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Mobile LED Screen

mobile led screens

UNIT offers high-quality mobile LED screen for various indoor and outdoor events, including traffic guidance, information direction, and advertising.

Features include solar power generation, adjustable screen height, and the ability to rotate or fold the screens.

LED Screen Trailer

When talking about portable LED screens, what do you think of? Mobile LED screen is affecting indoor and outdoor mobile displays with its ultra-high portability!

If you are interested in a portable LED screen mobile or are planning to invest, this blog will become your authoritative buying guide.

Features, types, categories, popular mobile LED screen trailer for sale, all the information is here!

1. What is a Mobile LED Screen?

Mobile LED screen, also known as mobile LED display or mobile LED billboard, is a multi-functional and portable large screen.

These LED screens are typically mounted on vehicles, trailers, or other movable structures. Compared to fixed LED displays or rental LED screens, they are highly flexible.

They utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display video, images, and other digital content. The highly maneuverable movable structure helps it move quickly to the next location.

2. LED Screen for Mobile

(1) Truck LED Screen

Truck LED screen is a large-size LED display installed on a truck. Trucks are free to move to any desired location.

LED screen truck is usually used for outdoor activities, advertising, and live events.

The truck’s own power supply and sound system allow it to be quickly deployed and used immediately, making it suitable for temporary events and mobile advertising.

truck led display

Features of truck LED screen:

The LED display screen is installed on the truck bed, and the screen can be fixed or retractable.

The truck can move quickly to any location, suitable for events that need to be displayed in multiple locations.

The truck has a built-in generator and sound system, allowing it to work independently without external power.

Once you arrive on-site, your content can start playing in just a short time.

Where to Use:

Outdoor Advertising: Mobile advertising on city streets, shopping malls and public spaces.

Live Events: Live video broadcasts and advertising displays at sporting events, concerts and festivals.

Promotional activities: brand promotion and new product launches.

(2) LED Screen Trailer

LED Screen Trailer is an LED display screen installed on a trailer and towed to different locations by vehicle.

The LED screen on the trailer can be unfolded or folded as needed, making it suitable for various outdoor activities and commercial advertising.

Some trailer LED displays are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system to raise and lower the screen. There are manual or electric winches to choose from.

They often have self-powered systems, making them easy to use without an external power source.

mobile led display trailer (2)

Features of LED Screen Trailer:

The LED display screen is installed on the trailer and can be unfolded or folded to adapt to different display needs.

transported by trailer, it can be used in various terrains and places.

Usually equipped with a generator to ensure power can be supplied anywhere.

Screen size and resolution can be customized to suit different event sizes.

Where to Use:

Outdoor Events: Video playback and advertising at outdoor concerts, festivals and community events.

Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising on urban and rural roads.

Emergency information release: Used to release important information and announcements during disasters or emergencies.

Traffic guidance: At intersections with heavy traffic volume, display road congestion levels, traffic flow information, accident warnings, etc. Help the traffic police clear the flow of traffic.

LED screen trailer

(3) Flight Case LED Screen

Flight case LED screen refers to a modular LED display mounted in a sturdy flight case. The universal wheels at the bottom facilitate quick movement.

The characteristics of frequent movement and quick installation make it suitable for events that require high-frequency deployments, such as concerts, exhibitions, and temporary exhibitions.

The flight case protects the LED screen during transportation and simplifies the installation and removal process.

Portable flight case LED wall supports lifting and folding. After use, the LED module can be stored in the flight case without disassembly. Helps save space and time.

flight case led screen (1)
flight case led screen (2)

Features of Flight-case LED Screen:

The LED screen is composed of multiple modules, each module is packed in a sturdy flight case for easy transportation and protection.

The modular design allows the screen to be quickly assembled and disassembled, suitable for frequent event deployment.

The flight case provides extra protection against screen damage during transportation.

Displays can be assembled into different sizes and shapes as needed to adapt to various scenarios.

Where to Use:

Trade Shows and Conferences: Present product information and multimedia content at trade shows and conferences.

Concerts and Shows: Live video playback and stage backdrops for large-scale concerts and shows.

Temporary Exhibitions: Dynamic displays and interactive experiences at art shows, fairs, and temporary exhibitions.

