What is Floor LED Display? The Answer is Here!

As a popular LED display product in recent years, the Floor LED display has many advantages. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics not long ago, the enormous LED floor tile screen with a picture quality of up to 16K has made more people feel the crucial role of the LED display in the stage performance.

So what is an LED floor tile screen? How does it compare to other displays product? Why is it so popular? In this article, you can get all of the detailed answers.

Technology empowering art is a highlight of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Audiences from all over the world have seen the comprehensive application of artificial intelligence, AR, naked-eye 3D, and other technologies.

The super large ground screen of the whole Bird’s Nest has achieved a full LED effect, and the picture quality is as high as 16K. The enormous LED floor tile screen with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters has successfully attracted the eyes of the audience with its ultra-clear picture.

Next, let us feel the charm of LED floor screens together!

1. What is Floor LED Display?

The LED floor display is one of the particular LED display products. The most beneficial function is the terrestrial display.

People can stand and move on the display screen. The installation environment of the LED floor tile screens is different from ordinary fixed or rental LED display screens.

Therefore, the LED floor tile screen has a special design for load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance.

These designs make it suitable for high-intensity pedaling and long-term operation.

Led floor display were widespread in stage performances in the early days. The traditional stage rental LED display is mainly a three-sided stage, including the main screen and the extended screens on both sides.

Affected by the line of sight, it is difficult for the audience to see the stage floor.

But with the rise of large concerts, large stadiums are favored by organizers. The viewing angle of the audience becomes that of looking down on the stage from a height.

LED floor tile screens are gradually becoming popular. The LED floor tile screen brings a more wonderful viewing experience to the audience.

LED floor tile screen

LED Floor Panels Cabinet

(1) LED Module

The core of the LED screen dance floor is the LED module, which is composed of several LED lights. High-quality LED lamp beads ensure high-definition and brightly colored images.

(2) Control system

The control system is the core component responsible for managing the floor LED panel. It receives the signal from the input source, parses, and passes the appropriate data to the LED module to display the image or video correctly.

(3) Power System

The power system provides the power required by LED floor tiles. Stable power supply is a key factor to ensure the normal operation of LED displays.

500x1000 floor screen cabinet (2)
500x1000 floor screen cabinet (3)
500x1000 floor screen cabinet (1)
500x1000 floor screen cabinet (5)

500x1000mm floor screen cabinet

How Does LED Floor Screen Work?

(1) Input Signal Interpretation

Signals from various input sources (e.g. computers, media players, consoles) are interpreted by the control system. These signals include displayed images, videos, or other content.

(2) LED driver

The control system passes the analyzed signal to the floor LED module.

The driving circuit of the LED module converts the signal into the brightness and color of the LED light to accurately present the input image or video.

(3) Brightness and color control

By adjusting the brightness and color of each LED in the LED module, the LED floor screen can control the brightness and color of the overall picture to ensure a clear and vivid display effect.

2. The Introduction Principle of The Interactive LED Floor Displays

Based on the LED display, the interactive LED floor display adds the function of induction interaction.

The built-in sensing system is the key for the interactive LED floor tile screen to sense and respond to people’s movement trajectories.

It can track the movement trajectory, present instant interactive animation effects, and realize unlimited creative possibilities.

There are many types of sensors in the interactive LED display configuration. Such as pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, infrared sensors.

When a person moves on the LED screen, the sensor can sense the movement and feedback the trigger information to the control device. And then, the control device will output the corresponding display effect after logical judgment.

Interactive LED Floor Tiles Cabinet

The basic composition and working principle of interactive LED floor tile screen:

(1) Sensor technology

Interactive LED floor tile screens are equipped with various sensors, such as infrared sensors, cameras, or pressure sensors, to detect user interactive actions.

(2) Control unit

A powerful control unit processes sensor inputs in real-time and provides corresponding feedback to ensure sensitive and timely response to user actions.

