LED Scoreboard for Sports: All You Want to Know is Here!

LED scoreboard is an LED display product specially designed to display game information in major stadiums.

With the vigorous development of sports, people’s attention to sports events has reached an unprecedented height.

In addition to paying attention to the mascots of competitions and the performance of athletes, people have gradually realized the influential role of LED video scoreboards in various competitions.

We look back at the scenes of various large-scale sports events in the past, and there are many LED displays. The sports industry has also been affected by technological advances. 

All kinds of equipment are also being updated. While the upsurge of sports culture keeps pace with the times, the ever-improving display technology has also contributed to the dissemination of sports events and the development of the advertising industry. 

There are indeed many types of LED displays in sports arenas, and their uses are not only the same.

Such as an LED video scoreboard, stadium perimeter LED display, and full-color giant LED screen. Today we are going to focus on the LED digital score board.

1. When Did the LED Video Scoreboard Arise?

LED scoreboards are widely used for two reasons. On the one hand, due to the far-reaching influence of modern media, advertising is particularly crucial.

On the other hand, the maturity of LED screen technology is also a direct cause. Display screens with various forms and functions can meet the different needs of sports events for display devices.

As early as 1995, led displays appeared in sports events in China. A giant LED screen of more than 1,000 square meters took place at the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships in Tianjin. 

It is the first appearance of a domestic full-color LED display at a sports event. The audiences are interested in a novel display effect.

Since then, the led display has become the main means of information display in many domestic and foreign events.

2. What is an LED Scoreboard?

LED score board is a kind of LED display used in stadiums. Its main function is to record and display game time and scores. 

Although the organizer advocates friendship first, and competition later, the score is the only basis for determining the winning and losing of the game and the noun of the athlete.

The LED scoreboard is responsible for calculating the game time and score.

indoor led video scoreboard

In addition to the fundamental function of an ordinary LED display, a timing score display connects with the game’s timing and scoring system. Scoring is achieved through a timing score system.

At the same time, it can also broadcast the player’s game results and related materials, and release relevant game information. 

In the sense of the game, the LED scoreboard is more important than other displays. Some venues can play advertisements without the stadium perimeter LED display.

However, they cannot record the scores without the digital scoreboard.

With the renovation and upgrading of stadiums and the maturity of LED display technology, more engineers are eager to replace traditional light bulbs and CRT displays with full-color LED displays.

A CRT display is a type of display that uses a cathode ray tube. It is the main screen of a desktop TV. 

Compared with the LED display, the CRT display is bulky. And it has relatively serious geometric distortion.

The popularity of full-color led displays. The displayed content gradually changed from the previous numbers to text, pictures, and videos.

3. How Much Does a LED Scoreboard Cost?

LED scoreboard prices can vary greatly depending on the requirements. So, How about LED scoreboard prices?

Before purchasing a LED video scoreboard, please consider several questions that listed below:

(1) What is your budget?

(2) What information needs to be displayed? 

(3) Is your stadium is indoor or outdoor? 

(4) What space is available for the scoreboard? 

(5) How many lines of information do you need to display?

All of the above factors will affect the LED scoreboard price!

The most determining factors is the size of the screen. The larger the display, the higher the price. In addition, installation methods will also impact on the final budgets.

For example, some LED scoreboards choose standing method, while some others choose wall-mounted installation as it allows them to work best!

(1) Pixel pitch

Pixel pitch is the distance between pixels on a visual display. Depending on how far or close the viewers are, we offer pixel pitches of different values.

(2) Screen size

Depending on the size of your stadium and your budget, different size screens are appropriate.

(3) Information displayed

Figuring out what information you need to display is crucial.

For instance, will the scoreboard be used for racing events? And how many lanes? Would you like to place multiple video scoreboards? We offer different configurations to show different materials!

4. Types of the Digital LED Scoreboards

A timing scoreboard can be divided into a single color, double color, and full color LED scoreboard according to the characteristics of the digital scoreboard.

According to the different environments, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor LED video scoreboards.

In particular, the center-hung LED display scoreboard has unique advantages over other scoreboards in terms of shape and display content.

4.1 Single color/double Color Digital Scoreboard

Monochrome LED video scoreboard only displays text or numbers in a single color. 

Generally, it is a single color such as red, green, blue, and white. The display content is relatively monotonous. The double color LED scoreboard can display text content in two colors at the same time.

Monochrome LED video scoreboard

4.2 Full Color LED Scoreboard

People’s love for sporting events has driven organizers to attach great attention to the display device of the stadium.

