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UNIT LED is a professional and trustworthy indoor rental LED display factory from Shenzhen, China. Since its establishment in 2010, we have been focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of cost-effective full-color LED displays. Providing you with a full range of led display solutions is our business.

This article will introduce to you a comprehensive understanding of UNIT LED- a professional indoor rental LED display factory from Shenzhen, China. 

You will learn about the industry advantages of our led display factory, the main rental led video wall products, led display factory tour, and related product cases. We hope it can help you understand us better. After comparing many full color led screen suppliers, you can choose the best one.

China’s LED display technology has always been at the forefront of the world. Many well-known LED display manufacturers, such as Leyard, Unilumin and other big brands are headquartered in Shenzhen. There are many LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen. How to find the most professional one in the mixed LED display industry? This article will give you the answer.

Professional Indoor rental led display factory-UNIT LED

Shenzhen UNIT LED Co., Ltd was founded in 2010. The company focuses on providing one-stop services including led display solutions to customers all over the world. Products development, production, sales and service integration. 

When you buy optoelectronic products from UNIT LED, you will get both high-quality products and first-class service. An integrated solution can reduce your overall cost and create higher value for you.

At present, the company’s main business includes various types of led screen panels, led modules, and related accessories. High quality LED roducts are working in advertising meituan, entertainment activities, stadiums, stage activities and other fields. With the modularized and systematic advantages of full-color displays, UNIT LED’s radio and television products have won unanimous praise from our customers.

After more than ten years of exploration and progress in the LED industry, we have accumulated much valuable experience. Up to now, our customers are located in more than 112 countries and regions around the world. Innovation and progress have always been the company’s philosophy. Therefore, the company has never stopped developing new technologies. While improving SMD technology, we are also studying COB led display and GOB led module.

UNIT Indoor Rental LED Display Produts

UNIT MAX 500 Series Indoor & Outdoor LED Display

UNIT latest LED display product with unique design and feature.

the back cover is Removable. the display visual effect is better, the image and video is more clean with uniformity color。

UNIT MAGIC500 PRO Rental LED display

UNIT MAGIC500 PRO Rental LED display is outdoor Frontal service LED screen.

Frontal and Rear maintance is available for LED Panels and Power Box.

Perfect Design with new techology and elegant appearance.

UNIT MAGIC1000 Rental LED display

UNIT MAGIC1000 Rental LED display is designed with aesthetics and industrial idea. Excellent product came in all details from cabinet handle. cabinet fxied slot, fast lock, magnet adsorption module, module installation knob, Power& signal connector, detachable power boxing, and more


MA1000 Series Rental LED Display

Unit magnesium alloy led display 1000mm series New design incorporates many aesthetic elements, adopts magnesium alloy, only 13kg per cabinet. Good heat dissipation saves energy and maintains the stability of LED display.

The pixel pitches of UNIT rental LED video wall series products are: P2.604mm, p2.976mm, p3.91mm, p4.81mm. The first two of these displays are for indoor use only. Rental led screens of p3.91mm, p4.81mm are both avaible in indoor and outdoor environments.

UNIT rental led screen series products are lightweight, portable and easy to install. In stage performances, event creation, press conferences, wedding celebrations and other occasions, their good display effect are impressed by the audience.


How to choose a trusted rental indoor led display manufacturer

How to choose a suitable indoor rental LED display factory? You’d better consider the following aspects.

  1. Development scale

Mainly including the establishment time, production capacity, and so on. The manufacturer has been established for a long time and has rich industry experience. Then the rules and regulations and production processes are more standardized, and the market competitiveness is greater, which can ensure the timely delivery of goods.

  1. R&D capability

A sense of innovation is what enables a company to become bigger and stronger. Led is a high-tech industry, and manufacturers must have certain innovation and research and development capabilities. Product structure and design must be innovative.

  1. Word of mouth reputation

Customer feedback is the most authentic. Before choosing a manufacturer, we must do more comparisons, considering customer evaluations, the level of after-sales service, and industry evaluations.

  1. Technical support and after-sales

The led display screen needs the guidance of professional technicians. Professional technicians can solve customers’ problems in a timely manner and bring customers a better cooperation experience. The after-sales service team is also very important. When encountering an order that requires after-sales, we can respond in time and provide the best solution.

UNIT LED Factory Tour

Our indoor rental led display factory has several neat workshops, all equipped with advanced production equipment and professional testing equipment. 8,000㎡ Factory Areas and 5000㎡+ Production Capacity guarantee our excellent delivery capacity, which can fully meet your order needs.

Multiple SMD LED production lines and assembling lines are running in order. Advanced SMD Machine and SMT Machine are the basic configurations.

SMD LED Production Line

SMD LED Production Line

SMT Machine

assembling line

assembling line

Finished product

Why choose the UNIT LED Display factory?

Strict quality control

High-quality products come from high-quality raw materials. We strictly control the selection of raw materials, production process standards, and product quality inspection procedures.

With complete equipment and processes such as raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment, and vibration measurement, our led modules and led panels can bring you a clear visual experience.

Cost-effective products

One-stop LED product service will save your time and cost. From LED video wall, and profiles, to led display control systems, we can all serve you. UNIT’s led products focus on quality and practicality. Our goal is to provide you with a simple and easy-to-operate led video wall.

Free technical support

Different from ordinary electronic products, the normal use of led screens requires the guidance of professional technicians. First of all, we have a dedicated technical team that can solve related problems for you. Secondly, our website has a dedicated blogs section to provide you with relevant product knowledge.

A good after-sales service

3 years warranty & 5% spare parts guarantee you a reassuring user experience. Our after-sales team will be happy to serve you.

Over 10 Years of Experience

110+ Countries Solutions

8,000㎡ Factory Areas

5000㎡+ Production Capacity

7/24 Hours Service

Our Customer Cases

Case 1- P3mm indoor rental led display in Korea


Installation Country: Korea

Module Size: 192mm*192mm

Display Size: 5.376m*2.688m

Pixel Pitch: 3mm

Brightness: 5500-6500 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet Size: 576mm*576mm

Maintenance Method: Dual Service

Cabinet Material: Die-cast Aluminum

Cabinet Resolution: 192X192dots

Cabinet Density: 36864dots/cabinet

Case 2- P3.9 Rental Indoor LED Display


Installation Country: the UK

Pixel Pitch: P3.9mm

Module Resolution: 52X52dots

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 500X500mm

Cabinet Resolution: 128X128dots

Refresh Rate: 1920Hz

LED Lamp Bead: HongSheng

Application: Indoor Rental LED Display

Case 3- P5mm LED Video Wall Display Rental in Portugal

P5 led video wall display renal 2

Installation Country: Portugal

Module Size: 320mm*160mm

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

Brightness: 800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet Size: 960mm*960mm*87mm

Maintenance Method: Dual Service

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Resolution: 192X192dots

Cabinet Density: 40000 pixels/sqm

Cabinet Weight: 24kg/pc

Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz

Gray Grade: 14 bits

Application: Indoor stage


UNIT LED is one of the best indoor rental LED display factories in Shenzhen. Our rental screen series products are on sale. The new NG500/1000 series rental LED video wall can perfectly meet your needs. If you want to know more professional knowledge about led screens, welcome to follow us.

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