LED Display Installation Way

Before we order a LED display, we need to know which LED display Installation Way is used. and which one is better. Currently there are 6 installations ways for LED Screen as following.

1: Single pillar type installation way

This installation type is mainly used for small size outdoor led display. Because LED display is lightweight, so we can use only one pillar can hold up the entire display and LED Didplay will not fall.
LED Display Installation Way

2: Double pillar type installation way

This installation type is the same as Single Pillar Type Installation way, the only difference is that double Pillar Type Installation has two pillars to hold up the entire LED display, so double Pillar Type Installation way is manily used for large size outdoor LED display.
LED Display Installation Way

3: Hanging type installation way

Hanging type installation way is mainly used for indoor and semi-outdoor led screen. This hangint type installation way LED Screen is manily used in the airport, railway station, bus station and some entrance of subway station.

LED Display Installation Way

4: Wall-Mounted type installation way

The whole LED display is mounted in the wall, so there is no any room for maintenance in the back door, so mostly we always choose front access service LED display for this installation method. But front maintenance service is not must if the LED display is small as we can take the whole LED display down to do operation.

LED Display Installation Way

5: Embedded type installation way

This type installation way is mainly used for indoor small pixtch LED display. The whole LED display body is embed into the wall untill the LED display and the wall is the same level. We always choose front maintenance service LED display for this installation way as there is no space for maintenacne in the back side at all.

LED Display Installation Way

6: Floor-Mounted type installation way

Floor-Mounted type installation way LED display is mainly used for outdoor advertisement. as the LED display is installed in the floor, there is no wall to keep the LED display to be fixed, so we must ensure the steel structure can secure the entire LED display to fight against the strong wind. Besides, the LED display should tilt a certain angle (5°- 8°) to have a best viewing angle for audience to ensure best visual experience.
LED Display Installation Way

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