LED Screen for Retail

With the emergence of new retail, LED displays with advantages such as high-definition display, large size, and high reliability have injected new vitality into the new retail industry. Whether it is a large shopping mall or a street retail store, retail LED signages can be a good helper for you to attract customers. It’s time to give your store a new visual identity!

Why Use LED Displays in Retail Stores?

1. Attract Customers’ Attention

How to make more customers willing to walk into your store? How to let more people know about your product and generate interest? The LED display can better attract people’s attention with its high-definition dynamic display effect. The visual impact with a sense of personalization and design firmly catches customers’ attention.

2. Display Promotions and Offers

If your store often needs to update promotional information, let led display for retail help you! The ultra-clear screen mobilizes consumers’ visual senses and maximizes the benefits of your promotional advertisements.

3. Improve Store Image

Chain retail stores use LED displays to create shopping places with visual impact. It is conducive to extending the time of customer residence while providing customers with a good shopping experience.

4. Higher Brand Awareness

A good brand effect will harvest much more potential consumers for you. Brand promotion through retail LED display is worth considering. It is a great way to showcase your logo, brand colors, and branding videos.


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Where Can You Use LED Displays for Retail Store

With the rise of the concept of “new retail”, LED displays play an important role in commercial retail windows, interior decoration, building facades, and other fields.

Transparent Curtain LED Display

Glass windows are important places for merchandise display or advertising in retail stores. The curtain transparent LED screen with a sense of modernity and technology can attract pedestrians and bring higher attention to businesses.

Curtain transparent LED screens can be used in retail stores to display products, advertise, release information, and attract attention.

Digital Shelf LED Display

Digital Shelf LED Display makes the display information on the shelves of supermarkets, stores, and warehouses clear at a glance.

It has the advantages of various sizes, clear display, and rich functions, and has become the new darling of the new retail industry.

In addition to displaying commodity prices, displaying dynamic videos or pictures, shelf displays are more convenient for store management. Easily realize the management of the screen through the control software.

Indoor LED Display

The indoor led display has high-definition picture quality and good color rendering, which is the best choice for advertising in the retail industry. Human-screen interaction has become a major trend in the retail industry.

Smart commercial display screens have become a catalyst for human-screen interaction. Consumers can complete data matching of products and virtual try-ons on clothes and shoes with just a light touch.

LED Poster Display

LED poster display digitally displays product information, which is displayed to consumers in a combination of patterns, text, and video.

Digital LED posters can play the role of shopping guides in shopping malls. And the same time,  They create an interesting and relaxed shopping atmosphere for retail stores.

Poster LED screen has the characteristics of flexible screen display, seamless splicing, shocking visual effects, and so on. It can meet the needs of retail scenarios such as supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers, event venues, and specialty stores.

Retail LED Display Screen Cases

LED Display for Shop - Transparent LED Display (1)
LED Display for Shop - Transparent LED Display (2)
LED Display for Shop - Transparent LED Display (3)
LED Display for Retail (3)
LED Display for Retail (2)


Why Choose LED Display for Retail From UNIT LED

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By installing led displays in physical stores, merchants get more brand exposure and customers get an immersive shopping experience. Retail LED display communicates your brand to more people in a dynamic way.

So, how to choose the most suitable led display for shop in many screens? LED poster display or traditional led screen? This post will guide you.

1. Introduction of Retail LED Display for Shop

Retail LED screens can help retail stores enhance their store image and expand their brand effect. The introduction of the Led display into the retail industry is an impact of new advertising media on traditional advertising media such as posters.

retail led display

The concept of “new retail” was first proposed by Jack Ma at Alibaba’s Apsara Conference in 2016. It is now widely accepted in the industry.

The advent of new retail has put more emphasis on the shopping experience. So the retail industry’s strategy has changed. LED displays for shopare gradually emerging in major retail stores.

In traditional retail stores, owners use posters to display promotions and discounts. They now prefer to use led shop display signs. The successful application of various shop-led display solutions has changed the phenomenon that static advertisements can not attract customers well.

