5 Tips For Buying LED Video Wall Module

When many customers purchase LED video wall module, they often encounter some minor problems that lead to wasted time and money. This article is to help people notice these details and avoid them.

1. Color difference

Some people buy led display modules to replace a small part of the LED display damaged modules but did not take into account the different batches of module color difference problem, this problem is sometimes obvious sometimes less obvious, but really can not be avoided.

color difference of led video wall module

That’s why we give our customers 5% free spare parts, in most cases, these spare parts deal with many unexpected situations of module damage.

2. Module kit matching

LED module kit is one of the main factors affecting the display effect, is the key element of the unit board and splicing the whole screen, LED kit must be able to moisture-proof, waterproof, and UV-proof, and the kit will affect the display flatness, contrast and service life.

LED module kit

In addition, if you already have a display cabinet or just replace a part of old modules, you need to consider whether the module kit screw holes match.

Usually, we will ask you to give the original case or module CAD drawings, which is very important.

For example, the interface, screw hole position, magnetic screw hole position, and size in the picture below are all important to note.

3. Lamp brand quality

The good or bad LED lamp determines the performance of the entire LED display, color saturation, and clarity.


Usually used LED lamp brands are Nationstar, Kinglight, San’An (Hong’Sheng), and so on, the price and quality are from high to low, and customers can buy according to their own budget.

4. Magnetic screws

4.Magnetic screws

Usually, magnetic suction screws will be used in the front maintenance indoor LED module, they have many models and specifications, for example, the M4-13*6 screw in the picture below, the name indicates its size, so it is also important to confirm the model of magnetic suction screws you need.

5.Drive IC of the module

The Driver IC will affect the refresh rate of the led video wall module. The refresh of the normal module is divided into 3 stages, 960HZ/ 1920HZ/ 3840HZ,

There is no obvious difference to the naked eye, but in the mobile phone camera, the higher the refresh, the better the effect of the mobile phone. The lower the refresh, the more streaky the shot will be.

led screen with high refresh rate

led screen with high refresh rate

led screen with low refresh rate

led screen with low refresh rate

In general, some of these issues can be avoided in communication and some need to be tested. It is recommended that customers who need large quantities of LED video wall modules first purchase sample modules to test if they match your display and your needs before purchasing. More information, you can confirm with us.

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