8 Truths about Installation of Outdoor LED screen You Must Know

In the installation of outdoor LED screen, many points will influence the final effect, and need the installation company to cost enough budget and energy. However, some companies may decrease the design standards, cable standards, labor standards for getting more profits, leading to further accident potential. That is why we must know some truth about the installation of outdoor LED screen.

First, let us clarify what things we need to get over during the installation of outdoor LED display.

1.The working temperature for outdoor LED video wall is harsh, and the screens usually face wind, sunlight, dust, moisture, rall, and so forth.

Furthermore, the moisture and being wet all may lead to short circuit or dead light, causing performance failure or ever fire disaster and resulting in losses of customers.

2.There are risks of lightning caused by strong current and magnet.

3.The giant size of outdoor LED video wall asks for long viewing distances and wide viewing angles, while the ambient light may affect the display performances especially the direct sunlight.

4.The ambient temperature can change greatly. If the temperature is too high and the heat dissipation ability is inadequate, integrated circuit and system may fail. However, when the temperature is too low such as in winter, it may resulting in failure of starting up.

So, what we should be careful during installation for avoiding these unwanted situations?

1.Steel construction

outdoor LED advertising screen steel construction

The steel construction which bears the giant LED display must ensure the safety and ability of wind and earthquake resistance from many aspects including temperature, water resistance, dust resistance, moisture resistance, lightning protection, population density, and more.

Meanwhile, distribution cabinet, air conditioner, axial fan, lightning devices and other auxiliary equipment and repair facilities are needed to be placed inside the structure. So the design drawing should pass the examination to make sure reliability and safety.

In addition, the scaffolding is another important part of the steel construction that must be proved to be safe after rigorous calculation and project approachment to eliminate the potential risk.

2.Regulation of electricity

For the regulation of electricity, construction site must obey the safety technique codes of temporary using electricity. For example, in China, the construction site should obey TN-S protective zero terminating system, 3 levels power distribution system and 2 levels leakage protection system.

During the process, prohibit any actions that will cause potential risks for safe construction such as faking 2 levels distribution system as 3 levels distribution system, and incorrect leading-out terminals of PE line.

Unit MAGIC500 Outdoor LED display board

Unit P3.91 MAGIC500 Outdoor LED Advertising Board

3.Protection level

The working temperature for outdoor video wall is changeable, often faces rain, cold, high temperature, solid contaminant, and so on. As a result, there is risks of short circuit or even fire disaster. Therefore the combination of the building and LED display screen must be strictly waterproof and leakage-proof.

What is more, there must be good drainage systems so the water can be discharged smoothly. It is worth noting that the protection level of outdoor LED billboards should reach at least IP65/IP54 (front/back).

Linsn EV960 outdoor LED display screen

Unit IP66 EV960 Series Outdoor Advertising LED Display with Drain Hole

4.Ventilation and heat dissipation

Outdoor LED displays should install ventilation equipment to cool down the inter temperature as it can be -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, and the back of screens should be installed axial flow fan to get rid of excess heat.

Outdoor LED advertising screen should apply industrial grade circuit chip that can work in temperature of -40℃~80℃ to prevent the system from being unable to start due to the low temperature in winter.

5.Using high-quality cables

Large LED displays often put higher requirements for the stability of live wire. It emphasizes on three points: 

(1)Core of cable should be coppery conductive carrier;

(2)Tolerance of sectional area of the core of cable should be within standard range;

(3)The insulation and flame retardant of the rubber that covering core should meet national standards.

6.Lightning protection

The body and shell of the LED screen should have good grounding measures, and grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms. 

Because inside electronic components are highly integrated and ask for high anti-interference ability so the lightning can endanger the system in various ways. In general, it may hit the screen directly and then the lightning will be released into the ground by earthing device.

The grounding program should be considered according to specific situation. For example, when the display is set independently, the grounding system also should be set independently, and grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms.

When the screen is mounting on the exterior wall of building, it uses common grounding system with the building, the ground resistance should not be greater than 1 ohm.

7.Power distribution cabinet

Outdoor LED screen is generally powered by AC220C current, requiring voltage fluctuation of less than 10%. 

For LED displays with electric power over 10KW, it should be equipped with a special power distribution cabinet. There are distribution cabinets with remote control or PLC control that can be chosen based on specific needs.

In order to prevent leakage fire, the residual current circuit breaker should be installed at the main switch of the power input wire.  

The LCD controller interface inside the distribution cabinet can display the real-time temperature. When the temperature over 65 degrees, the system will automatically power off to prevent fire with the monitoring screen indicating excessive temperature and issuing an alarm sound.

According to the actual situation, smoke detectors can be installed. When fire occurs on the screen, there will be the corresponding prompt message on the monitoring interface, and the distribution system can automatically cut off power.

8.Choosing right installation methods:

To achieve this step, some field investigation should be done on the spot.

This refers to measuring the parameters of the specific site, examine topography, range of optical radiation, range of suitable brightness range, and more. 

Generally speaking, the preparations should include examination and measuring for things listed below:

(1)Type and size of the screen.

(2)Installation environment.

(3)Display content and method.

(4)Communication modes.

The common installation methods are various, for instance, pole installation, hanging installation, wall mounting installation, wall embedded installation, and so forth. Choose the best suitable one after strict investigation.

In conclusion, we can not sacrifice the configuration and quality of LED screen for decreasing costs, and also shouldn’t debase the quality of cables and other equipment for pursing higher profits while neglecting the safe management of installation of outdoor LED screen.

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