2. What can LED Display for Shop do?

If you ask what LED Display for Shop can bring to the retail industry, then the most intuitive manifestation is more attention. Shop window LED display is used for a dynamic display of goods and brand promotion.

More attention means more brand awareness and more business value. Of course, LED Display has more benefits than that.

What can led display for shop do for you?

LED display screen in the retail industry

With the rapid development of the new retail industry, people’s consumption habits and ideas have changed accordingly. Major retail stores use high-definition, large size led display screens for product display and promotion.

It brings personalized and visual impact with design sense for consumers. The interactive shopping experience has injected a strong impetus into the development of the retail industry.

In addition to the traditional led display screen, manufacturers have also introduced a variety of led display solutions designed for led retail stores. For example, led posters, led transparent rental screens, creative led displays, led shelf display and other unique display solutions.

retail led screen-shelf led screen

What’s more, the combination of high-quality led display panels and interconnected interactive technology has realized the digital transformation and development of the retail industry.

Driven by the new technology, led shop display plays an advantage in retail stores to create a diversified shopping scene. Therefore, shop LED sign board becomes the preferred carrier for merchants to play information.

3. Retail LED Screen VS Poster VS Home TVs

LED displays are not uncommon in the city’s business districts. Under a fast-paced background, how to quickly attract customers is a required course for retail industry practitioners. If you want to stand out in a competitive industry, capturing the attention of potential customers is the first step.

Studies have shown that people tend to pay more attention to dynamic ads such as videos and moving pictures. Flat posters have become less competitive in retail stores. It is the reason why more and more retail stores are choosing to install led displays.

Retail led display VS Poster

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Dynamic content

LED displays provide dynamic content. In addition to still pictures, beautiful video content and music can make a more profound impact. You can quickly update your content and promote your products and services. What's more, the led display can help promote your brand song. Don't neglect the role of sound.

Network effects

Compared with simple flat posters, led video walls can bring more advertising benefits. People are more likely to post or relay novel content on social networks as long as your content interests them. LED showroom display will bring you more traffic

Super high brightness

The high brightness of the Led shop screen allows it to display normally in any environment. It's not affected by ambient light. Even outside a shop window, people can see the picture information

Why not use a home TV or LCD Screen?

Some retailers are opting for LCD screens or home televisions for dynamic effects. However, the effect is not satisfactory. The reasons are as follows:

Small size. The small size of the home TV does not fit the scale of the shop window.

Low brightness. Home TVs and LCD screens are less bright. The visibility of screen content is greatly affected by light exposure. So, an led display is more suitable for a retail LED screen.

Flat-fell seam. The LCD screen is segmented. These gaps affect the viewing experience of the target audience.

4. Five LED Display Solutions for Retail Stores

LED shelf display

A shelf LED display screen is a kind of ultra-thin LED advertising screen. The controls are simple. You can link multiple shelf screens to create a large screen or split the screen to play multiple product videos. The novel shelf screen helps retailers achieve new visual marketing.

benefits of shelf led display

Advantages of led shelf display

Indoor led display

Indoor display led display can display beautiful product pictures or videos. People usually install it behind the window. LED showcase screen attracts customers to the store through high-definition images.

Transparent led display

LED curtain screens or transparent led displays are usually placed behind glass in the window. They are characterized by high permeability. Depending on different pixel pitch, the transparency of the LED curtain screen is 35-70%. It doesn’t block the view.

Digital led poster

Digital indoor LED poster screen is perfect for retail, exhibitions, and event. Retail stores use led poster screens to display product advertisements. Smooth videos and bright colors draw more attention to your product.

Column led display

The column-led display is an eye-catching square column video wall. It not only shows advertisements or brand videos but also plays a decorative role. It creates an immersive shopping space for customers.

5.Recommended Products

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Continuous innovation in the new retail industry has driven the diversification of led displays. At the same time, retail LED display for shop provides new directions for upgrading the retail industry.

UNIT LED is a professional led display solution provider. We provide the most reasonable retail LED display for shop here. Welcome to contact us!