(3) LED module

Like ordinary LED floor displays, interactive floor LEDs also contain LED modules. The difference is that they require more flexibility to adapt to interactive requirements.

250×250 led module

Human-screen interaction can bring users a more realistic scene experience. Intelligent sensing devices can track people’s movement trajectories.

For instance, when people walk on the interactive LED floor tile screen, there will be display effects such as water ripples and flowers opening under the feet.

Of course, the interaction effect is far more than these two types. Through a PC or smartphone, you can switch various interesting interactive materials.

LED floor display with front maintenance

How Does Interactive LED Floor Screen Work?

(1) User interaction detection

Sensor technology senses user interaction actions, such as gestures, touches, or walking.

(2) Data processing

The control unit receives sensor data and performs real-time analysis and processing of user interactions.

(3) LED response

After the control unit determines the nature of user interaction, it adjusts the display content of the LED module accordingly to create an interesting and interactive effect on the user’s actions.

The interactive LED floor screen creates a new experience of interacting with users by combining sensing technology and LED display technology, and is widely used in public places, commercial exhibitions, entertainment venues, and other fields.

3. Features of LED Floor Screen

As a portable LED display, the LED floor tile screen is powerful. It is light and flexible, easy to install and maintain. It generally adopts the standard box size of 500×500mm. The weight of a single LED cabinet is only about 11kg, which is not too bulky.

Ordinary LED floor tile screen only supports ground display, but manufacturers can add interactive sensing function according to customer’s customized needs and upgrade to interactive LED floor display.

In large-scale stages, concerts, exhibition halls, bars, shopping malls, and other places, led floor tiles are becoming more and more common. Its characteristics are visible in the following aspects:

UNIT floor LED screen (3)

Strong bearing capacity. Aluminum alloy material and unique structural design make the LED floor tile screen per square meter up to 1.5 tons.

Wear-resistant and non-slip. The PC face shield acts as a protection to prevent screen scratches.

Simpleinstallation method. No special tools are required, just lay the guide rails and align the positioning pins for installation.

Fast maintenance method.Front maintenance design, magnetic adsorption module, easy to disassemble.

Strong interaction. You can get an interactive LED floor display to increase the interesting interactive effect.

Ground support
UNIT floor LED screen (1)

ground support of floor LED screen

Seamless splicing: Multiple LED floor tile screens can be seamlessly spliced together to form a larger display. This design ensures the continuity of images and videos and provides a larger display area.

Customizability: LED floor tile screens often have customizable features, including different sizes, shapes, resolutions, and colors. This enables users to make customized choices based on specific needs and scenarios.

Energy saving and environmental protection: LED floor tile screen uses LED technology, which has lower energy consumption and longer service life than traditional display technology.

This is in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection and reduces usage costs.

Versatility: LED floor tile screens can be used in a variety of applications, including advertising, interior design, virtual filming, event venues, commercial displays, and more. Its versatility makes it a flexible tool.

Interactivity: Some LED floor tile screens have interactive functions, allowing users to interact with the screen.

This opens up more possibilities for areas such as exhibitions, education, and entertainment.

4. Floor LED Display Parameters

The following technical parameters will affect the cost and display effect of the LED floor tiles screen. Let’s find out what they do!

(1) Pixel pitch

In LED screen tiles, pixel pitch is directly related to the clarity and detail of the image. Higher pixel density usually results in more detailed images, improving the user’s visual experience.

In interactive scenes, high pixel density also ensures that images do not appear jagged or blurry when users interact closely with the screen.

(2) Resolution

Higher resolutions generally provide clearer images, especially when showing small details and text.

This is crucial for the information communication of LED floor screens in commercial displays, digital billboards, and other scenarios.

High resolutions use more resources and may cause performance degradation, especially on older hardware.

Therefore, there is a need to balance image quality and device performance when choosing a resolution.

Advantages and challenges of high resolution:


  • More detailed images, suitable for close viewing.
  • Improve the visual experience, especially on large screens or large displays.


