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LED banner display is often used for commercial advertising or information guidance and display because of its high definition and high brightness.

Compared with traditional printed banners, LED digital banner displays that support dynamic video have incomparable advantages.

In this post, we will take you to fully understand LED banners, including product features, application fields, prices, solutions, how to install and how to control, etc.

Just follow us and get a complete guide now!

1. What is an LED Banner Display?

1.1 Definition of Banner LED Display

LED banner display, also called LED poster display, or smart LED poster, refers to an electronic display that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a visual display.

Their displays usually take the form of long banners, and narrow LED panels arranged horizontally or vertically.

The LED banner display screen is usually used for advertising, information dissemination, and entertainment purposes.


Using LED backlight technology, the electronic banner display has excellent color reproduction.

It can present a more realistic, vivid, and clear picture effect.

1.2 Components of a Banner LED Display

(1) LED Modules or LED Panels

LED modules or LED panels are the key to excellent image effects. Each LED module panel is composed of PCB board, drive ICs, LED lamps, and other parts.

The modular LED display module is flexible in size and easy to assemble.

(2) Power Supply

LED displays require a stable and efficient power supply to ensure normal operation.

The power supply unit provides the necessary power input to the banner LED panel and control system.

(3) Cables

Including power cables and network cables. Cables and wiring connect the various components of an LED display. These wires ensure the correct transmission of signals and power between different parts of the display system.

(4) Control system

The control system is responsible for managing and coordinating the operation of the LED panels. It includes the control board, processor, and software.

The control system processes the input signals and converts them into commands that determine the behavior of the individual LED modules. Such as controlling brightness, color, and overall display content.

(5) Cabinet Frame and Stand

The function of the Cabinet frame is to firmly fix the LED module. The acrylic shell protects the Banner LED screen from dust or physical impact.

The adjustable bracket on the back facilitates multi-angle support for the digital LED banner to stand independently. Universal wheels at the bottom facilitate movement.


Bottom & Internal Details of LED Banner


Single LED Banner Display (Front-&-Back-View)

2. Why Choose an LED Banner, not an LCD?

Poster LED display utilizes LED technology to create dynamic and vibrant visual content.

What sets it apart from traditional printed posters is the dynamic and eye-catching presentation of moving images, video, and text.

Banner LED displays are known for their vibrant colors, high brightness, and energy efficiency.

So why is it recommended that you choose LED over LCD technology? Here’s why:

2.1 Brightness and Visibility

The LED display uses numerous light-emitting LED beads as small pixel units.

LED technology enables LED banners to be visible in a variety of lighting conditions, allowing them to adapt to different environments.

Due to the lower brightness of LCDs compared to LEDs, visibility issues may occur under high ambient light conditions.

(2) Dynamic Content and Refresh rate

Digital LED banners are good at displaying dynamic content such as videos and animations.

The high refresh rate ensures that the video will not freeze and provides a smoother viewing experience.

While LCD banner displays can also display dynamic content, they may not perform well visually with fast movement.

(3) Viewing Angle

LED screen banner has wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles. This ensures your customers have a great viewing experience from more angles.

When the LCD screen is viewed from certain angles, the picture may be distorted and the color and contrast may be reduced.

(4) Energy Efficiency

Compared with traditional display technologies, LED banner displays consume less power and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

More energy-saving display devices save you more costs. Clean and green energy is more environmentally friendly.

LCD banners generally require more power to operate and therefore require more energy consumption.

(5) Durability and Lifespan

LEDs last longer and are more durable, they can withstand frequent on/off cycles and are less susceptible to damage from vibration or shock.

LCD banner screen is easy to wear. Its service life may be affected by factors such as frequent power cycles.

(6) Design Flexibility

In addition, the LED banner screen supports flexible designs of various sizes to suit different applications.

Not only can it be used alone, but multiple screens can also be cascaded and spliced to form a large-area poster LED video wall to adapt to different spaces and creative concepts.

LCDs are generally less flexible in terms of design and may have limitations in shape and size.


LED Banner Displays with Excellent Visual Effect

3. What Types of LED Banner Do We Offer?

What types of LED banners are there? What are the characteristics of each of them?

Next, we will answer them one by one for you.

3.1 Indoor LED Screen Banner

The indoor LED screen banner is converted into an indoor venue design.

