LED Display for Events

Various attractive high-quality LED screens for event solutions!

LED Screens for Events

When it comes to LED screens, their use in events is undisputed, whether at concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions, or sporting events, LED screens can add a unique visual experience and appeal to an event. At UNIT LED we offer a wide range of LED screen solutions to suit the needs of your event.

Why Do You Need LED Displays for Events or Activities?

There are many reasons for recommending LED screens at event venues, including:

(1) Eye-catching visual effects: LED screens can display content with high brightness and high definition, attracting the audience’s attention. Whether indoors or outdoors, LED screens provide impressive visuals and make events more engaging.

(2) Real-time information transmission: LED screens can be used to display real-time information, such as event schedules, important notices, sponsor advertisements, etc. Audiences can learn about the latest updates of the event through the LED screen, making the event more interactive and engaging.

(3) Rich media content: LED screens can play various types of media content, including videos, pictures, animations, etc. This can add variety and interest to the event and enhance the audience’s experience.

(4) Flexibility and customization: LED screens can be flexibly installed and customized according to the needs of the event venue. Whether it is a single-screen or multi-screen splicing, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the best visual effect.

(5) Brand promotion and marketing: LED screens can be used to display brand information and promotional content, providing sponsors with advertising display opportunities. Not only does this increase brand exposure, but it also raises funds for the event.

To sum up, installing LED screens can bring a variety of benefits to event venues, including improving the audience experience, increasing event attraction, delivering real-time information, etc.

Therefore, when planning an event venue, it is recommended to consider installing LED screens to enhance the quality and effect of the event.


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The LED screen Gives Unlimited Possibilities for Events


LED rental LED displays are usually designed to be lightweight and portable, and can be quickly installed and removed.
This makes them ideal for various event venues, such as concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc., whether indoor or outdoor venues.


LED screen rental can be customized according to on-site needs, including size, resolution shape, etc.

This flexibility allows them to adapt to the needs of different venues and events, providing optimal visual effects.


The high-resolution and high-brightness events LED screen can display a variety of content, including images, videos, and text.
This high-definition display captures your audience's attention and enhances your event.

Ease of operation

LED screens are usually equipped with a user-friendly operating interface and remote control system for convenient operation and management.
Even non-professionals can operate it easily and quickly learn how to use it.


LED video walls can be used for multiple purposes such as displaying event schedules, playing multimedia content, providing real-time information, etc.
They can also be used in conjunction with sound systems, lighting effects, and other equipment to create a richer and more vivid event atmosphere.


High-quality LED displays usually use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, with good durability and stability.
They can operate normally in a variety of climate and environmental conditions, ensuring the smooth progress of events.

LED Screen for Events Applications


Stage LED screen with a 3840Hz high refresh rate can display performance content and real-time images. The stunning stage background and visual effects bring an immersive experience to the audience.

Whether it’s an indoor stage show, concert or outdoor music festival, indoor/outdoor rental LED displays are here to provide high-resolution visual effects.


Its functions include but are not limited to: as part of the stage background, and working with stage lighting to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Wedding LED screens can display pictures, videos, slides, and other content.

For example, the growth process of the couple, sweet memories, love stories, etc. This helps increase the emotional resonance and intimacy of your wedding.


Product Launches

More and more smartphone or new car product launches use big LED video walls to introduce product details.

LED display can be used to play multimedia content, including videos, pictures, animations, etc., and to display product introductions, promotional videos, case sharing, and other content.

Multimedia presentations can present information vividly and intuitively, attracting the audience’s attention.


At exhibitions, LED screens are the key to attracting the attention of visitors and exhibitors. Present your products and services clearly and clearly with high-definition displays and multimedia content playback.

In addition to information display and exhibit promotion, an exhibition booth LED display can create a booth with a strong visual impact for you. Make your booth stand out at the exhibition with an LED display screen.

UNIT LED Display for Events


For Indoor Events

UNIT LED provides various types of LED display products for various events. In addition to conventional indoor rental LED displays, there are also indoor small-pitch LED displays and indoor perimeter LED displays.

P1.953mm, P2.604mm, and P2.976mm rental LED displays with 500*500mm and 500*1000mm standard sizes are optional for your projects.

3840Hz high refresh rate high resolution and high pixel density. It can display content such as images, videos, and texts, providing a high-quality visual experience.

For Outdoor Events

IP65 high waterproof test, more than 5000nits high brightness outdoor LED display can provide visible display effects at various outdoor events, attracting more audience attention.

