display in the MA1000 series.

A customer from the United States intends to purchase an indoor full-color LED display to install in an indoor showroom. After the multi-layer screening, the customer finally chose the UNIT for equipment purchase.

According to the actual application environment of the display screen and the customer’s requirements for the display quality of the LED screen, we recommend the magnesium alloy 1000mm series P3.91mm rental display screen to him. The LED display screen has a high refresh rate, high contrast, and good waterproof performance. It can work both indoors and outdoors.

Project details

  • Installation Country: America
  • Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm
  • Module Size: 250×250mm
  • Module resolution: 64*64dots
  • Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 500×1000mm
  • Pcs: 111pcs+147pcs+200pcs
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Gray scale: 14bit
  • Average Power Consumption: 300 W/m²
  • Application: Full color indoor display

UNIT MA1000 Series Indoor Rental LED Display

The MA1000 series outdoor/indoor rental LED display has several core technologies. The material of the LED screen cabinet is magnesium alloy, which is light in weight. The cabinet can be carried by hand.

Whether it is in transportation or installation, it is very convenient. Innovative structural design, avant-garde box lines, high-quality LED modules, and seamless splicing technology have jointly created a good display effect of this rental display.

Perfect Structure

MA1000 series outdoor/indoor rental LED display has a perfect cabinet design. Whether from the perspective of industrial aesthetics or practical use, the LED display cabinets reflect UNIT’s ultimate pursuit of high-quality products.


With sophisticated locks, humanized handles, and module hands that are easy to disassemble and install, the MA1000 rental display cabinet is beautiful and practical. The magnesium alloy cabinet has good heat dissipation performance, which is helpful to make sure the LED display runs stably and has a long service life.

Excellent Quality

MA1000 series led display

The module adopts SMD 3-in-1 technology and point-to-point correction technology. Therefore, the MA1000 series indoor rental display screen has a high refresh rate, high grayscale, high definition, and high contrast. The displayed images and video pictures are exquisite. It brings the audience a good viewing experience.

The protection level of indoor rental displays reaches IP54, and the protection level of outdoor rental displays is IP65. The MA1000 series rental LED display screen has good waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

Double Maintenance Service

The UNIT MA1000 series LED display has front service and uses magnets to attract LED panels. Both disassembly and installation are simple, saving you cost and labor. When repairing, with the help of special tools, you can remove the LED module quickly in just 5 seconds. Positive service will reduce your repair time.

Seamless Display and Visual Effects

A complete 500×1000mm LED screen cabinet consists of eight 250×250mm LED modules. The application of seamless splicing technology can realize the fusion of multi-screen images. And it reduces the splicing gap to a minimum. The advanced assembly structure and seamless splicing technology provide your LED display with the perfect visual effect you want.


Good display material, small pixel pitch produces vibrant images. At the same time, this LED display offers an ultra-wide viewing angle. Both vertical and horizontal viewing angles are 160°. It means you can see displayed contents from multiple viewing angles.

Aging test

Before delivery, we carry out a rigorous burn-in test on the display screen to ensure the quality of the product received by the customer. We have a well-equipped aging workshop and experienced technicians.

Pixel pitch





Pixels per cabinet

192×192 (HxV)

168×168 (HxV)

128×128 (HxV)

104×104 (HxV)

LED lifetime

100,000h (video – 50% brightness)


≥1000 nits;

Module size


Module resolution





Refresh rate


Hor. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Brightness uniformity




Grey Level

14 bits

Avg Power consumption

350 W/m²

320 W/m²

300 W/m²

280 W/m²

Max Power consumption

680 W/m²

640 W/m²

620 W/m²

600 W/m²

Operation power voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational temperature

-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F

Operational humidity


IP rating

IP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor


500 x 500 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.5 inch (WxHxD)

Weight / Tile

7.5 kg / 16.53 lbs


Front and back service




2 years standard product warranty

This indoor rental LED display with excellent performance has won unanimous praise from customers. If you need more information, contact us! Want to know more about this rental led display? For more latest real customer cases, please pay attention to the official website update.

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