Full-color LED displays are gradually working for timing and scoring. In addition to the regular score, team name, time, etc., color images such as team emblems, national flags, and even sponsor logos also appear on the full-color LED video scoreboard.

4.3 Center Hung LED Display

The center-hung LED display is made up of many full-color LED displays. This four-sided LED scoreboard displays provide live audiences with a 360-degree view. Fans can see the scoreboard from all angles and see what’s going on on the field. 

Therefore, it is a powerful way to enhance the sense of participation in the competition. Those LED display screens are specially designed for various competition fields. 

So they can meet the installation methods of hoisting and stacking.

For one thing, the center-hung LED display achieves real-time and accurate timing and scoring.

For another thing, it enables high-definition broadcast of the field conditions and playback of exciting actions.

5. Other Applications of LED Display in Stadiums

In addition to timing and scoring, Led displays have other uses in gyms. Next, we will briefly introduce them to you.

5.1 Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED Displays are generally installed around football fields or the stands of indoor stadiums.

The stadium perimeter LED display can not only replace the fences in the stadium but also play more content and bring more advertising revenue to sponsors. Multiple cabinets are linked together.

Sport perimeter advertising LED screen requires high brightness, long life, and wide viewing angle. 

In addition to this, the Stadium Perimeter LED Display has an anti-collision design.

A soft module mask can effectively avoid injuries caused by players falling. It is beneficial to ensure the stable work of the display screen and the personal safety of the players.


5.2 Live Video Wall

The live video wall needs to have high-definition picture quality, wide viewing angle, and other characteristics.

Its function is to broadcast the event live so that all viewers will not miss every highlight on the field. 

It can display the whole image. And it can be divided into different windows for multi-lens display.

An LED video wall with high contrast, a high refresh rate, and excellent color reproduction is a good choice.

5.3 Outdoor Column Sports LED Display

Outdoor column sports LED displays are generally installed on large columns in open-air stadiums. 

It can broadcast sports information as well as dynamic advertisements. Because of the particularity of the outdoor working environment, this display must have high brightness and high protection level.

5.4 Basketball Stadium LED Display

center hung led display

The shape of the basketball stadium led display resembles a funnel, so it is also called a funnel-shaped led display. The Funnel-shaped led display uses a set of high-definition led display systems.

It can complete many tasks in the game. Including but not limited to capturing some wonderful moments, synchronizing live broadcasts, broadcasting game information, timing score statistics, and playing advertisements. It can perfectly meet the needs of the Olympic Games and NBA basketball games.

6. How to Choose the Best LED Scoreboards?

How to choose the most suitable one for digital LED scoreboards from many led display products?

What are those aspects that need to be careful? UNIT LED tells you to start from the following points.

6.1 Purpose of the Screen

The display tasks undertaken by different types of displays are not familiar.

For example, in addition to being used for timing and scoring, the funnel-shaped LED display can also live broadcasting and advertising.

Therefore, small-pitch led displays with high resolution and refresh rate are ideal for basketball stadium led displays. 

The better refresh rate display screen can ensure the smooth continuity of the live broadcast of large-scale sports events, and the human eye can feel more comfortable and natural.

The P10 outdoor screen with a high protection level is a good choice in open-air stadiums.

6.2 Protection Performance

Heat dissipation is an aspect that LED displays must take care of. Especially for outdoor LED video scoreboards, high flame retardant grade and windproof and waterproof grade are necessary.

A display screen that has reached IP65 protection level and wire V0 flame retardant level is an ideal choice. It would be better if it had a cooling fan.

The climatic conditions vary widely from country to country. So you should consider the environment of your project.

For example, if you are in a coastal area, focus on moisture and waterproofing. If it is in high latitudes, pay attention to cold and frost resistance.

6.3 Brightness

Brightness is one factor that affects the display. Generally speaking, the brightness requirement of an outdoor LED scoreboard is higher than that of an indoor one.

The high-brightness LED display can display information even under sunlight. But that doesn’t mean that the higher the brightness value, the better. 

You had better consider those aspects. For instance, brightness, contrast, energy saving, and other factors. The EV960 series of energy-saving led displays from UNIT LED can meet your requirements.

6.4 Installation Method

The LED display in the gymnasium has many installation methods, such as fixed installation, hoisting, and stacking.

When purchasing, you need to consider whether the screen needs to be floor-standing, wall-mounted, or wall-mounted.