Energy-saving and efficient LED lamp beads and electronic components can effectively reduce energy consumption.

UNIT LED displays for outdoor events can be customized according to event venues and event needs, including size, resolution, shape, etc., to provide personalized display solutions.


No matter what kind of event you are hosting,  UNIT LED can provide you with professional LED screen solutions.

We have rich experience and advanced technology, enabling us to customize high-quality, high-performance LED screen products according to your needs.

Click to learn more about the application of LED screens in events, or contact our team for customized solutions and quotes. Let UNIT LED be your partner in events, bringing you visual feasts!


Full Guide to LED Screens for Events

Have you noticed that LED screens for events are becoming more and more common?

It is true that LED displays with high-definition images and bright colors have become indispensable display devices in major events.

So, how do LED display screens help organize major events? How do you choose appropriate LED display screen solutions for specific event scenarios? Just read this post and get more details!

1. How Does LED Display Help for Your Events?

The full-color LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, high-definition and delicate picture quality, and dynamic display.

It plays an important role in organizing various activities.

(1) Information Transmission and Publicity

LED video walls can convey event-related information, including time, location, schedule, etc.

Through bright and clear display effects, it improves the efficiency of information transmission.

At the same time, event LED screens can enhance the interest of participants or promote events by playing eye-catching advertisements, videos introducing event highlights, etc.

Indoor LED screens for events

Indoor LED Screens for Events

(2) Real-time Updates and Interactions

The large LED display for events can update event progress, results, awards, and other information in real-time, allowing participants to obtain the latest information on time.

For example, at some evening parties or lottery draws at company annual meetings.

In addition, through interaction with social media and other platforms, the screen can show the audience’s messages and photos to enhance participation and interactivity.

(3) Improve Stage Effect

In performing arts activities, LED displays can be part of the stage scenery.

Large LED display on stage enhances the visual impact of performances through flexible display effects, changing images, and videos.

It brings a richer and more shocking audio-visual experience to the audience.

(4) Advertising

For sponsors, LED display screens are an effective promotional channel.

LED screens for events play sponsors’ advertisements, logos, etc., which can increase brand exposure.

For event organizers, this publicity platform can attract more sponsors and attract more sponsorships for the event.

(5) Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Compared with traditional promotional methods, LED displays have lower energy consumption and longer service life.

First of all, you can use the LED display screen repeatedly.

Secondly, most event banners or posters are disposable and cannot be reused. The LED display screen can replace flat posters or banners.

(6) Flexibility and Versatility

Large LED screens for events offer the flexibility to adjust display content as needed and support a variety of media formats.

This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of activities, including concerts, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions, etc., to meet the needs of different occasions.

Generally speaking, the application of LED displays in events can improve the organizational effect of the event and improve the experience of the participants.

Digital LED screens also provide organizers and sponsors with a powerful publicity and interactive platform, making events more attractive and influential.

2. LED Display for Events Solutions

There are many different types of LED displays for events. Next, we can list some unique events LED screen solutions for you.

(1) Rental LED Screens for Events

LED screen rental has convenient set-up and disassembly features and is suitable for short-term events.

After the event, you can quickly disassemble it and move it to the next venue.

SMD rental LED display has high brightness and clarity. It can provide excellent visual effects at various event sites.

A. Indoor Rental LED Display for Events

P2.604mm/P3.91mm LED indoor rental display is a good choice for indoor activities.

High refresh and high brightness screens are widely used in various indoor activities, such as concerts, weddings, corporate meetings, etc.

B. Outdoor LED Rental Screen for Events

The rental LED display has an IP65 waterproof rating and 4500-5000nits high brightness.

P3.91mm/P4.81mm LED display can provide excellent visual effects for outdoor music festivals, outdoor exhibitions, and other activities.

ME1000 back view
MY-500 back
aging test of NG500 led screen rental 2

Rental LED Screens for Events

LED screens for event

(2) GOB LED Screen

GOB LED is mainly used for small-pitch displays with a pixel pitch of less than 2.5mm. GOB technology encapsulates the LED surface by using special transparent materials.

Both the GOB rental LED display and GOB flexible LED module have super waterproof, earthquake-resistant, and dust-proof ratings.

The ultra-high waterproof, dustproof, shockproof capabilities and excellent visual performance ensure its excellent performance at various event sites.

(3) Creative Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED display modules are highly flexible. It can be bent and folded to adapt to various curved surfaces and special-shaped designs.