3. What are the Features and Benefits?

3.1 Features of LED Screen Mobile

(1) High portability

The LED screen mobile can be installed in a truck, trailer, or air box for easy transportation to various locations.

The characteristics of fast movement and disassembly-free installation make it suitable for various temporary activities and emergency purposes.

(2) High brightness and high resolution

High-brightness full-color LED display panels provide clear and bright display effects even during the day and under strong light.

High-resolution screens can display detailed images and video content, enhancing the viewer experience.

(3) Flexibility

Various application scenarios: suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising, live events, concerts, sports events, exhibitions and other occasions.

Content diversity: It can play a variety of content types such as videos, pictures, texts, and real-time broadcasts.

(4) Durability

Mobile LED modules and structures are designed to be rugged and able to withstand the challenges of outdoor environments. Including wind, rain, and temperature changes.

High-quality LED components and sturdy housing materials guarantee long-term use of the screen.

(5) Sound system integration

Many mobile LED screen trailers are equipped with high-quality sound systems to provide synchronized audio effects.

The seamless integration of visual and auditory experiences enhances the overall audience experience.

(6) Customizability

Modular design: mobile LED display screens can adjust the size and shape of the screen as needed to meet the needs of different occasions.

Personalized settings: Can be customized according to customer needs, including screen resolution, brightness, audio configuration, etc.

These features make mobile truck LED displays or LED display trailers an ideal choice for various outdoor and temporary events.

LED screens for mobile can provide high-quality display effects and flexible application solutions in changing environments.

mobile led display trailer

3.2 What Benefits Can You Get?

(1) Cost-effectiveness

Compared with traditional advertising methods, portable mobile LED trailers provide a cost-effective solution.

Potentially higher return on investment due to its dynamic nature and wide coverage.

Screens can be reused for multiple events and activities, maximizing investment.

(2) Wider audience reach and interaction

High-resolution mobile LED display screens can cover a wide range of audiences. Move to where your audience is rather than relying on a fixed location.

Many modern mobile LED screens support interactive features to engage viewers more effectively.

(3) Environmental benefits

LED technology is more energy efficient and reduces overall power consumption compared to traditional lighting and display methods.

Helps reduce the need for printed materials and posters. thereby minimizing waste and environmental impact.

(4) Competitive advantage

Utilizing mobile LED screens can provide a competitive advantage by displaying your brand or message in a modern, high-tech format.

The dynamic and eye-catching nature of LED screens makes your events and advertising more memorable.

4. How Does LED Mobile LED Trailer Work?

The LED mobile trailer combines advanced LED display technology with a portable trailer platform.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works.

4.1 Components of an LED Mobile Trailer

(1) Trailer platform

Sturdy trailer chassis designed to support the weight of the LED screen and associated equipment.

Equipped with wheels and a hitch mechanism, it can be easily attached to a tractor for mobility.

led screen trailer (1)
led screen trailer (2)

(2) LED screen

The high-resolution LED panels that make up the display allow for customizable screen sizes.

The mounting system is the mechanism that securely mounts the LED panel to the trailer. It usually comes with a hydraulic or mechanical lifting system for easy installation.

(3) Power supply

The power supply provides power to the LED screen and other electronic components. Some mobile LED trailers include battery systems for uninterrupted power during generator refueling or short-term use.

(4) Control system

A built-in media player is used to store and play digital content such as videos, images, and real-time information.

The control center can control the switch, lift, or fold of the screen.

4.2 How It Works

The workflow of Trailer LED Screen is generally divided into the following steps:

Towing & Positioning: After towing the LED display trailer to a suitable location, put down the supporting legs.

Screen unfolding: Use a hydraulic or mechanical system to raise and secure the LED screen in place, adjusting the height and angle to accommodate the audience’s line of sight.

control center

Starting power: A starter generator powers the screen and electronics, and sometimes an external power source is used.

System check: Turn on the control system and media player and perform a system check to ensure that all components are working properly.

Content display: Load digital content into the media player, and then play the media content.

5. Where You Can Use It?

(1) Outdoor advertising

It can display vivid video and image ads. More engaging than static ads.

Increase brand exposure and awareness by playing brand promotion videos, product introductions, and promotional activities.

(2) Activities and performances

At events or performances, mobile LED screen rental provides real-time video playback and special effects display to enhance the audience’s visual experience.

