2021 Ultimate Introduction of Flexible LED Screen!

This article will give you the ultimate introduction of flexible LED screen to know them through such as the technological features and functions you can get maximum advantages of? 

The topic of this article is to discuss all your potential questions about this “rising star” in LED and advertising industry. 

1.What Is Flexible LED Screen?

1.1 Flexible LED Modules

Just as its name implies, a flexible LED display screen, or a soft LED display is a type of LED screen that have huge flexibility, and it is bendable

They are assembled by soft LED display module, which has different techniques in it from the ordinary LED display modules. 

The common LED display module is assembled by hard PCB board and back shell, so it is without any softness. When encountering some applications that need curvature, it will need to be cut the corner or other special processes to meet the requirement. All these give rise to soft LED module, which has flexible board and back shell to allow the good softness.

1.Compared with the traditional PCB material which has high hardness, the soft LED module applies flexible FPC circuit board that has superior strength resistance to pressure and twisting. It can better fit into different sites with different angles so as to have strong adaptability to various installation conditions.

The installation of method of most of the LED flexible module is magnetic base, which is easy and fast. 

soft LED display high flexibility

1.2 Typical Types of Flexible LED Display

1) Curved LED Display The curved LED screen can create curved bends around corners. These curved LED screen can be used in conjunction with the modular LED screens to create the transition from a flat surface smoothly around a corner. The advantages of these screens can be summarized as below:
Curved LED screen

Unit LED Curved LED Screen Customer Case

a.Immerse visual experiences for viewers. 

Just imagine when viewer stepping into a concave display, the video wall will surround them and create them peripheral vision. 

It is definitely one of the attractive way to engage their audio and visual senses as well as the physical sense of space.

Besides, it can visually place emphasis on the importance of the speaker who using curved LED video display as their background. 

This is one tip that more and more TV studio is using – let the curved screens create an appealing atmosphere.

b.Be Adaptable to Their Environment

Flexible LED display solutions can be customized and can almost fit any space. The seamless curved LED screens can get rid of the limitation of boxy layouts and straight lines. You can design and make it like a coloured ribbon embracing the columns or a ball LED display hanging on the cell. No doubt they are versatile and explore more applications even beyond your imagination, meaning there will be no limitation for you if you want your video or image display on flat, curved, or any custom applications.

2) Cylindrical LED Display

This  kind of screen can be designed as a sphere circle, barrel cuboids, square and many more shapes. They are designed to meet and exceed the expectation of each client, and can be exclusive for hotels, shopping centers, exhibitions centers, corporate offices, etc.

This kind of LED screens usually need special customization according to specific requirements of customers.

3) Ball LED Display

The ball LED display is a typical creative LED display in great demand. Generally, we can divide this kind of LED screen in to hemispherical screen and orthospherical screen. 

In common, the indoor full-color spherical screen has a pixel pitch of 2mm (P2), 2.5mm (P2.5), 3mm (P3) and 4mm (P4), and that of outdoor full color can be >6mm (P6)

The comparative advantage of ball LED screens may be it can present the best results compared with other special shaped LED display cause there might be visual differences when watching from different angles, whereas there is not such an issue for spherical LED displays.

Ball LED Display

4) Flexible LED Curtain Screen

There are a lot of benefits that make these screens stand out in terms of performance and stability while giving an attractive commercial look. 

The flexible LED curtain display can make a large-area outdoor media facade, and the advantages can be high transparency, ultra-lightweight structure which doesn’t need heavy supports and high brightness.

5) LED Signs

The LED signs are assembled with customized LED modules of different specifications, and there is no limitation on the size. 

It can flexibly assemble into any text, graphics and LOGO based on the requirement of customers.  

The common application sites can be roof of building, the entrance of enterprises, banks and securities, municipal construction, landmark building, etc.

6) Other Special Shaped LED Display

There are numerous examples for listing. 

For instance, LED screens designed as wave, irregular shape LED display designed as hexagon and five-pointed star, etc. 

What is more, you can choose to assemble these special shaped LED screen to form more different shapes based on the specification of modules.  

These innovative kinds of screens put forward more requirements to the production techniques of manufactures. If they don’t have enough experience in producing, there may be some unwanted situations such as surface discontinuities which will affect the viewing effect and destroy the overall aesthetic design.

2.Advantages of Soft LED Display

If you want to purchase soft LED displays but don’t know whether they are the better choices, you can read their strength next to have a judgement.

1) Eye-catching Performances

When you stepping into one building, such as a geological museum, you may be amazed at the spherical LED screen hanging over your head which is rotating slowly, shining soft light and showing the magnificent trait of Venus. It will definitely get you involved in the exciting but also smoothing universal world, right? 

Moreover, if you apply such a creative LED screens such as your company LOGO on the external wall of the company, passerby can see your company from even a long distance, strengthening your brand images in every passing by potential customers’ brain. All these will finally increase the potentials for your benefits.

2) Uniform Display

The  reasons for the rising of flexible LED display screen partly derived from the rigorous requirement of uniform display from different angles. 

And creative LED display can achieve this point in an attractive method. For example, a LED cube display can show viewers the same pictures on each side. This will decrease picture distortion caused by angles and lightning.  

Unit soft LED display

Unit Soft Flexible LED Display Product Image

3) Great Image Quality

Although the flexible LED display sometimes seems like an innovative media, there is no shortcoming in the aspect of image quality. 

Just as we mentioned above, the softness mostly comes from the flexible materials of back shell and board, but other technologies are almost same as the conventional one. 

As the LED industry has developed for many years, it is universal to apply high resolution but also resilient LED display under different environments. 