  • Requires higher processing power and storage space.
  • Costs are higher, including hardware and content production.
floor LED screen case (1)

How to balance resolution and visual effects?

Reasonable selection of resolution: When selecting LED floor tiles, you need to choose an appropriate resolution based on the specific use and audience distance.

High resolution is suitable for close viewing, while for farther viewers, consider lowering the resolution modestly to improve performance.

Using advanced image processing technology, such as upscaling technology, can improve image quality at low resolutions and balance resolution and visual effects.

(3) Load-bearing performance

Taking into account the need to ensure personal safety and the normal operation of display equipment, the structure of LED floor screens must be strong and have good load-bearing capacity.

In applications on stages or sports venues, good load-bearing capacity can ensure the stability and safety of the equipment to the greatest extent.

(4) Brightness

Backlight is a key component of LED displays. By adjusting the brightness and uniformity of the backlight, you can control the brightness level of the entire screen.

The backlight’s intelligent control system can adaptively adjust under different environmental conditions to ensure consistent visual effects.

Light sensing technology automatically adjusts the brightness of LED tiles by sensing the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment to ensure that clear and visible images can be provided in different lighting environments while achieving energy savings.

5. Application Scenarios of LED Floor Screen

(1) Stage Performance

In some large-scale performances, the organizer will use LED screens to arrange the ground stage to match the content of the stage. The display content of the LED floor display will change with the dance steps of the performers.

With the help of customized lighting and music, they bring the audience a different audio-visual feast. It is a vital way to create an explosive stage. Therefore, a LED floor tile screen is a good partner in stage layouts.

(2) Showroom

The exhibition hall is one of the platforms for displaying modern information technology. The LED display makes the exhibition hall more interesting.

When visitors step on the interactive LED floor tile screen, the sensor will record the perceived information and display interesting effects. This interactive experience helps enhance the visitor’s viewing experience.

(3) Immersive Scene

In various immersive entertainment scenarios, LED floor tiles and flexible LED displays are combined to create an immersive space.

For example, LED displays are used to create a three-dimensional space to display exciting animations of roller coasters. It’s like being there, thrilling and exciting!

(4) Shopping Mall

In general, LED floor tiles are usually working for advertising or game interaction in some shopping malls with high traffic. Good load-bearing performance makes it able to withstand the trampling of many customers.

Novel interactive effects can easily attract more people to stop so that shopping malls can achieve the purpose of advertising. The proper application of LED displays helps a shopping mall become more attractive.


(5) Scenic Spot

The glass plank road is a popular attraction in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, China has opened more than 60 glass plank roads in the past three years.

With its good load-bearing performance and novel interactive special effects, the LED floor display has become the best partner for application in combination with the glass plank road.

When tourists walk on the plank road, broken glass or other special effects will appear under their feet. Its realistic graphics effects add interest to the game.

The LED floor tile screen also contributed to scenic night tour exhibition items. It not only attracts the attention of tourists but also contributes to showing the scenery of the scenic spot.

A LED screen is a good helper for building internet celebrity scenic spots and driving the development of the tourism economy.

(6) Museum

The development of science and technology has brought about major changes in museum display and display methods.

For example, high-quality LED displays can be used to display exhibit details in various aspects.

Interactive floor LED display helps museums create multi-functional exhibition halls. The novel interactive experience allows tourists to experience a different visit.

(7) Sports Event Opening Ceremony

LED displays can not only be used to display commercial advertisements or record game situations.

At the opening and closing ceremonies of large-scale sports events, high-resolution LED floor displays bear the important task of spreading culture and displaying technology and art.

In addition to functionality, LED displays are also endowed with more expectations such as personalized interaction and scene experience.

Judging from the opening ceremonies of international sports events such as the Winter Olympics and Universiade, floor LED screens have become an indispensable part of creating stunning visual effects.