Clearly indicate your needs so that the manufacturer can make corresponding adjustments to the cabinet.

At the same time, the maintenance method is important. The difficulty of pre-maintenance and post-maintenance is different. Double maintenance of the display can save a lot of time and labor costs.

6.5 Viewing Distance

Large-scale sporting events are crowded with spectators. The LED video scoreboard should ensure that audiences far away from the stands can also see it.

P6 and P8 led screens are common choices for outdoor stadiums. The indoor audience density is higher. And the viewing distance is closer.

So, the P5 and P4 LED displays with smaller spacing are more suitable for indoor gyms.

6.6 Wide Viewing Angle

The size of the viewing angle affects the viewing angle range. The larger the viewing angle of the LED display, the larger the audience and the wider the coverage area.

Due to the different locations, the viewing angle of each viewer is also different. LED score boards with wide viewing angles guarantee a good viewing experience for most viewers.

7. Which Sports Events Require LED Scoreboard?

7.1 Basketball Game

The venues where basketball games are held are usually spacious and can accommodate a large number of spectators.

It means that the LED display must be clear enough for spectators or referees to see real-time game data.

Large-scale basketball games are usually held in indoor venues.

In addition to presenting basic information such as the team’s score, the Basketball LED scoreboard is also indispensable for video playback of the game screen.

First of all, the high-definition LED video display can play back exciting scenes such as players’ scoring moments.

Secondly, slow-motion video playback is also the basis for referee decisions.

basketball LED scoreboard

7.2 Football Match

The football LED display is connected to the live timing and scoring system of the game and can play and display the latest scores and information at any time.

In addition, you can also use them to display sponsor advertisements, competition information, notice materials or other information.

If you want to give your audience a better viewing experience, the advanced LED video scoreboard even supports displaying event mascots, team logos and other information.

The high-definition and smooth picture supports silky transition effects in a variety of scenes.

7.3 Baseball Game

The scoreboard is a device used to record the score, number of hits, number of pitches and outs during a baseball game. Usually placed directly behind center field.

Since professional teams often hold night games, LED scoreboard with high brightness provides clear information display for baseball games.

7.4 Track and Field

The scoreboard next to the professional track and field track can display basic information such as the athlete’s ranking and time.

In some large stadiums, track and field scoreboards can be combined within football scoreboards.

7.5 Racing Competition

The thrilling outdoor racing competition allows people to feel the joy of sports competition.

How to quickly understand race information and cheer for your favorite drivers in a bright outdoor environment?

The LED scoreboard will display the progress of the race and the number of completed laps.

More advanced scoreboards can also scroll through data such as average speed, laps behind and timing reports.

In addition to the sports events mentioned above, LED scoreboards also play the role of timing, scoring and video display in many competitions.

For example: various ball games, equestrian competitions, swimming competitions, wrestling

8. Why Choose UNIT LED?

UNIT LED is a company focusing on the development and sales of LED displays. We can provide high-quality stadium LED displays and solutions for you. Our products use high-quality novastar lamps and advanced control systems. 

And, we have successfully provided perfect solutions for many sports competitions.

The Tbilisi football stadium project in Georgia is an example. The customer purchased 275PCS led displays as outdoor peripheral led displays.

The outdoor perimeter LED display must be reliable enough on a large football field. UNIT MA960 series displays have excellent performance.

The ultra-high protection level makes it resistant to harsh outdoor environments and is windproof and waterproof. 

Including high-quality P10LED modules, display connector, soft mask, adjustable back bracket, etc.

A high refresh rate and dual computer control system can ensure the display works stably.

MA960 Series Sport LED Display

Die Casting Aluminum & Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet is Lighter & easier installation, 30kgs/pc around for 960mm×960mm with pillow case and backward bracket.

Meanwhile, with humanized design for quick lock, makes it more user friendly.

The 1280mmx960mm are avaliable. It can be used for all 320x160mm LED Standard Module Size from P2.5mm to P10mm.


We have extensive experience in gym projects and favorable technical support. If you have demand for stadium LED display, contact us. Our 7/24-hour professional service will not let you down.

The Bottom Line

The digital LED scoreboard can perform timing scoring, play advertisements, and other multimedia content. 

It has become an integral part of sports events. In this article, we have given you a professional introduction to the digital score board. Including its function, classification, and how to choose the right product. Then also introduced the Stadium Perimeter LED Display, Center Hung LED Display, and other similar products. UNIT is your trusted LED display manufacturer. Please let us know how we can help you.

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