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In recent years, the small pixel led has become a major trend in the development of LED display screen by virtue of its higher quality display effect and the advantages of better combining 3D, VR/AR, interactive and other emerging technologies to express creativity. However, the requirements of fine pixel picth led display for cabinet materials have also been significantly improved. Due to its heavy weight, poor precision and insufficient strength, steel cabinet based modules can no longer keep up with the development needs of small pixel of LED display screens, and some new module materials are increasingly concerned by the market. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics and advantages of LED carbon fiber cabinet.

Light Weight And High Strength

The remarkable feature of carbon fiber material is its light weight and high strength. New modular, low EMI, low power consumption design, carbon fiber composite box frame, its density is only 1.7g/cm3, which is 30% less than the weight of aluminum alloy, but its strength is greater than that of steel.

Therefore, using carbon fiber composite material to make LED display cabinet can realize ultra-thin design. It is very light for transportation, installation and later maintenance.

LED display screen

Strong Corrosion Resistance

The carbon fiber material is also characterized by strong corrosion resistance. For the long-term outdoor working environment, it can effectively resist the erosion of acid rain and fog, with long service life and low maintenance cost.

Seamless Splicing

Moreover, after several years of development, the carbon fiber composite LED display box has become lighter and lighter, the structure has become more and more reasonable, and the precision is also higher, which can basically achieve seamless splicing.

The upgrading of this manufacturing material will directly promote the optimization and updating of the whole box from structural design to functional application.

led carbon fiber cabinet

At present, domestic manufacturers have just begun to apply carbon fiber composite materials to LED display cabinet. Its cost is much higher than that of steel materials, but it is almost the same as that of die-casting aluminum, magnesium alloy and nano polymer materials. The comprehensive cost performance ratio is of great promotion value.

Recently, a brand of LED display screen in the industry launched a new product of carbon fiber box.

The whole product is less than 18kg, the average weight per square meter is only 4.5kg, and the thickness of the whole screen is only tens of centimeters, but the strength and load capacity are far superior to those of similar products of different materials.

The appearance of the led carbon fiber cabinet is very in line with the current aesthetic trend, and the application characteristics of “light, thin and easy” can also largely meet the actual needs of medium and high-level exhibition venues for the display of small pixel LED displays.

Therefore, from the market feedback, it has a wider application prospect than other materials such as magnesium alloy and die cast aluminum.

The advantages of the materials are not the only advantages of these cabinets which represent the state of the art at the moment.

For example, there is a small LED display on the back of the indoor cabinet which gives you an accurate picture of the temperature and performance of the cabinet so that the situation can be constantly monitored and easily identified and resolved any problem.

Some special connection plates allow you not only to hang the ledwall on the trusses, but also to fix it to other structures, or to combine cabinets into curved screens, or to connect them at 90° angles or to form cubes.

Nowadays, the advertising effects of fixed LED displays are gradually being used by the public. It is believed that the carbon fiber led cabinet with more reliable performance and higher cost performance will bring better performance.

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