Introduction of Poster LED Display

Poster LED display, as we can see everywhere, is widely used for marketing advertising and promoting. With vivid advertising pictures and visual elements, Poster LED display not only attracts a large number of customers, but also incidentally stimulate consumption. A professional Poster LED display can bring a company more benefits. Now let’s learn more about the Poster LED Display.

The Usage of Poster LED Display:

Shopping malls, commercial offices, hotels, universities, subway stations, bookshops, exhibition hall…indoor and outdoor.

poster led display

The Advantage of Poster LED Display:

1.Personalized Customization.The LED poster screen can be customized according to the user’s preferences, and the appearance and color can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. It can also carry out personalized propaganda, and transmit its own advertising form and documents, which can be displayed on the poster screen according to the effect you want.

poster led display

2.Controllable in space and time. Unlike traditional LED display, LED poster screen can be moved according to the change of location. Poster screen working hours can also be adjusted according to needs, which get rid of the embarrassing situation that the traditional LED display screen can not be opened for a long time.

3.Strong Multimedia. LED poster screen can realize the combination of picture, text and video. And make your originality more lively.

4.Timeliness. It can communicate via Wifi. You can send videos or pictures to the screen at anytime by your mobile phone. And the screen can receive it immediately. No need to go to the site.

5.Seamless Splicing. Through HDMI cable connection, in synchronous mode, 6 poster screens cascade a complete picture.

poster led display

6.Optional installation solutions. Hanging, wall-mounting, fold-out stand, standby,creative installation.

poster led display

7.Easy to operate. Plug and Play. Best Indoor Advertising is very easy to operate – just plug it into any device and play. Supports a wide range of devices. The integrated design has everything in-built like Apple box, loudspeaker, control card and power supply. Plug and play is very convenient to use.

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