How to Solve LED Screen Flickering Quickly? Best Answer for You!

How to troubleshoot LED screen flickering? When we have such a problem, what are the things we must figure out, and what are the methods for us to solve it? If you do not get the answer in your mind now, just follow me to find the clues to deal with them quickly, and precisely.

The first thing we need to do is locating the issue just like when we facing any other issues.

For this part, we have two very useful functions that can be achieved by Novastar control system – screen control and test tool. With these two assistants, we can locate the problem within several steps.

How to Figure out LED Screen Flickering?

Screen Control

As we mentioned above, there are two methods to target the problem, and we will start from screen control.

For screen control, we have two different ways – operate it on the software interface, or the LCD monitor on the controller. Now, let us discuss how to achieve them.

led screen control

You may already be familiar with the interface of Novastar software. Before you click the screen control, please log in. Next, we will go to this page:

Here we can choose the self-test mode, and send different test patterns to our LED display screens. For example, we can choose pure color such as red, green blue and white, or some patterns such as horizontal lights and vertical lights. This is from the software level, next we will turn to the LCD monitor on the controller.

There will be a corresponding knob on the LED controller, just rotate it, you can get information like below:

led controller monitor

Just like what we said before, through the display control, we can achieve different testing image patterns.

If we send the image patterns to the flickering LED screen, the problem disappears, then the issues may happen on the sending card or video source. But if the problem still exists, we can turn to the receiving card side to find more information.

Test Tool

Under this condition, the image pattern comes from the control PC, thus please make sure the control cable and video source cable between PC and controller are well-connected.

There are six tabs on the test tool interface, we will discuss them one by one.

First, window interface. Generally speaking, we will set the values of X and Y as 0, and width and height just like the actual size of our LED screens. This is to make sure the display can show the entire image.

Then, we turn to the pure color and gradual change. These two features are just as same as the screen control.

Third, grid function. This function can check whether the screen is pixel-by-pixel displaying. For example, you can send grid picture to the screen like horizontal lines, and if the display shows blurred or unclear image, there may exist problems of incompatible resolutions between your sending cards and video sources.

oritentation function

The last one is orientation. This function can help to locate the problematic LED display modules or LED cabinets. Just type in the sizes of your modules, and how many rows and columns of LED modules driven by each receiving card, you can get a simple layout of LED panels, thus facilitating the locating of issuing modules.

Now, we have talked about the methods of locating LED screen flickering, how can we troubleshoot the issue?

Troubleshooting LED Display Flickering

In short word, all the elements in LED control system may be the root of LED screen flickering problem. For instance, video source, LED controller, LED display itself, receiving card, flat cable, and so on.

As we have so many potential reasons of LED screens flickering, we have to find out a more accurate method to fix the issue. The first step is, figuring out whether the flickering is fixed on the screen, or happens randomly on the whole screen.

LED Display Flickering Is Fixed

First of all, we must have a basic conception that the fixed problem may happen on module level, cabinet level and output level.

Output Level

When the issue is output level, we need to change to other output port, if the problems stay on the same output port, then that may be sending card output issues.

If the problem switches to the new output port, then that may be raised by Ethernet cable.

Cabinet Level

Please go to check the firmware and receiving card parameter. If the values are same with other normal receiving card, then replace the issuing receiving card with a normal one.

If they are not the same, please make them same with other normal receiving card.

However, if there are still problems after changing the wrong receiving card, then go to check the cabinet hardware such as HUB board.

Module Level

Please go to check the HUB board connector or flat cables.

LED Screen Flickering Is Random

First, send testing patterns to the screen like we have mentioned before. If the problem still exists, then that may be caused by receiving card.

Under such condition, please update firmware, load the original rcfgx file or make a new one.

If the problem just disappears after sending testing pattern, please go to check the sending card, video source, video cable and Ethernet cable.

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Today we discussed how to locate and solve LED screen flickering problem. First, we talked about how to figure out reasons of LED display flickering by two useful functions – test tool and screen control. After this, we have studied how to deal with the issue.

There are two conditions of LED screen flickering, they are fixed flickering and random flickering. You have to judge which is the situation, and then do the corresponding inspection and fixing methods.

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