Their high flexibility provides creators with more design freedom and brings a unique visual experience to the audience.

Creative flexible LED screens are suitable for exhibitions, art performances, fashion shows, and other activities that require non-traditional shapes and innovative designs.

(4) Dance Floor LED Display

The dance floor LED display has a non-slip surface. The high refresh rate and flexible content presentation provide an immersive visual experience for dancers and audiences.

In addition, the combination of an Interactive floor LED display and stage background LED screen will bring surprises!

High-definition dance floor LED screens are widely used in nightclubs, parties, weddings, and other occasions to add dynamics and atmosphere to the dance floor.

(5)Transparent LED Wall

A transparent LED display has high transparency, and the environment behind it can be seen through the display.

The thin design and high degree of customization allow it to adapt to the decorative needs of different occasions and present a unique sense of fashion.

You can place LED transparent screens in exhibitions, commercial windows, stage performances, and other activities. It can present content without blocking the view.

3. Where to Use LED Screen for Events?

Events LED screens can play a role in what activities? Next, we’ll provide you with some inspiration.

(1) LED Screen for Stage

A. Stage backdrop LED Display

The screen with high brightness, clarity, and bright colors can realize real-time interaction and background switching.

At the same time, it provides appropriate visual elements for different scenes and performance segments.

B. Dance floor LED screen

Floor LED displays can display dynamic patterns, light and shadow effects in performances, and even be used for interactive performance elements.

C. Ceiling LED screen

In some immersive theaters, the ceiling LED display is installed on the ceiling of the stage to provide the audience with a fully immersive experience.

ceiling led screen

Ceiling LED Screen In Club

(2) Wedding LED Display

LED displays add a modern and romantic feel to wedding ceremonies.

For example, the wedding LED screen plays the wedding photos or commemorative videos of the couple.

At the same time, it can be used as a stage background to create a romantic and joyful atmosphere for the wedding scene.

In short, LED display for marriage adds a lot of color to the entire wedding ceremony, creating a unique and unforgettable wedding experience through its flexibility and versatility.

(3) Sport LED Display

A. Esports LED display

To ensure that the audience understands the game situation in a timely and accurate manner, the Esports LED display must have a high refresh rate and low latency.

High-resolution can display game details and high-quality images. The wide color gamut can present richer, more realistic colors.


B. Perimeter LED Screen

Installed around the football field or basketball court fence. They can display sponsor advertisements, live matches, and other information.

Anti-collision designs such as soft masks and soft top pillows protect the screen. The adjustable bracket on the back can adjust the tilt angle of the cabinet.

C. LED Scoreboard

Digital LED scoreboard displays game scores, timing, team information, etc. High brightness and clarity ensure that viewers can quickly understand the game situation.

Customization is usually supported to suit the scoring needs of different sports.


(4) Trade Show LED Display

A. For the Organizer

First, display the exhibition schedule, lecture topics, and guest information.

Secondly, the LED display screen can prompt guidance information in the exhibition hall. These measures can enhance the audience experience.

B. For Exhibitors

First of all, a trade show LED display displays the company’s brand logo, advertising and promotion activities, or promotional materials to attract attention.

Secondly, the unique shape of the creative LED display can make your booth stand out and attract more people’s attention.

(5) Conference LED Screen

Digital LED screen provides powerful visual effects and information transmission for participants in large conference events.

It can display real-time data, charts, and statistics such as voting results, participant feedback, and more.

This kind of real-time information display can allow the audience to participate more deeply in the meeting.

4. LED Screens for Events Price

How about LED screens for event prices? According to the demand for display screens for different activities, their prices are also different.

For example, there is a difference between the stage LED screen price and the LED screen for marriage price. But generally speaking, it can be divided into two situations: BUY and RENT.

Next, we will discuss the event LED screen price in two situations!

(1) Purchase LED Screens for Event

When you buy LED display panels for events, these factors will affect LED display costs. It means that these factors will affect LED screens for events price.

A. Resolution and Size

The higher the resolution and the larger the size of the LED screen, the higher the cost is usually. High-resolution screens can provide clearer images but also increase manufacturing costs.

B. Technical Specifications

Different LED display technologies, brightness levels, refresh rates, and other specifications have a direct impact on the price. High-end technology and specs usually result in a higher price.

C. Screen Type

Different types of screens such as flexible LED screens, indoor and outdoor LED, transparent LED displays, etc.

They have different manufacturing and material costs, so the prices will also be different.

