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LED Display Module:The Ultimate Introduction Guide

You can get the full knowledge of the led display module from this article, As a basic unit of LED display, which is also called an LED panel. Covers the front surface of the LED screen, also the first thing that comes to our eyes when we look at a LED display.

We’ll bring you to know more about the LED display modules from these points as below: The led display components, module classification of application, led display screen sizes & some suggestions if we could offer.

led display module components

Four Parts Ultimate Inroduction Guide of LED Display Modules:

Part One : LED Display Module Components

The LED screen module is one of the main components of the finished LED display! Mainly composed of LEDs, PCB, IC, Frame, Connector, Cables, Screws, resistors and capacitors!

led display module
1, LEDs: Can be divided into DIP LEDs,SMD LEDs and GOB LEDs

DIP LEDs is dual in-line package. Generally speaking, DIP LEDs are mainly used for outdoor displays with large pixel pitch like P10, P16 and P20. DIP346 is the LEDs that we adopted for our LED screen Modules with brightness over 7000-10,000cd/m2.

dip led 346

SMD LED is a surface mount light-emitting diode. We have 3 different brands of SMD LEDs from different packaging companies. For Indoor Module, we have San’an, Kinglight and Nationstar LEDs available. For Outdoor Module, we have Kinglight, Nationstar Copper Wire and Nationstar Golden wire LEDs available.

Furthermore, we have different sizes of SMD LEDs suitable for different applications.For indoor, we have SMD1010,SMD1515,SMD2020 and for outdoor, we have SMD1921, SMD2525(only available for Kinglight), SMD2727, SMD3535. Below are the LEDs pictures for your reference.
smd led
Take our SMD1010 for example, the apparent size is 1.0×1.0×0.65mm, the size is small, and it can be used as a screen with a smaller pitch, which is more suitable for the field of indoor high-definition LED display. As for SMD3535,the apparent size is 3.5×3.5×2.8mm, the size is much bigger than SMD1010. It suitable for Outdoor P6,P8 and P10 LED Display.

GOB LEDs is the abbreviation of glue on board. It has transparent material on the led module surface. It protects LED lamps and makes module waterproof.

gob led

The Advantage of GOB LEDs is that GOB LEDs is hard to damage because of Glue protection. so some customers use GOB LED for Rental LED Display.

The Disadvantage of GOB LEDs is that GOB LED Module is hard to repair when the LED is broken, and the led module contrast is not good as the SMD LED Module.
2, IC is an integrated circuit,it’s small black blocks with pins on the circuit board.
For Outdoor LED Module, our standard IC is ICN2038S IC and for Indoor LED Module, our standard IC is ICN2037IC with both refresh rate at 1920HZ. We have also MBI5124IC,ICN2153IC and MIB5153IC available for a higher refresh rate to 3840Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the clearer the picture.the below picture will show you what the led display effect is for 2038S and 2153 IC.
2038s and 2153ic

Part Two : LED Display Module Classfication

1.Indoor LED Module Main Features:
High definition, high refresh, the smaller of the pixel spacing, the more pixels per unit area, the clearer the image quality. the higher the resolution of LED screen.
indoor led module

Indoor module waterproof rating, brightness, refresh, power consumption :

  1. Indoor led module Protection Grade: IP54.
  2. Indoor full color brightness 600-1,000cd/m2 .
  3. According to different requirement ,it can be 1920HZ~R3840HZ Refresh Rate.
  4. Indoor display module power consumption is very lower, the indoor natural ventilation and heat dissipation can be achieved.

Fixed Installation Series: Indoor HD led screen sizes 150*168.75mm,200*150mm,240*120mm for pixel pitch p1.875, p1.667, p1.5625, p1.25mm.etc, It is specially used in TV station 16:9, Indoor meeting room 4:3 and so on, which has small space and high definition requirements.

Rental Purpose Series : Indoor led panel screen size 250*250mm for p2.5,p2.604,p2.976, p3.91, p4.81mm.etc, It is mainly used for rental purpose case.like stage show, song and dance activities,press conference, exhibition, theater, auditorium, conference room, disco club etc.

