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With the continuous development of modern information technology, display technology is also evolving, iterative update. From last year’s fire naked-eye 3D technology to AR, VR, XR technology in the performance of the frequent application can be seen, the consumer market for the presentation of visual effects of higher and higher requirements. LED display as seamless splicing of the large screen display, in the stage choreography and visual effects design has a unique advantage, which also forces the LED display needs to be more in-depth and this new technology integration. This also forces the LED display needs to be more deeply integrated with these new technologies, and more perfectly present the design drawings on the visual effects of the sky. Some professionals expect the market to reach $209 billion by 2022, in the face of such a huge market, you can tell the difference between AR, MR, VR, XR these technologies?

the largest led screen


XR, also known as extended reality, is the collective name for all emerging immersion technologies. Strictly speaking, it does not belong to a specific technology, but is a real and virtual environment generated by wearable devices. XR will become the mainstream in a few years.



AR is also known as augmented reality. The virtual information and objects generated by the computer are superimposed on the real world, which can be experienced through electronic devices such as smartphones and notebooks, and is based on the real world. You can also see what happened in front of them. The most famous AR game is the Pokemon GO game that was popular in the past two years. The game generates sprites in the real world, and players can capture these sprites in the real world, so countless players Look for sprites on the street.


VR is also called virtual reality. In contrast to AR augmented reality, VR is carried out into the virtual world by wearing a device. Others can only see what the experiencer is watching through the screen. VR deceives the user’s vision through the device, and then cooperates with Music, smell, temperature, etc., to hide all the feelings of users, allowing users to completely escape from reality and enter the virtual world to achieve an immersive experience; currently, this technology is widely used in the game field.


MR is also called mixed reality, is the product of the real world and virtual world integration interaction, in the real world without any equipment to see the virtual digital world, in various science fiction movies we often see technology personnel operating virtual projections of the operating panel belongs to this technology, and the key to this technology is interactivity.

In recent years, the application of LED displays has become more and more innovative, especially in some large-scale events and gala evenings, LED displays have gradually gotten rid of background boards and simple signage functions, and gradually integrated into the entire performance design. This application method extends the performance space to a great extent, integrates the actor’s performance with the stage, makes the performance and the audience interact with each other, and brings the audience more shocking audio-visual experience.

For example, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2022, through the intelligent matrix stage system and XR, VR, AI artificial intelligence, and other technology integration applications, to achieve a seamless interface between live performance and virtual space, so that the audience to experience the sensory shock and thinking identity.

intelligent matrix stage system

In the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, LED floor screens, shaped screens, etc. and the application of black technology such as naked-eye 3D, AR, AI dynamic capture technology are intertwined to increase the human-screen interactive communication of visitors.

With the support of various technologies, it gives people a sense of “being in it”. This not only requires the product support of LED displays in supporting high-definition, high-brush, and high-gray high-quality display effects, but also requires a high degree of unity between LEDs and peripheral technologies, various visual effect systems, and related equipment when building an application environment. Under such market demand, it means that the future development of LED displays will not only focus on the display quality requirements and equipment technology upgrades but also in-depth cooperation with peripheral technologies.


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