Screens can show performances on stage, audience reactions, and sponsor advertisements.

(3) Sports events

LED screens for mobile can display the score and statistics of the game in real-time, allowing the audience to understand the progress of the game at any time.

During the game break, it can play highlight replays and advertising content to increase commercial value. This not only enhances the viewing experience for viewers but also provides exposure opportunities for sponsors.

(4) Public information released

Communities or government departments can use mobile LED walls to publish community notices or public information.

For example, real-time information such as weather warnings, disaster information, safety tips, or other public service information.

(5) Mobile publicity

Brands can use LED display mobile to conduct touring displays and promotional activities in different cities and locations.

Attract the attention of audiences from all over the world by playing brand videos, product introductions, and on-site interactions.

Government departments can use it to broadcast public service advertisements, popular science videos, and on-site reports of public welfare activities to spread positive energy.

(6) Movies and open-air cinemas

In parks and public places, rental mobile LED displays are used for outdoor movie screenings. This flexibility allows film screenings to no longer be restricted to fixed locations.

Audiences can enjoy movies in an open-air environment, increasing community affinity.

6. How to Get Profit From LED Screen Trailer?

(1) Advertising

You can provide promotional services for local businesses and large brands. Including playing advertising videos, product introductions, and promotional information.

Depending on the movement of the screen and the amount of exposure, you can be charged by the day, by the hour, or by the number of plays.

(2) Rental services

Depending on customer needs, you can provide long-term or short-term rental services for trailer LED screens.

Rent mobile LED screens on a daily or hourly basis to customers with short-term needs, such as exhibitions, promotions, movie screenings, etc.

Charges are based on screen size and rental period.

Sign a long-term lease contract with a business or institution to provide continuous screen usage rights and ensure a stable source of income.

flight case led screen (2)
mobile led display trailer (1)

(3) Activity services

Providing high-quality visual display solutions for large-scale event organizers is a good choice. Charges can be based on activity size and duration.

In addition, mobile LED screen service can also be provided for sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, and other private events.

(4) Mobile tour exhibition

You can partner with brands on national or regional tours. Use truck LED screens to promote the brand’s products or brand image.

It is recommended to charge based on the number of days of the tour and the content displayed.

(5) Joint marketing and cross-border cooperation

Working with other service providers (such as audio rentals and staging companies) is also a good option.

Multi-party cooperation provides comprehensive event solutions and shares customer resources and profits.

7. Mobile LED Screen Price

Mobile LED Screen Price Range Estimates

Mobile LED Screen Price Range Estimates

Small to medium portable screens can cost between $5,000 and $20,000.

Large truck-mounted screens can cost between $50,000 and more than $200,000.

Daily rental costs for LED screen trailers can range from $2,000 to $12,000.

Additional Costs:

Installation and Setup: This may or may not be included in the purchase or rental price.

Maintenance and Repairs: Long-term maintenance costs should be considered, especially for purchased screens.

If you plan to purchase your own trailer LED screen, the price varies greatly depending on the specifications, functions and uses. Therefore, it is difficult to provide a specific price range for mobile LED screens.

However, we can inform you that in addition to the LED screen, you also need to account for the cost of the mechanical device.

If you are interested, please contact us, and we will provide you with specific pricing information based on your needs.

8. Mobile LED Screen Trailer For Sale

UNIT-ML10 Fight-case Mobile Screen

Universal Wheels for Easy Movement
The screen can be lifted, rotated, and folded
Equipped with a complete playback system
High-definition, high refresh rate LED display
Portable flight case design

UNIT-ML15S Solar Powed LED Trailer

Independent solar power supply
Low energy consumption, energy-saving
Removable LED display trailer
360° rotating LED screen
Support for hydraulic lift and rotation functions

UNIT-ML30S Mobile LED Trailer

330° Rotatable LED Screen
Solar Powered and Energy Saving
Safe and Reliable Hydraulic Lifting System
Portable Mobile advertising LED Trailer
High Protection for Outdoor Applications

9. Conclusion

In a word, mobile LED displays have become the first choice for various events and advertising due to their diverse applications and excellent visual effects.

UNIT LED provides high-quality mobile LED screens that guarantee excellent display effects and reliable performance. Feel free to contact us for a quote. We look forward to working with you to create a wonderful visual feast.