D. Brands and Manufacturers

Some well-known brands or manufacturers provide high-quality LED screens, but their prices may be relatively high.

Brand reputation and after-sales service are also factors to consider when purchasing.

E. Installation and Maintenance Costs

The installation and maintenance of LED screens require professional technical support, and these costs should also be considered in the purchase budget.

F. Customization Requirements

If you need to customize the design, shape, or curved LED screen, the cost will be relatively high because the manufacturer needs to provide more customized services.

In addition, you may also need to pay additional fees such as customs clearance or shipping costs if you decide to buy from a Chinese events LED screen manufacturer.

Outdoor LED Screen for Events

(2) LED Wall Rental Price

A. Length of Rental

The cost of renting an LED screen is usually billed based on the length of the rental. Short-term rental may be relatively cheaper, while long-term rental is more expensive.

B. Screen Specifications

Similar to purchasing, the specification, size, and technical specifications of the LED screen will affect the LED screen hire price.

C. Rental Companies

Different LED rental companies provide different qualities and types of screens, and their rental prices will also be different.

D. Installation and Removal Costs

LED wall rental price usually includes installation and removal costs, but this also depends on the rental company’s policies and services.

E. Shipping Costs

Since LED screens usually require special shipping and handling, shipping costs may have an impact on rental costs.

F. Insurance Cost

Some rental companies may provide additional insurance services to protect the safety of the LED screen during use. This may also affect rents.

All things considered, buying and renting LED screens for events has its unique advantages, disadvantages, and applicable scenarios, depending on the needs of the event, budget, and long-term plans.

5. How to Choose the Right LED Screens for Events?

Depending on the environment in which the event is held, we will discuss it in two situations: indoor events and outdoor events.

Correspondingly, there are indoor and outdoor LED displays according to different uses. They have some differences in design and performance.

(1) Indoor LED Screens for Events

Because of indoor activities, the viewing distance is small, so try to choose a screen with a smaller pixel pitch to obtain better visual effects.

In addition, the following aspects also need to be considered.

indoor led display for events

A. Resolution and Clarity

Higher resolution and clarity ensure screens present detailed images and text to viewers at shorter viewing distances.

Therefore, choosing an indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of P3m or less is better. It may vary depending on the size of the event venue or the number of attendees.

For example, for large indoor concert stages, an indoor P3.91mm rental display also has good visual performance.

B. Brightness and Contrast

Indoor LED displays do not need to deal with strong sunlight like outdoor screens, so the requirements for brightness and contrast are lower.

However, it still needs to be visible under various ambient lighting conditions.

C. Color Performance

Indoor display equipment usually has higher requirements for color reproduction. Good color reproduction ensures more accurate and bright colors in performances, exhibitions, and other occasions.

D. Viewing Angle

The large viewing angle ensures that viewers can see clear images at different locations, especially at large conferences, performances, and other occasions.

E. Detail Processing

Indoor activities may need to present more details, so there are certain requirements for the image processing capabilities and color smoothness.

(2) Outdoor LED Screens for Events

For outdoor events held in open spaces, an outdoor LED display with high protective performance will be a good choice.

Outdoor P3.91mm/P4.81mm rental LED display/outdoor Flexible LED display are good choices. They strike a balance between durability and a good display.

outdoor stage led display

A. Waterproof and Sunscreen Performance

Outdoor LED displays for events need to have good waterproof and sunscreen properties. It will protect against harsh weather conditions such as rain and direct sunlight.

B. High Brightness

Outdoor LED displays require higher brightness to cope with strong sunlight.

Outdoor event LED screen with more than 4500nits high brightness ensures it can still be visible in outdoor environments.

C. Durability

Outdoor LED displays generally require greater durability to withstand harsh weather, temperature changes, and other natural environmental influences.

D. Energy Consumption Efficiency

While maintaining high brightness, reduce energy consumption as much as possible to save operating costs.

E. Maintainability

Since LED displays in outdoor events are more susceptible to the influence of the natural environment, their maintenance performance is also important to facilitate the repair and replacement of faulty parts.

6. Events LED Display Recommended

Rental led display NG500/1000 series

ng500 rental led display

High-end Rental LED Display MY series


7. The Bottom Line

In this blog, we discuss the application areas, prices, purchasing tips, etc. of LED displays for events. In a word, LED video walls provide good visual effects for events.

Looking for LED screens for stage, weddings, concerts, sports, exhibitions, or other events? We can provide you with LED screens for events creative solutions! Just contact us and get more details!