Dance Floor LED Display

LED dance floor display is also called LED floor screen, the main feature is that the LED display is tiled on the ground and people can walk, run, roll, jump and dance on it. Compared with traditional LED display, the LED dance floor display has a strong protection cover on the LED display to protect the LED lamp. Mostly dance floor screen is mainly used in indoor such as stage, bar, shopping center, T show and more. they give people much pleasure, making people’s lives more colorful.

As a leading LED display manufacturer, UNIT LED dance floor display with unique design and excellent performance, and the products are exported in many countries such as United stateds, England, france, Korea, Japan, and other many countries and regions. The products have many features as following:

Delicate Cabinet

The cabinet is made by high hardness die casting aluminum. The exterior of the cabinet is elegant and graceful with humanitarian handle, ingenious fast lock, beautifu cover, power indicator, plug, pad feet, location pin and more.
LED dance floor display

High load-bearing performance

With high strength cover on the cabinet and high strong die casting aluminum made cabinet, the floor LED screen has ultra high weight bearing capacity and high anti-impact performance which can support a car without crush. The weight bearing capacity arrange is 500kg/㎡
LED dance floor display
LED dance floor display

Nice heat dissipation

Excellent closely seal heat dissipation design to make the LED display can cool down quickly and temperature is very low not only the cabinet inside but also the mask, also the cabinet with high IP65 waterproof and dust-proof to make the LED display can work stable.
LED dance floor display

Adjustable High Pad Feet

UNIT LED dance floor display use adjustable high pad feet to make the LED display hight can be adjusted as customer’s need. Each cabinet has 4 strong pad feet to support on the ground.
LED dance floor display
LED dance floor display

High Wear Resistance Resin Mask

The display cabinet use high wear resistance resin mask as a protection cover to make the LED display can be putted on the ground freely with the front cabinet or back cabinet. Meanwhile, this special mask with good light transmittance and the LED display color is vivid and clear.
LED dance floor display

Fast Lock Design

The floor LED display cabinet utilize fast lock in two sides to make the LED display is easilly disassemble and assemble, and makes installation and maintenance be simpler. The Display is seamless connectioin, and the flatness is ultra high without no gaps.
LED dance floor display

For Fixed and Rental

UNIT LED dance floor display is a Multi-functional led display, it is not only can be used for fixed LED display when putted on the ground but also can be used for rental LED display when stand up.
LED dance floor display
LED dance floor display

Excellent display effect

UNIT LED dance floor display use high quality nation star LED and stable MBI5124 driver IC to ensure the screen with great and high definition display effect, With latest 16 bit color processing technology, the whole LED display present amazing image and vivid video to viewers.
LED dance floor display

LED Dance Floor Display Cases

  • Project Location: Thailand
  • Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm
  • Moudle Size: 250×250mm
  • Module Resolution: 64×64 dots
  • Cabinet Size: 500×500mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 128×128dots
  • Total Cabinet Units: 40pcs
  • Total Display Area: 10 sqm
  • Application: Stage
LED dance floor display case

Application of Dance Floor LED display

UNIT LED Dance Floor display is widely used in many locations such as bar, stage, hall,square, showroom, stage, bar, shopping malls, catwalks, celebrating activities, fashion show, mall, party, wedding, etc. UNIT is committed to providing the professional, impeccable and Dance Floor LED display products to meet various market requirements.

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