2022 Ultimate Guide: LED Transparent Display

Transparent LED display, one of the creative LED screens which have strong ability to attract attention, has occupied more and more market share than years ago due to the aesthetic appearance and great performances. When you want to start a transparent LED display business, there should be some preparation – throughly understanding of this kind of LED screen display, right? This article can help you to gain practical and up-to-date knowledge of LED transparent display industry!

1.What is LED Transparent Display?

1.1 Transparent LED Screen Principles

Transparent LED screen is prevalent for the permeability and brightness. These outstanding functions are mainly derived from developments in three parts:

1) Micro-innovation and improvement of LED light bar, and reducing the necessary number of it;

2) Targeted improvements of SMD process, packaging technology and control system;

3) Adoption of hollowed-carved design, which aims to simplify the structure.

The transparent LED display module can be mounted on the glass, and the size is customizable according to the size of the glass. This trail blazing innovation can ensure the permeability of original glass window or shopwindow, and is also easy to install and maintain.

1.2 Differences between LED Transparent Display and Traditional LED Screen

1) Indoor installation and outdoor viewing.

Traditional LED screen may block sunlight if you put it in indoor applications, whereas transparent LED screen will not as it has high permeability.

What is more, the transparent ones can be viewable from the outside of the bearing building, even it is installed inside – which means, there can be less worries of traditional outdoor LED screen such as the water entering and UV issue with easier installation and maintenance.

2) High permeability, meaning almost no reduction of daylight in interiors.

The tradition LED display screen are lighttight, and may affect indoor daylighting, while the side eage lighting technology of transparent LED screen makes the light bar almost invisible to naked eyes from the front. In this way, the permeability is significantly improved, and production capacity is forged through the applicable machine-mounting method.

Transparent LED screen case sharing

3) Light weight structure without steel.

The traditional LED displays can reach 30gg per square meter, and may bring some challenges to the steel structure carrying the main screen or the bearing building. However, the transparent LED displays are lighter, for example, only 16kg per square meter. They can be installed vertically and independently without glass as the background, and also support to install behind glass curtain walls. Whichever installation method choose, the bearing pressure of the background can be reduced a lot.

4) Higher flexibility for customized screen structure because of the strip light bar.

The shape of traditional LED screens is limited by the structure of the cabinet, however, the strip light bar which composes the transparent LED screen ensures higher flexibility of shapes. They can be perfectly jointed with each other to get different shapes including column, pillar, round, triangle and so on.

2.Why Transparent LED Screens Coming into the Market?

The features and advantages of transparent LED screens endow them competitive advantages in the fierce market. The special design and functions help to resolve the pain point of traditional LED screen market – there is urgent demand for more innovative displaying method and higher adaptability to different installation environments.

Adoptable Features and Advantages

1) 50% to 90% permeability, ensuring the interior daylighing;

2) Light weight, and indoor installation simplifying the installation compared with the installation process of outdoor LED screen;

3) Simple structure without steel, and can be fixed on the glass curtain wall directly;

4) Unique display effect, providing customers with innovative viewing experiences;

5) Conveninent and fast indoor maintenance, saving labor cost and energy;

6) Great cost effectiveness due to simple structure and possibilities of high ROI;

7) Energy-saving and environmental friendly, can save more than 40% than traditional LED display screen.

8) High degree of freedom for customization with the structure mainly composing by strip LED bar, meaning greater possibilities of achieving different screen shapes.

You can see from the above the LED transparent screen has so many distinctive and functional specialities that you can utilise to your business. For example, if you are the owener of a clothes shop based on a busy street, you will not want to miss the chances for showing the details of your fashionable and stylish clothes on a big screen which can catch the passerby’s eye immediately but still enable light and spacious of your room , and one LED transparent display can cater to your requirement definitely!

Transparent LED screens

3.How to Choose the Right Transparent LED Display?

With increasing need of such LED screen because of the multi-faceted technological innovations that are different from the rest, the utilising of transparent LED screen is a trend sweep the world like a storm. Their advanced features guarantee product quality, environmental protection, energy saving and wonderful advertising abilities.

After you know outstanding features and applicable functions of transparent LED display, here is other questions – how we ensure we choose the right screen?

Basically, there will be several elements you can consider from, and don’t only put the price as the fisrt factor as poor quality will lead to many energy and time wasting, and fussy metainence may have you feel regret finally. So, how we get efficient LED transparent display with the surety of great performances with cost effectiveness and energy saving? To solve this confusion, here we list some tips that can help you know what come up with the best transparent LED screens.