2.Outdoor LED Module Main Features:
High brightness, waterproof, outdoor installation modules are usually remote viewing, the observation is specific and far, so larger pixel spacing,so the pixel density is low, the higher brightness.
outdoor led module

Outdoor led module waterproof grade, brightness, refresh, power consumption :

  1. Outdoor led module protection grade : IP65 or IP68 Waterproof outdoor led module.
  2. Brightness: outdoor full colour module 5,000-10,000cd/m2
  3. Refresh Rate: 960HZ-1920HZ Refresh Rate
  4. The power consumption of outdoor display module is large.the current temperature is higher, the power consumption is higher , it will cause the LED lamp life is shorter.
  5. Under the same brightness, the larger the distance between pixel pitch, the smaller the power consumption.

Fixed Installation back Service Series: Outdoor led display screen sizes 320x160mm,160x160mm, 192x192mm for p3mm, p4mm, p5mm, p6mm, p8mm, p10mm etc. It is mainly used in basketball court, scoreboard, stadium football project ,exhibition and office building,etc.

Fixed Installation front & back Service Series: Outdoor led module size 320x320mm for p4mm, p5.3mm, p6.67mm, p8mm, p10mm, etc. It is mainly used in large outdoor square, such as leisure square, commercial center, court screen, advertising screen, etc.

Outdoor Rental LED Module Series: LED Module model is P2.976,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95mm for rental led display that requires the high brightness of outdoor applications.

3.Indoor Flexible Soft LED Module Main Features:
soft led module
  1. Compared with the traditional PCB board, the soft module has high strength compression resistance and anti-twist ability, which can solve various installation problems
  2. LED flexible module installation method magnetic column suction, according to customer demand custom shape, can be directly adsorbed, to achieve one-step installation
  3. Flexible led display module can be customized any shape, including cylindrical screen with high brush performance, can be hoisted, installed, hanging and so on
  4. It can realize single point maintenance, low maintenance cost, high brightness, low dead light rate, energy-saving, seamless splicing

We have many different types, such as 1.25mm ,p1.667, p1.875, P2. P3mm for led display screen sizes 240x120mm, 320x160mm 256×128 Series for meet different shape cases, for example it can be customized to Round, cylinder, arc screen.

Part Three : LED Module Size

1. 320×160mm LED Module Size:
The most common size that you can see on the market, high cost-effective & available for multiple application environments.
More flexibleon screen size & ratio, CAD screw hole unified, which will make it easier for your future maintenance & updates. Change modules only to update screen. As long as the area is sufficient, display ratios such as 4:3, 16:9, 18:9, 21:9 can be easily assembled to meet the diverse needs of customers.
High cost effective, as it’s the most well-developed model, it’s also the most mature & economic option.

Pixel pitch optional:

Outdoor led module panel: P10mm, P8mm, P6.67mm, P5mm, P5mm, P3.33mm & P3.07mm,

High quality indoor led display module: P10mm,P5mm, P4mm, P3.07mm, P2.5mm, P2mm, P1.86mm, P1.839mm, P1.538mm, P3.7mm, P1.25mm.

320x160mm led module
2. 250×250mm LED Panel Screen Size:
The one designed & appeared to meet the demand of rental display, which can build exactly 1sqm screens, the popular size for LED cabinet is 500*500 & 500*1000mm rental display, realize the live show, event & also the studio easily.

Easy operation & maintenance, with user-friendly handle, some model has been unified for both outdoor & indoor, to fit for all application environment.

Width & height is of the same size, easy for flexible screen size.

Pixel pitch optional: Outdoor: P4.81, P3.91 & P2.976; Indoor: P4.81, P3.91, P2.976, P2.604, P2.5 & 1.95.

250x250 led module
3.192x192mm LED Screen Size:

The 192×192mm series is also designed for fixed led display panel, which is another option to fit for cabinet size 960*960mm (5×5pcs module rank). For customer who like 960*960mm but want something smaller than 320*160mm module.

With width & height same size, would be somehow easy for some new comers too on this field for installation.

The Smaller size makes it more flexible for smaller led module screen sizes.

Pixel pitch optional: Outdoor: P6mm, P4.81mm & P3mm; Indoor: P6mm & P3mm.
192x192mm led module
4.320x320mm LED Module Size:

The 320×320mm high-quality led display module is designed for outdoor big size fixed application, with running model P16 & P10 DIP in the previous decades, which is still very popular in some market that needs high brightness, rough & firm quality. Normally you’ll see it on the roadside billboards.

Front clip 320×320mm series is developed & designed for easy front service, it’s 3.0 version compared to front open & front screwed display. Also available for energy saving display.
With width & height same big size, would be somehow quicker for installation especially for big screen.
Front clip option makes it easier operation & maintain for the screen requires for front service.