Smaller pixel pitch facilitates closer viewing distances and higher resolution. For example, P1.86mm, P2mm, P2.5mm.

At the same time, its brightness is also designed concerning the indoor application environment.

Generally speaking, indoor electronic banner displays are mostly used in shopping malls, retail stores, airports, stations, and other places.

3.2 Outdoor LED Banner Display

The outdoor LED banner is specially designed for changing outdoor environmental factors.

High water resistance, higher durability, and rugged casing are all essential for outdoor banners that need to be exposed to sunlight, rain, and temperature changes for a long time.

High-protection level outdoor banner LED displays can be used in various ways.

Such as outdoor advertising, smart community construction, and outdoor information guidance.

3.3 GOB LED Banner Display

GOB LED banner display uses high-quality GOB LED display modules.

Excellent pressure resistance, waterproof, and dustproof capabilities are the outstanding features of the GOB LED display.

Assuming that customers may come into contact with the screen in your usage scenario, it is recommended that you choose GOB LED banners.

It can effectively protect the LED lamp beads on the LED module from physical impact.

Front View

Back View

3.4 Transparent Banner LED Display

How to display your store promotion information or new product recommendation video without blocking the line of sight?

Transparent LED banners are here to help!

Transparent banner LED display has high transparency, allowing light to pass through the display.

It is therefore suitable for applications where display visibility is critical. Such as retail windows, museums, and showrooms.

Unit Transparent LED Display
Unit Transparent LED Display

3.5 Outdoor Double-sided LED Poster

Double-sided posters LED screens are advertising displays that are equipped with LED screens on both sides, allowing content to be displayed and viewed from multiple directions.

Here are some of the key features of double-sided LED posters:

(1) Double-sided display

Unlike traditional posters or signs, which usually only have content on one side, double-sided LED posters have screens on both sides.

This enables advertisers to reach audiences from multiple angles and maximize the visibility of their messages.

(2) High brightness

To ensure visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, double-sided LED screens are equipped with high-brightness LED screens.

Even in bright sunlight or other outdoor lighting conditions, the content remains clear and vivid.

(3) Weather resistance

Outdoor double-sided posters LED displays are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

They are usually made of weatherproof materials and are rated IP65 or higher for water and dust resistance.

(4) Remote management

Many double-sided LED banner display systems have remote management capabilities.

Advertisers can update content, schedule playlists, and monitor the performance of both displays from a central location.

This makes it easy to adjust advertising content in real time based on changing needs or events.

(5) Customization options

Double-sided LED poster screens come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different advertising needs and outdoor environments.

They offer customization options such as pixel pitch, resolution, and aspect ratio to ensure optimal performance and visual appeal.

(6) Easy to install

LED Double-sided posters are designed for easy installation in outdoor environments.

They can be mounted on poles, walls, or freestanding structures using standard mounting hardware. Some models offer flexible mounting options to suit different outdoor spaces.

(7) Easy to move

Equipped with 4 universal wheels at the bottom. You can move it anywhere without any effort.

Overall, double-sided LED posters provide advertisers with a versatile and effective way to present their messages to a wide audience in outdoor environments.

4. Features of Digital LED Banner Display

4.1 Slim and Lightweight

UNIT’s new generation LED banner display size is 1920*640mm and the thickness is only 45mm.

The slim profile creates a sleek, modern look. The 35kg single cabinet facilitates fast movement.

4.2 High Resolution and Brightness

High-quality LED raw materials ensure excellent display effects. Such as LED lamp beads, ICs, and power supply.

The high-resolution and high-brightness LED screen ensures content is displayed clearly and attractively.

4.3 Dynamic Content Display

Digital LED banner display supports dynamic content. Includes images, animations, and videos.

This feature provides engaging, interactive presentations for advertising, promotions, information displays, and more.

4.4 Portable and Removable

The adjustable bracket on the back allows you to easily place your advertising LED banner display in any corner.

The universal wheels at the bottom ensure the extremely high flexibility of the LED banner. One can also easily move it to the next place.

4.5 Remote Control and Management

You can manage this device in a variety of ways, such as cloud platform, mobile phone (supports Android and IOS devices), computer, WIFI, or USB.

The remote control feature allows you to manage and update content remotely. This feature is particularly friendly for controlling multiple displays in different locations from a centralized system.