1) Noise reduction technology: this technology aims to prevent the screen from effects of different noise that will disturb the working of the screen when generating images. Reliable LED screen manufacturers will provide the screen with high-quality driver chips and systems to avoid such phenomenon without any compromise on high contrast and refresh rate.

LED transparent display for shopping mall

2) Coordinated consideration of pixel pitch and permeability: this factor will involve the pixel pitch and viewing distance. We all hear the higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the image. However, more pixel points always mean the lower permeability as the higher pixel density. Choosing the right pixel pitch based on the consideration of suitable visualization effects is vital to balance the definition and the losing of some permeability.

3) Brightness adjustment: adjustable brightness technology helps the possibilities of content more large, and can save energy and protect the screen in different climates with the display effect. This is a key point for many LED manufacturers to make a lot effort to seek breakthrough. For example, manufactures used to add 256-level adjustment technology so that the screen can assure to work stably in all types of common environments.

4) Protection level: the screen should have enough ability to resist UV, water and dust as the protection ability is the most critical factor affecting the working life. Before you making a deal with the sellers, make sure they have already tested the screen for these functions.  

5) Heat dissipation: an appropriate heat dissipation system with the surety of having aluminum which can contribute to reducing heat is necessary. Excessive heat will eventually affect the life of the screen, and also the properties of per component.

6) Reliable services and maintenance guide: it is worth to be highlighted that the services of are indispensable reason at all time when considering the reliability of a LED company because the better the service, the less the liability for you to regret of the business in the future.

It is believed that LED screens are durable electrical devices which can serve you for years. If you don’t have a good partner who can give you timely instructions when occurring technical problems, it may cost you lots labor and time.

7) Peripheral devices: these components include circuit boards, power suppliers, cabinets and so on. Any of them will contribute to the final display effect of the screen and the service life. Thereafter, don’t forget to ensure the quality of peripheral components when selecting your LED transparent displays. Here we list some of them to allow you to have more detailed judging criterials.

a.Driver IC: This will influence the overall display performance from many aspects such as refresh rates, scanning modes, latency and so on of to whole screen.  

b.Circuit Board: The circuit board is divided into two types: two-layer board and four-layer board. The decisive factor for quality of circuit board is the inside electric conductor whose thickness should reach a certain number. Otherwise it will be easy to fuse during the working process when the surrounding temperature changing.

c.Mask: The quality of the mask will also influence the display effect. Generally speaking, great quality of LED lamp beads and also mask will have vital impact on the final display performances.

d.Glue: the glue potting has huge impact on the waterproof function of outdoor LED transparent display screen, and factors include whether it is machine potting or manual potting, the quality of glue and the ratio of AB glue.

e. Cabinet structure: a good cabinet structure will benefit wiring, heat dissipation, installation and maintenance.


4.Detection Methods of LED Transparent Displays

In the last section, we have discussed the factors you can refer to before you purchasing the screen. Next, we will talk about the detail steps and methods of how to estimate the qualification of transparent LED cabinets and screens.

4.1Screen Detection

1) No shedding parts on the screen;

2) No chromatic aberration and dead lights;

3) The spacing of LED lamp beads should be uniform, and the surface is even;

4) No obvious splicing gap;

5) The display effect should be consistent with the sample, and almost no color difference under natural light and fluorescent lamp.

4.2 Cabinet Detection

For detecting the cabinet, you should prepare some tools include vernier caliper, tape measure, spirit level and design paper.

1) The deviation of the external dimension of the LED transparent screen cabinet should not be more than 0.5mm, and the differences between two diagonal should not be more than 1mm;

2) Check whether deburring are completed well, and the sharp corners are blunted; there should not be burrs on the LED transparent cabinets;

3) Every nut and nut post should be compatible with the corresponding one to ensure the screw can be locked smoothly;

4) Make sure the cabinets are produced strictly complying with design paper, and adopt standard accessories;

5) No dry joint and lack of weld;

6) No plate warp or deform, and uniformity of flatness should be less than 1mm;

The deviation of aperture and hole space should be less than 0.1mm.

5.Drawbacks of Transperant LED Displays

Although transparent LED displays enjoy a huge market potential on account of its multiple advantages, it still has some drawbacks waiting to be solved.

1) Contradictions between pixel pitch and transparency: nowadays, the trend of LED display industry is high definition whereas, the existing contradiction between definition and transparency of transparent LED screen sometimes arise issues – how we balance the relations of them to gain the best outcome? It is no doubt a technical difficulty should be focussed in the future.