(8) Virtual Production LED Wall

The LED floor tile screen can be used as the ground background for virtual shooting. Create various realistic or fictional environments by displaying different images, scenes, or videos.

This technology is called a virtual background or digital background, and it can replace traditional background cloth to provide a more flexible and high-quality shooting background.

It provides creative and technical flexibility in virtual filming, creating more possibilities for producers and directors, and allowing them to better realize their visual ideas.

6. The Performance of LED Floor Display at the Beijing Winter Olympics

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the LED floor tile screen with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters is the largest LED floor display stage in the world.

The LED floor display adopts naked-eye 3D light display technology. With the motion capture interactive system and 3D stage special effects, a dreamy world of ice is created.

Manufacturers also add specially customized face shields. This measure enables the LED floor tile screen to adapt to the low-temperature freezing environment of minus 20 degrees and parent with ice and snow.

The dual-screen system ensures the stability of the equipment and ensures that the performance is foolproof.

7. How About LED Dance Floor Price?

With the development of science and technology, people’s life has become colorful. Various technological achievements have gradually entered people’s daily life.

There are also many use cases where some technologies are combined. At present, the more popular ones are holographic projection, naked-eye 3D, and interactive induction of LED floor tiles.

With the appearance of the LED floor display at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the LED dance floor price has also become a problem for the public.

As a customized product, the price of a LED floor display is not a fixed number. The manufacturer generally does not indicate the product price. It is because the price of the LED floor tile screen is affected by many factors. In general, the most important influencing factors are as follows:

Pixel pitch

The packaging method of lamp beads

Project size

Supporting requirements

Packaging and shipping costs

It is precisely because these factors will affect the LED dance floor price that it is difficult for manufacturers to fix the price. In a word, the specific needs of users are the decisive factors affecting the quotation of it.

Users can first indicate the requirements and then obtain quotations from relevant manufacturers. After a comprehensive comparison, make a decision.

8. How to Choose a High-quality LED floor Tile Display

The vigorous development of the multimedia cultural industry has led to an increase in the demand for LED floor tiles from all walks of life.

There are many different brands and types of products on the market. How to choose a suitable LED floor tile screen? The following aspects must be very crucial.

1. Good Bearing Capacity

First of all, a qualified LED display product must have good bearing capacity. More and more people use LED floor displays on occasions with large traffic or in the glass plank road.

Good load-bearing is the key to ensuring the safety of tourists and the operation of display equipment. The bearing capacity of a general led floor tile screen is about 1.5 tons. It is equivalent to the weight of an ordinary car.

2. Protection Level

According to the different installation environments, the protection levels of indoor and outdoor LED floor tiles are also different. The protection level of outdoor LED displays is generally higher than indoor.

Waterproof and non-slip is a standard to measure the quality of LED floor tile screens. The protection level of the UNIT outdoor LED display has reached IP65. The high-quality LED screen has won praise from all over the world.

3. Display Effect

LED display with high-definition picture quality has become people’s pursuit. A good display effect is mainly influenced by the manufacturer’s technology, the quality of the LED lamp beads, and the spacing of the LED lamp beads.

If you want to get high-definition and picture effects, an LED floor tile screen with smaller pixel pitches will be a good choice.

4. Interactive Effects

Compared with ordinary LED displays, the most obvious feature of interactive LED floor displays is interactive functions.

Pressure sensors or infrared sensors are the most commonly used sensing technologies for LED floor tiles.

High-quality hardware facilities are matched with corresponding software facilities to jointly present a variety of interactive effects for users.

9. The Bottom Line

The floor LED display can play fixed content according to a predetermined program to match the performance. The birth of the interactive LED floor tile screen is to meet people’s ultimate pursuit of stage choreography effect.

Interactive floor LED tiles are widely used in bar stages, banquet halls, car exhibitions, high-end hotel decoration, outdoor colorful ice rinks, cinemas, stadiums, TV stations, and other occasions.

If you want to know more about the LED display, welcome to contact us!

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