4.6 Easy to Install and Maintain

A variety of installation methods are available for you to choose from:

including bracket standing installation, base standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi-cascade installation, and other creative methods.

User-friendly installation and maintenance methods greatly save your time and labor costs.

We have shared an instructional video on the installation of LED posters on our YouTube channel to help you get started quickly.

4.7 Interactive Function

Some LED banner screens are equipped with interactive functions. People can interact directly with content by touching the screen.

For example, customers can check the location of the store or other information through the LED banner on the elevator handrail in the mall.

5. Applications of Banner LED Display

5.1 Shopping Mall

LED banner screens located at shopping mall entrances or elevators can provide guidance information such as directional signs and space diagrams.

You can also use them to display information such as your mall’s advertising and promotions, announcements, and schedules.

5.2 Retail Space

Transparent LED banner display helps your retail store create dynamic and eye-catching dynamic displays.

LED posters are used inside the retail space to display new product advertisements or promotional events information, and can also display product information and pricing to stimulate purchases.


5.3 Hotel and Hospitality

The LED banner display screen in the hotel lobby is a window to promote hotel facilities and services.

You can also display a welcome message to your guests.

The reception area of an office building or company usually displays the company name and floor information in the building to facilitate quick confirmation by visitors.

5.4 Restaurants and Cafes

Electronic LED banner displays at the entrances of restaurants and cafes create a visually appealing atmosphere.

Customers passing by can easily get information about new dishes or drinks launched by the restaurant.

5.5 Airports and Transportation Hubs

Electronic banner displays display flight information and schedules, travel service advertisements, and store promotions to passengers.

5.6 Car Showroom

LED posters use smooth videos to display vehicle functions and promotions more clearly to customers.

In addition, the stylish LED poster can also decorate the exhibition hall and improve the quality.

5.7 Activities and Exhibitions

Make your trade show booth stand out with a brightly colored LED banner display.

It can display information such as event signage, company videos, and sponsors and partners.

6. How to Assemble or Install?

6.1 How to Assemble A LED Banner Display?

Materials needed:

LED display modules

Mounting bracket or frame

Power supply and cables

Controller or video processor

Computer or media player

Installation tools (screws, screwdrivers, etc.)

Safety equipment (gloves, etc.)

Step-by-step assembly:

First, Install the various components inside the display, including:

Powerbox, sending box, 5V line, aviation plug, flat cables, adapter, thread jamming

Then, stand the LED poster up

Next, Connect the LED panel

Mount the LED panel to a bracket or frame.

Use the appropriate screws to secure the panel in place.

Double-check the alignment and spacing between panels.

Finally, Connect the power supply to the LED panel.

Make sure the power connection is secure and follow safety guidelines.

We offer two different assembly methods.  The video below shows you the assembly steps in reverse of the above.

6.2 How to Install Seamless Splicing LED Poster Display?

Step 1: Install the base-standing bracket

Step 2: Fix the base and the main part of the poster LED display

Step 3: Fix the back connecting piece so that adjacent banner LED displays can be spliced together.

Step 4: Finish multi-screen cascade installation

7. How to Control?

Unit Poster LED Screen supports Synchronous & Asynchronous Control Systems.

The LED screen content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC, or notebook.

It supports real-time play, cross-platform publish, and USB or WIFI.

7.1 How to Modify the Video Content by PC Software ViPlex Express?

7.2 How to Use the Mobile Phone to Operate the smart LED Banner?

Step 1: Connect the display’s WIFI.

Step 2: Open ViPlex Handy and connect the device

Step 3: Choose the solution you want

Step 4: Confirm and click “Publish”

8. How to Maintain Banner LED Display?

8.1 LED Banner Display - Front Maintenance

Step 1: Remove M3 screws.

Step 2: Remove the corner cover and top bar.

Step 3: Draw out the acrylic cover from the top 

Step 4: Use vacuum tools to move module from front

LED banner front maintenance

Banner LED Display - Aging Test

Smart LED poster screen advantages
LED display poster advantages

9. Conclusion

In this post, we introduce you to the relevant knowledge of digital banner LED displays in detail. Including components, features, assembly, installation methods, and how to control it.

If you have any questions about the UNIT LED banner display, don’t hesitate to leave us a message! Our professional sales team or technical staff will solve your problem as soon as possible!

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