2) Longer delivery term: the production span and delivery term of transparent LED wall sometimes will be comparatively longer than producing the existing mature LED products. The foremost reason is that the customized LED transparent displays will need more time for researching and development and production.

It is supposed that this issue will be improved with the transparent LED display popularizing, and more technical breakthrough appearing.

6.Applications of Transparent LED Display Screen

1) Retail shop and shopping mall

The high transparency and high resolution feature the screen eye-catching visual effects for advertising, contributing to strengthening the brand image and maintaining the stylish design of the store.

What is more, one of the typical reasons for such application usually because of the need for spacious and bright indoor environment, and traditional one either occupies the precious indoor space or shading the sunlight.

2) Exterior of buildings

In order to protect the transparency, structure and appearance of the glass curtain of the huge buildings, the industry develops several installation methods such as the using of LED pixel lamp and guardrail tube to light the building or applying box-typed transparent LED screen.

Outdoor transparent LED display

3) Advertising and informing

It is a powerful medium for getting attention with innovative expressive style and outstanding but also stable performance. Whatever static messages or videos, transparent LED display can draw customers’ eyes and call them to action with a lasting impression of your brand. If you owning such one, meaning you gain an all-around assistant who is good at passing on your brand images and also informing ideas.

4) Tourist attraction

Be  proactive to place these in areas where have huge human traffic will do more with less. And the LED transparent displays can be used in many scenic spots in tourist attractions such as ticket office and class path. Want the tourists to be kept informed as much as possible? For example, the screen can show tickets price, arrangement of activities and announcements.

Besides, they will not destroy the structure and aesthetics of the buildings, and can be used to enhance and embellish the building with cultural atmosphere that conforms to the scenic spot.

5) Stage performance

The transparent LED wall can coordinate with the stage lighting, sound effects, and performances to create unique, realistic and dreamy visual experiences, which can enforce the expressiveness and impression of the performances for audiences.

6) Exhibitions

Combination of valuable knowledge with modern technologies can bring unexpected effect when it is applied to exhibitions. For example, you can hang a transparent ball LED display on the cell of a planetarium, and every visitor who steps into the room will feel the fantastic atmosphere at first.

7.Transparent OLED Display – the Future

In this section, we will introduce the transparent OLED display technology – one of the most concerned transparent LED technology – transparent OLEDs. It is widely used in exhibitions, exterior of buildings, entertainment industry, medical industry, TV and phones, goggle sheet for military helmet, home security and so on.

7.1What is OLED?

The OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and it has unparalleled contrast because it can show the purest dark. Moreover, it can produce light by itself, meaning there is no need for backlight layers which is indispensable for traditional LCD panels, making the design thinner and weigher and contributing to its wide viewing angles, wide color gamut and low power consumption.

7.2 Prons of Transparent OLED Display

It owns such specialities:

1) Inheriting the characteristics of OLED including high contrast and wide color gamut and more;

2) Display content is visible both from the front and back, ensuring the high contrast;

3) The pixel pitch points that are not working will perform highly transparency;

4) Do not suffer screen lag or blur;

5) The driving method is the same as ordinary OLED.

Transparent OLED display of new OLED technology

7.3 Cons of Transparent OLED Screen

1) The organic materials used in OLEDs may be susceptible to the environment such as moisture and sunlight;

2) More tendency to burn the pixels;

3) Larger liability to lose brightness than other transparent technologies;

4) Higher initial price point for customers;

5) Longer production process and more expensive raw materials for manufactures.

While positives of OLED technology are many, the list of negatives is deserving to be concerned. The issues with heat, moisture and loss of brightness all can bring loss to customers. Just take the advantages and disadvantages considered in equality to whether the positives will overcome the negatives for you. However, it can be sure these technical problems will be improved gradually with research and development in the OLED fields.

8.In Conclusion

The topic of this article is to bring you to have more understanding of LED transparent display, and we have discussed it from several aspects including basic concepts, specialities, detection methods, drawbacks and application. Besides, we list some principles you can use to pick the right transparent LED display. Finally, we introduced the concepts of transparent OLED display which leads the cutting edge of transparent LED technology.

It is believed that the demand will increase rapidly with increasing recognition of transparent LED screens by customers, and the beefing up of related technologies will reduce the production costs. Coupled with these incomparable advantages of transparent LED screens, the market potential is on the borders of leaping.

If you have any questions about LED display screen or LED display control system ,don’t wait, and turn to our LED FAQ pages!

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