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Solar Powered Mobile LED Trailer

330° Rotatable LED Screen, Solar Powered and Energy Saving, Safe and Reliable Hydraulic Lifting System, Novastar LED Display System, Portable Mobile advertising LED Trailer, High Protection for Outdoor Applications

Portable Mobile LED Trailer

The UNIT-ML30S mobile LED trailer breaks away from the constraints of traditional outdoor media fixed-point positioning.

This highly portable and freely movable advertising mobile LED trailer offers greater flexibility and wider coverage.

330° Rotatable LED Screen

With a manual lifting height of 800mm, you can unlock the guide column buckle to allow the screen to rotate 330 degrees in both directions.

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Solar Powered

Powered by solar energy, it delivers high performance with an uninterrupted power supply, free from geographical restrictions.

The UNIT-ML30S mobile LED trailer is suitable for traffic control, public performances, fashion shows, electric vehicle launches, and other public guidance needs.

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Stylish Appearance and Dynamic Technology

The body features a frameless design with clean and sharp lines, reflecting a sense of technology and modernity.

It is the best promotional medium for fashion trends and cutting-edge technology events or products.

UNIT-ML30S mobile led trailer (2)

Convenient Operation with Manual Lifting

The imported hydraulic lifting system ensures safety and stability, with a lifting range of up to 1 meter.

You can adjust the height of the LED screen according to environmental needs to ensure the best viewing angle for the audience.

UNIT-ML30S led screen trailer (3)

High-Quality Outdoor LED Panel

The high-brightness, full-color outdoor LED display has excellent color reproduction capabilities.

High-definition images accurately display information. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, and highly reliable, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use.

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UNIT-ML30S LED Screen Trailer

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UNIT-ML30S Mobile LED Trailer Details

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Front View

Back View


1. Overall dimensions: 2382×1800×2074mm, of which 400mm is the inertia device and the drawbar telescopically extends 800mm.

2. LED outdoor full-color P5mm. Screen size: 2240*1280mm

3. Power consumption (average consumption): 250W/square.

4. Equipped with a playback system that supports U disk playback and mainstream video formats.

5. 4-cell lead-acid battery 12V150AH.



Trailer size


Screen size


Dot Pitch


Manual lifting

lifting range 800mm, screen can rotate 330 degrees


Impact brake, electrical brake and hand brake

Module Size


Solar Panel


Trailer Power

Battery/solar panel

Kinds of play

Usb flash disk play, remote display


Equipped with solar panels converters and 7500AHbattery,can achieve 24/7 continuous powersupply for LED screen


Nude packing with fixed in container



Tech Support

UNIT LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.