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Traffic Guidance Solar Powered LED Display Trailer

Independent solar power supply, Low energy consumption, energy-saving, Removable LED display trailer, 360° rotating LED screen, Support for hydraulic lift and rotation functions

Mobile Solar LED Display Trailer

The UNIT-ML15S solar LED screen trailer integrates solar energy, an LED single yellow display screen, and a mobile advertising trailer.

It overcomes previous limitations, such as the need for external power sources or being fixed in a specific location.

Brand New System

The new system integrates support, hydraulic lift, and rotation functions, providing a long service life.

The light-emitting chip is large, low consumption, energy-saving, and supports mixed display of graphics and text.

Solar Powered

Directly adopts an independent solar power supply mode. High performance with uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is more conducive to environmental protection and aligns with the concepts of new energy and energy conservation.

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Powerful Functions

The UNIT ML15S mobile LED trailer supports self-checking of equipment operating status with timely feedback for maintenance.

Supports multiple communication methods. It has an adaptive communication interruption function, a reset function, automatic data storage, and remote parameter setting. Safe, reliable, and convenient.


Traffic Guidance

The UNIT-ML15S traffic guidance LED display trailer can display highway weather information, construction updates, blockage alerts, road surface conditions, recommended detour plans, and dynamic operating status.

It provides drivers with en-route information to facilitate travel.

High Reliability

With high brightness, a reasonable viewing angle, and intelligent brightness adjustment, the display content remains clearly visible under direct sunlight.

It meets all-weather outdoor working needs and has strong resistance to rain, moisture, corrosion, and lightning strikes.

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UNIT-ML15S Solar LED Display Trailer

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