Novastar 4K Processor: How to Get HDR LED Screen?

The led video processor is a dedicated video processor for the led display. With the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of the display screen, the manufacturer’s camera has launched 4K led controllers and 4K led video processors. Novastar 4k processor-HDR Master 4K is a professional video processor specially designed for 4K led video walls.

Why does your display need a video processor? What can it do to your display? What are the functions and features of the Novastar 4k led processor of HDR Master 4K? We will answer you in detail in this article.

1. What is Novastar 4K Processor?

The main task of the LED video processor is to convert the external image signal into a signal that the LED display can accept.

Resolution conversion, image scaling, and color space conversion are performed during this process. So that the presentation effect of the led display is more perfect.

Novastar 4K processor

HDR Master 4K is a popular Novastar 4k led processor. It is not only a 4K-level video processor but also an HDR video generator and image quality enhancer.

When the display does not support the HDR standard, you can get a lifelike picture effect through the image quality enhancement function of Novastar HDR Master 4K. In general, this video processor will improve the picture quality of the screen.

2. What Are SDR and HDR?

Before we get to know the nova 4k processor of HDR Master 4K, let us first understand two concepts: HDR and SDR.

SDR, the full name is Standard-Dynamic Range. SDR is a traditional video image standard. Its dynamic range is much smaller than what the human eye can perceive.

Therefore, the picture details are not perfect. SDR’s display of the level of color saturation of the picture is not as good as HDR.

HDR, the full name is High-Dynamic Range. This technique was first used in photography. Turning on HDR when taking pictures can brighten darker scenes. Currently. The field of Led displays has also ushered in the HDR era.


Compared with SDR 1080P display technology, HDR display technology has a higher pixel load.

As you can see from the comparison chart below: HDR has a higher luminance dynamic range, showing more detail in highlights and shadows. The picture on the right is fuller, and the color transition is smoother.

3. How does the Novastar 4k LED processor work?

Nova HDR Master 4K led processor analyzes various SDR content, so that indicators such as high dynamic range, color gamut, and color bit depth reach HDR standards.

In addition, it can convert the SDR video source format to HDR 10. So the video screen can display richer colors and give the audience a better viewing experience.

Don’t worry if your display doesn’t support the HDR standard. You can enhance the dynamic range of brightness and color gamut through the “Image Quality Enhancement” function.

Then you can get an HDR-like display. Moreover, with a 4K-level controller and A8s receiving card, a full-link HDR solution can be achieved.

HDR Master 4K Novastar video processor is loved by many customers because of its excellent image processing capability. It is widely used in high-end rental, stage control, small-pitch led display and video source format conversion, and other fields.

HDR Master novastar 4k processor

3 connection methods:
(1) HDMI output. Suitable for short-distance output transmission. Use the HDMI data cable to connect to the input interface of the sending device, and the sending device and the LED screen are connected through a network cable.

(2) Optical port for long-distance transmission. Connect the optical port of the HDR Master 4K device to a controller that supports optical input, and connect the controller to the large screen through a network cable.

(3)SDI output. Connect the SDI output interface to the SDI input interface of the sending device, and connect the LED screen to the sending device with a network cable.

4. Notable Features of Novastar 4k Processor

The LED video processor is an important device that affects the display effect. It converts the image signal from the outside into a signal that the LED screen can accept and optimizes the image to make the screen display more delicate.

(1) Image quality improvement
Novastar 4k processor has rich image adjustment options and adjustment effects. It processes image brightness, contrast, and grayscale to ensure that the screen outputs high-quality images.
In addition, when the back-end equipment does not support the HDR standard, the brightness and dynamic range of the color gamut can still be enhanced through the “Image Enhanced” function, to achieve the best display effect.

(2) Screen scaling
When the resolution of the image is inconsistent with the physical resolution of the LED display screen, the LED video processor scales the image to make the screen display normally.

(3) Signal conversion
HDR Master 4K supports SDR, HDR10, and HLG three formats of video sources to convert each other.
The three interfaces of 12G SDI, 3G SDI, and HDMI 2.0 can also be converted arbitrarily. When multiple signals are connected, the video processor can flexibly switch between various signals quickly.

5. Specifications of HDR Master nova 4k Processor

It supports the SDR input source to generate HDR video source output

4K×2K@60Hz video input and output, support splicing and loading

Adds more shadow detail to the image for a finer picture quality

With a powerful picture quality enhancement function, any display can easily achieve an HDR-like display effect

Support conversion between SDR, HDR10, and HLG formats

Good compatibility, 12G SDI, 3G SDI, HDMI 2.0 three interfaces can also achieve arbitrary conversion

Overall Specifications




0°C to 45°C


10% to 85%, non-condensing

Storage Environment


–20°C to +60°C


10% to 90%, non-condensing

Electrical Parameters

Power supply

100–240V~, 3A, 50/60Hz

Max. Power consumption


Physical specification


482.6 mm × 442.5 mm ×50.5 mm

Net weight


Gross weight


Noise Level (typical at 25°C/77°F)


6. What is The HDR Requirement for The Display?

  • HDR-enabled display systems must have a color depth of 10 bits or more
  • The peak brightness of the screen must be at least 800nit
  • The current industry’s fine pixel pitch led display series can reach 14 or 16bit color gradation
  • For color gamut selection, the BT.2020 wide color gamut standard is good.
  • The output quality of the screen is also related to the HDR live video source

HDR was previously commonly used on TVs, computers, and other monitors. Since Samsung introduced HDR technology into led displays in 2017, the display industry has seen a new development opportunity.

NovaStar 4k processor-HDR Master 4K, with professional LED controller, A8s receiver card, can realize NovaStar HDR full link solution.

This professional 4K Novastar video processor also won the [2020 Commercial Integrator BEST Awards]. This is the most prestigious award in the North American system integration industry. It shows that the NovaStar 4k led processor has been recognized and trusted by the industry.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we introduce you to a powerful Novastar 4K processor – HDR Master 4K. It allows you to achieve HDR effects on your displays. Our led modules and led display panels are of excellent quality. If you need, contact us.

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