960X960mm Perimeter LED Display

-Magnesium Alloy Cabinet Design

-Indoor & Outdoor LED Display

-Standard Size Cabinet with 960*960mm Dimension

-High Flatness, Easy to Install and Disassemble

-Reasonable Safety Design for Sports Events

IP65 Protection Unit led display
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960*960mm Series Magnesium Alloy LED Display

MA960-S series magnesium alloy sports LED display is UNIT’s latest multi-functional LED display.

This LED display cabinet size is 960mm×960mm standard size and can be used as an indoor or outdoor perimeter sports LED Display.

MA960-S sports LED display SIZE

Perfect LED Display Cabinet

MA960-S Series LED display with 960mmx960mm standard size cabinet design.
The excellent cabinet design is reflected in the atmospheric appearance and humanized design, such as position pin & quick lock, top/side handle, etc.

MA960-S cabinet design

320mmX160mm Standard LED Module for Rear Service

MA960-S sports LED display Supports a standard size panel: 320*160mm. Pay more attention to the standard led screen display performance.
Quick Assembling and Maintenance. It is very convenient when you change the pixel pitch such as P8mm to P5mm.
you don’t need to change anything, change the module as they have the same size and structure.

0-90° Adjustable Supporting Bracket

To enhance viewer’s visibility, sport perimeter LED display can be adjusted with different angles of supporting bracket.

The brackets are solid but flexible, which makes sure the stable installation and elegant appearance.

MA960-S sports led display stand

Reasonable Safety Design

Sports stadium displays need more protection, such as soft masks and pillowcases to protect not only the screen but also the athletes or spectators who hit the led screen.

stadium led display protection designs

Energy Saving >50% Desgin

1. Using R / GB to separate the power supply, the current is accurately distributed to the lamp beads, reducing power consumption.
2. Reduce the temperature, no need for air conditioning, save cost.
3. Reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy, and reduce costs greatly.
4. Uniform heat distribution, constant color temperature, no color deviation, no color block, and good consistency.
5. The screen cabinet has low heat, which is about 16 ℃ lower than the common LED display product

Energy saving is power supplied separately with R and GB, which means that the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green, and blue lamp beads.
The current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC.
The separate power supply scheme effectively reduces power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the display screen.

Multi Installation Way of Cabinet

After removing the pillowcase and standing structure, you can use the led display cabinet for outdoor led billboards.

If you install a hanging bar, you can also use the led cabinet for hanging installations. This makes it available for multiple installations and applications. You may refer to it as a “Transformer” in the sports LED display field.

IP65 Waterproof

IP65 waterproof protection on the front side ensures continuous and stable operation in all kinds of outdoor environments.

More Details

MA960-S weight
MA960-S cabinet

MA960-S Series Video Show

MA960-S Sports LED Display

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960*960 dots/module
480*480 dots/cabinet



960*960 dots/module
384*384 dots/cabinet



960*960 dots/module
312*312 dots/cabinet
Indoor & Outdoor



960*960 dots/module
240*240 dots/cabinet
Indoor & Outdoor



960*960 dots/module
192*192 dots/cabinet
Indoor & Outdoor



960*960 dots/module
144*144 dots/cabinet



960*960 dots/module
120*120 dots/cabinet



960*960 dots/module
96*96 dots/cabinet

Tech Support

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