Best Cabinet for LED Video Wall Studio: MA640 Series

LED Video Wall Studio represents the latest direction of film and television production. With the help of led displays, more interactive functions can be realized. As a background wall for live events, it provides a variety of vivid and dazzling images.

With the advancement of small-pitch LED display technology, LED video walls are increasingly used in large-scale events such as TV studios and live TV broadcasts.

In today’s blog, I will introduce something about LED video wall studios. Including product, real cases, and issues that need attention during selection and use.

1. What is a LED video Wall Studio?

LED video wall studio is a space device that uses LED displays for program production or live broadcast. It is a brand-new trend in film and television production, and the current market prospect is broad.

More and more programs use led video walls in the production process. So TV stations or studios build LED video wall Studios one after another.

Good visibility, adjustable brightness, large viewing angle, and delicate images. The Led display adopts a modular design with small seams and good overall consistency in color and brightness. So LED video Wall Studio is suitable for TV program recording and live broadcasting.

The LED display screen provides a variety of vivid and dazzling backgrounds and more interactive functions, achieving functions and effects that are difficult to achieve with other stage equipment.

Therefore, as a background wall, LED display screens are increasingly used in large-scale events such as TV studios and TV broadcasts.

2. MA640 Series: Best LED Wall for Studio

MA640 Series is a small-pitch led display specially designed for indoor fixed installation. Its excellent visual effect makes it a good choice for an indoor tv studio.

Its advantages come from the following aspects:

MA640 series led display (3)

Fine pixels for Indoor Application

Available pixel pitch: p1.25mm, p1.37mm, p1.53mm, p1.66mm, p1.83mm, p1.86mm, p2mm, and more.

Small-pitch LED display brings a higher refresh rate and clearer picture quality. The high-quality display performance ensures that the screen will not show scanning lines or moiré when shooting.

P1.56mm small pitch led display aging test
P1.56mm small pitch led display aging test
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4:3 ratio Cabinet Design

640×480mm size cabinet, 320×160mm modules. It can be assembled with a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 led large screens.

The same proportion of video sources as LCD, directly replacing the original LCD. Widely used in the auditorium, conference room, tv studio, and control room.

Full Front Maintenance

This indoor fixed LED display is designed with full front maintenance. You can replace LED display module, power supply, and receiving card in front.

The cabinet adopts internal wiring and the wiring is simple, which perfectly realizes the splicing of the cabinet.

MA640 series LED display adopts embedded installation. So there is no need to reserve maintenance space. Save space and reduce frame cost.

MA640 series led display (1)

Seamless Splicing

Quick lock design, seamless splicing. The LED display has no gaps and it is ultra-high flat.

A high-end selection of IC ensures high gray, high refresh rate, and high brightness.

3. Customer Case: P1.25mm LED Video Wall Studio in Jordan

Installation Country: Jordan

Product: MA640 Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.25mm / 4K

Cabinet Size: 640(W)*480(H)*63(D)

Module Size: 320*160mm

Refresh rate: 3840

Cabinet Material: Die-Casting Aluminum

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4. Tips for TV Studio LED Display

To give full play to the advantages of LED displays, pay attention to the following aspects when selecting and using TV studio LED displays.

Appropriate shooting distance

The shooting distance is related to the dot pitch and fills factor of the led display. Make sure you have a proper shooting distance to get a better background image.

If the camera device is too close to the screen, the picture will have obvious graininess and be disturbed by the grid.

The smaller pixel pitch the better

A smaller pixel pitch means more pixels per unit area and higher resolution. When shooting, there will be no scanning lines, water ripples, or flickering on the screen.

At present, the dot pitch of LED display screens used in TV studios is mostly 1.5-2.5 mm. The small-pitch led display brings the best display effect.

Color temperature adjustment

To achieve a satisfactory shooting effect, the important role of color temperature cannot be ignored. When the studio uses a large screen as the background, its color temperature should be consistent with the color temperature of the studio lights.

Consistent color temperature is key to ensuring accurate color reproduction when shooting.

Good use environment

Ensure the cleanliness of the working environment. Pay attention to the influence of temperature, dust, dust, etc. on the led video wall studio. Reasonable use of an led video wall can give full play to its value in program production.

The virtual studio is an application practice of virtual production, which can be used as an upgrade solution of green screen shooting technology for film and television production and program live broadcasts.

The overall architecture solution for virtual shooting is mainly composed of a video playback system, virtual scene rendering system, virtual scene production system, positioning tracking system, LED control system, and peripheral hardware (camera, LED screen), etc.

UNIT LED provides a complete virtual production LED wall solution, welcome to learn more.


If you want to build a led video wall studio, the MA460 series can be one of your best choices!

Want to know more about this excellent small-pitch led screen or detailed quotation with a reasonable price? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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