Pixel pitch optional:Outdoor: P16mm, P10mm, P8mm, P6.67mm, P5.3mm & P4mm.

320x320mm led module
5.160x160mm LED Module Size:

The 160×160mm series high-quality led panel module is smaller option of 320×160mm, and the common model on the market is outdoor P10 DIP LED module, which meets the request for customer who needs very high brightness reach to 10,000 nits, though the SMD module enjoys most market share right now. P2.5 indoor SMD 160×160mm is also popular for creative show.

With width & height same small size, would be somehow easier for new comers for installation.

Pixel pitch optional:Outdoor: P10mm and P5mm ,Indoor P2.5mm.

160x160mm led module
6.Other Size LED Module Size:

how to choose the right led screen? Here are some tips. There’s also many other sizes available, such as 256×128mm (most for fixed application), 240×240mm, 200×150mm (small pixel pitch 4:3 ratio use a lot), 240×240mm,200×200mm, 288×288mm, 150×168.75mm (small pixel pitch 16:9 ratio use a lot), etc.

Some sizes are designed to the demand of a certain project with tailored requirement. Also you can contact us for OEM your own size, especially for some bid.

Part Four: How to Choose The Right LED Display Screen Module ?

Indoor full-color LED display (the main conventional models are P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5)

We will according to the customer’s installation environment and viewing distance, different solutions are provided resolution ,like The Hotel banquet hall or Stage about 20 square meters display screen is suitable for high quality p4 led display modules and P5 models.

Such as meeting room about 12 square meters screen is suitable for P2 led module and P2.5 led module screen.

If the height is within 3 meters, it is recommended to choose P3 or P4 models .

when the height is greater than 3 meters, high-quality p2.5 led display module or P3 specifications can be selected.

With an area of about 1.5 meters, it is recommended to select small spacing LED modules, and the available specifications are p1.875, p1.667, p1.5625, p1.25, etc.

For example Our Hongkong Client one meeting room arround 5.12m×2.56m sqm choose P2 fixed indoor HD LED wall.

For this project we choose P2 -256mm×128mm Kinglight +ICN2038S Driving IC moduel (the refresh rate is reach 1920Hz )we help client make struture and use the module Wall installation with front maintenance.
indoor led display application

HD LED Video Wall(the main conventional models are P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2.0)


  1. In the same area, compared with ordinary display screens, the pixels are denser and the picture is super clear.
  2. The visual distance can be more closer.
  3. Large light-emitting angle, wide viewing angle, ultra-high refresh rate( normally can reach 3840HZ)
  4. Small-pitch LED electronic screens have high fault tolerance,A small range of dead LED occurs, which has little effect on the screen.

USA -P1.25 HD video wall used in Large sales center Display size:4.8m(W)×2.7m (H)

We choose P1.25 150mm×168.75mm Nationstar +5153IC,High Refresh Rate>3840 HZ,High Gray 16Bits,Hig Contrast,Low Consumption,No flicker) module this can realize 4K HD playback.
fine pixel led display

The soft module LED display has the characteristics of thinness, lightweight, small size, high pixel density, displayable curved surface, low installation cost, etc., which can realize the display needs of various screen shapes and provide a variety of screen sizes (P1.56 -P5)

Korea P2.5 display size:17.28m×2.88m use in Shopping Mall(Curved wall installation)

P2.5 soft module 240mm×120mm Kinglight LED +ICN2038s Driving IC to reach 1920HZ . As the flexibility of the soft module, it can be installed seamlessly on the wall with front maintenance.
soft led screen

For Indoor rental module the most popular is P3.91 with good performance and appropriate price.

Italy -P3.91 indoor 5m(W)×2.5(H)display used in Entertainment Club.

P3.91 indoor module 250mm×250mm Kinglight led+2038s driving IC This is the most conventional configuration and can also be played in real time.
rental led display module

Outdoor full-color LED displays (the main conventional models are P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10) With the development of the market, outdoor small pitches are slowly becoming popular Like P2.5, P2.976 etc.

For outdoor fixed display the most consideration is brightness, waterproof level, and maintenance methods.
Normally our outdoor module brightness is 5000-6500nits ,IP65 waterproof and Back maintenance.

Considering Close to Snow Mountain the brightness and Waterproof level is high requested ,we recommend our client use P10 outdoor module 320mm×320mm IP68 waterproof and Nationstar LED which can reach 6000 nits.

outdoor led display

New Zealand–P10 outdoor display 11.52m×3.84m Installed in Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction.

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