In a word, flexible LED screens have the property of great expressive force and also have functions same as fine pixel pitch LED display such as high resolution, high contrast and high brightness.  

4) Versatile Functions

Just like we have discussed before, despite the fact that in some cases the creative shape LED displays can be assembled by conventional LED display, but when encountering some places where need the display to have subtle angle adjustment, the process may be material-wasting and time-costing. 

Moreover, it has the speciality of energy-saving which can save your budget. The advent of such display is a breakthrough which can simplify the installation and production process of many projects.

installation of soft flexible LED display Unit LED

5) Immersive Visual Experiences

If you apply a soft LED display into your project, you can expect it to add more flavour to the overall senses. They can work together with other elements such as space sense and auditory sense. 

For example, for aquarium designers can place some soft LED screens like the shape of wave to add more ocean elements to everywhere in the aquarium.

6) Simple Operation and Maintanence

The soft LED display can support multiple signal input port such as DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, H-SDI, etc, and support various video processors and compatible hardware. 

Besides, the easy installation also means the easy disassembly and maintenance. You can enjoy the excellent display performance and reassuring maintenance at the same time.

7) Saving Your Budget

The investment of flexible LED display is proved to be smart when is measured monetarily. Up to 20 sq meters of soft LEDs can be packed inside one flight case thanks to their lightweight design, so you can cut down on shipping costs as well as labor costs. 

Moreover, as the durability and multi-functions of the LED display, they are more endurable than traditional displays so to save your maintenance cost and storage cost.

3.Recommended Products

This section will introduce you to the recommended Unit soft LED display to help you get some latest product.

3.1 Unit Flexible LED Display

Unit flexible LED display are perfect for indoor high resolution LED display. 

Unit LED provides various flexible LED display for almost all common using applications with different specifications including 240mm*120mm, 256mm*128mm, 320*160mm series, and avaliable pixel pitch including P1.25, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, etc.

unit flexible LED screen, LED flexible display for Unit

1.The small-unit and flexible design makes the complicated shapes LED display become possible and reliable.

2.Streamline the installation of special shaped LED screen to save time and cost.

3.Easy assembly and disassembly because of the magnet connection.

4.High refresh rate which is up to 3840HZ refresh rate, which can enable high display quality.

5.Strict quality control process and strict materials selecting which use Epistar LED, and MBI5124 driving IC for outstanding visual performances.

3.2 Parameter of Unit Flexible LED Screen

paramater of Unit LED flexible screen

3.3 Customer Case

Unit flexible LED display screen customer case

4.Application Cases

1) TV Studio

In recent days, more flexible LED displays have been used for some famous TV studio. 

On the one hand, they can help to performance the content in a more modern way by showing the viewers with super high resolution videos and images. 

On the other hand, it can put the emphasis on the content or the presenter. Many TV studio set design with curved LED display as the background such as CCTV (China Central Television).

TV studio curved LED Display

2) Exhibition

Nowadays, flexible LED screens are also usually appeared on different exhibitions. For example, the spherical LED screen has can play video in 360° viewing angle, you can feel good visual effect at any angle without any blind spot. Also, you can map spherical images such as earth and soccer directly to the display as needed to make vivid showing effect.

3) Corporate Building

Using this creative soft display, designers can create many stunning effects beyond expectation. For instance, the entrance of the company can set the colourful LOGO built by soft LED display, or you can hang a large LED sign on the outer wall. 

These all can draw attention from your potential customers and make your company stand out from other near businesses.

Corporate buliding Flexible soft LED Screen

4) Stage Performance

The flexible soft LED screen can be versatile on the stage – it can be used as background, display screen or props such as the holdable LED displays, which was a important props in 2008 Olympics opening ceremony. 

5.Flexible OLED Screen - the Hot Word

In this section, we will discuss flexible OLED, which has been an increasing hot word in the display industry. 

5.1 What Is Soft OLED?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes, which is a flat light emitting technology that has a series of organic thin films between two conductors. 

It is worth noting that it belongs to emissive display that doesn’t require a blacklight so that is thinner and more energy-saving than LCD displays. 

And because there is no need for backlight, OLEDs can create so-called true blacks.

The flexible OLEDs are already on the market for many years (in smartphones, wearables and other devices). It has many advantages including low power consumption, bendable characteristics and high durability. These characteristics can open up unlimited possibilities of its use: 

1) Curved OLED displays, which has already been applied to high-end smart phone market;

2) Wearable OLEDs, which can be used to create new style clothing and healthcare devices;

3) Foldable OLEDs and rollable OLEDs which can be used to create new mobile devices;

4) Transparent OLEDs embedded in windows or car  windshields.

5.2 Some Shortcomings to Be Overcomed

Although the thinness and softness allow the soft OLED to be used for curved screen for small devices such as smartphones, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and even some foldable phones which are going to come into the market in the near future, there are still some issues waiting to be overcomed.

First of all, OLED panels can be generally fragile, and you may take some care to protect it from broken screen. 

Second, the production methods are not perfect. In spite of many efforts are taking to improve the techniques and yield, there is still huge potential for soft OLED to develop. 

Third, the price sometimes is not very affordable. The soft OLED products can be very stylish and utility, the cash you need to pay can be also comparatively higher than other normal display screen.

In word, though OLED has already matured gradually, there still are many expectations we can hold for OLED flexible display, and just wait and see what will happen.

6.In Conclusion

This article introduces the flexible LED screen from the aspects of definition, typical types, advantages, applications and recommended products for choosing. 

With the development of flexible LED display, they are integrating into our daily life gradually. They can be properly to the overall structure and environment, and can be customized according to certain requirements of customers. 

For more practical knowledge about LED display, you can turn to LED Display FAQ!

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