How to Make Installation of Indoor LED Screen

About the installation of  indoor LED screen, there are two ways to make the LED screen wall:

1. customers purchase the single indoor modules and other parts to assemble the screen step by step.

2. customers purchase the indoor assembled cabinet (with the receiving card and power supply) then install the cabinets as a screen.

This article will emphasize how to make the installation of the indoor LED display module if you don`t purchased the assembled cabinet.

1. Make the Border of Indoor LED Screen

Let’s install an indoor display together. Take a indoor LED screen 4800*1920mm size as example, the single LED module is P5mm 320*160mm size.

(1) Calculate the size of led display screen

The size of Indoor P4mm is 320*160mm, 8pcs in length and 10 pcs in height.

The width is 320*8=2560mm, the height is 160*10=1600mm.

The net area of the LED display is 2560mm*1600mm, and full screen size is about 2570mm*1610mm (the will be 2mm for the frame material thickness and 5-8mm gap of the screen side).

(2) Prepare the materials for the frame

4 pcs 4x4cm rectangle tubes and 2pcs 2x2cm rectangle tubes ,6 meters long.

First, use 4*4cm rectangle tubes to make a square frame (can be customized according to your own situation), the size of the large frame is 2570mm*1610mm.

After the large frame is finished, welding 2*2cm rectangle tubes in the large frame.The size of the small rectangle tubes is 2560mm*1600mm.

frame of indoor LED display module

Second, start welding the strip for fix the module. We need to measure the length of the strip according to the size of the module, the fixing bar is welded to the small frame.

The fixing strip is 40mm wide and the length is about 1600mm.

welding strips of indoor LED display module
welding strips of indoor LED displays

After you finish welding the entire frame, use two angle steel hooks to fix the frame on the top of the wall.

frame of indoor LED display board

2. Power Supply, Receiving Card, and Installtion of LED Indoor Module

Leave a gap of 10mm around the bracket when hanging the frame, because the indoor fixed frame cannot add a fan, only the 10mm gap can be easily ventilated.

A. Before installing the power supply to the frame, we need to connect the 5v module power cable, and be sure to carefully confirm the positive and negative poles.

If the power output cable is connected reversely, the power cable and the module will burn up at that time, and if the control card is still connected, the card will also burn.

Each module power cable has two connectors, we suggest each 5V60A 300W power supply can carry 6-8pcs modules (5V40A 200W power supply can carry 4pcs modules). Then there is a 220V connection power cable between the power supplies.

Use 2.5 square soft copper wire to string each row together, and finally a set of 220V power wires are connected to the air switch terminal of the distribution cabinet.

Then use the fixing strip and the fixing plate (with screws) to fix the power supply on the frame.

Please pay attention to anti-static during the installation of the power supply, and the cables should be installed firmly.

(2) The receiving card is also connected with the data cable before installing the structure. And then use screws or fixing plates to fix the receiving card into the frame.

(3) Last step, we need install modules with magnets. The interface of the module is divided into positive and negative poles.

When connecting, you must carefully observe the nature of the interface, whether it is input or output.

3.The Connection of LED Display Receiving Card

After the receiving card and Power supply finished installation, we have to make the connection of the LED modules with the receiving card then install the LED modules.

Once customer place the order to us, we will make a connection diagram drawing to make your team to know well how to make the connection of the receiving cards with the modules.

Just as the picture below, it`s a connection diagram for the P4mm 2560*1600mm screen which 8*10pcs LED modules.

The connection based on LINSN RV908M receiving card, and blue line is the date cables shows how the modules connected and how the cables go to to the receiving cards.

connect LED receiving card, LED receiver

4. Installing Indoor LED Modules

Before installing the module, the top and bottom frame structures are wrapped with stainless steel, which can make the whole screen more beautiful.

Here because the screen’s size is not large, we installed the stainless steel edging in advance, and sometimes we can also install the stainless steel edging after the screen is installed, but it should be noted that the bottom frame must be done well, must be parallel to the ground.

install steel edging for LED display module
install steel eaging for indoor LED display module

After the frame is wrapped well, start to attach the modules.

It is recommended to install from the bottom to the top and from the middle to the two sides. Installing module from the bottom is mainly to make the horizontal and verticality of the led display could be control in a normal range, especially for large-size display.

If you don’t pay attention, the flatness of the screen may be uneven. The requirement for Small HD led screen is higher, not allow any little gap. The modules on the upper, lower, left, and right sides are all tightly fitted on the same horizontal plane without any gaps.

Engineers with experience in installing small HD led screen all know that even led modules or led cabinet produced by precision molds still have size’s errors.

A difference in size of a few millimeters can lead to a misalignment of the entire line.

Secondly, the installation from the middle to the two sides, the working team can be divided into two groups or even four groups to install together, saving installation time. Even if one of the group is misplaced, it will basically not affect the progress of another group.

actual installation of indoor LED cabinet

5.Make the Final Adjustment of Installation of LED Screen

Light on the screen to test after installing four lines modules with one receiving card. If there is any problem, solve it at once. Otherwise, the receiving card can’t be tested after you install another four lines.

If we continue to install, we can’t find out the problems in time. If we install all the modules, we can find out the problems and remove the installed modules, which will lead to much more work.

installation adjustment of indoor LED cabinet

There is a test button on the control card. When power on, you can press the button to test. If the installation is correct, the LED screen will display red, green, blue, line, field and point information in turn. And then test the control computer again, mainly to test whether the network cable communicates normally. If normal, install the next four lines until the installation is completed.

The above is the installation of indoor LED screen modules to be a full screen, if customers purchased the assembled indoor LED cabinets, after make the frame structure, the installation for the cabinets would be much more easy than single modules.

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