Novastar Calibration: How to Do It Quickly and Accurately?

Imagine here is easy way for you to let your LED display which fails to display the content in uniformity, such as some parts of the screen showing different brightness or color, to become more pleasing to your eyes in a matter of minutes. Now, it can be achieved by Novastar color calibration just by yourselves! Only thing you need to do is to follow this post to fix the problem.

What is Novastar calibration, and how to achieve it? In this article, we will bring you to know the benefits of LED screen calibration, and detailed instructions for you to manually adjust it all by yourselves! Do not worry as we will explain the whole process in a straightforward way!

Before we begin, we need to know exactly why we need LED display calibration.

What Is Calibration of Display?

First, we should know the reason of necessity of calibration. There are an acceptable tolerance range of wavelength for displays produced in factories. Generally, the range can be 10nm, meaning if the target red color has a wavelength of 700nm, an LED display screen could be 705nm or 695nm.

However, our humans can detect a color shift of about 2.5-3.5nm, meaning if two LED lamp brads that are placed next to each other with 700nm and 697nm separately will be different in color for viewers.

Thus, we need LED display calibration to make sure we can get a final unified displaying performance.

Typically, your LED display manufacturer should finish the calibration process before delivering the products to you, but some irresponsible manufacturers may just skip this step, so your screen will not be uniform in brightness or color.

How to Do Novastar Calibration?

Now we will introduce to you how to use NovaLCT to achieve the calibration of modules, LED screen cabinets and the whole LED screen manually.

No need the professional calibrate camera, just adjust it in Novastar Control System software, the problem of brightness and color inconsistencies between cabinets and modules will be solved! 

You can make any LED screen more pleasing to your eye in a matter of minutes.

To begin with, let us see this picture. 

If you have connected your LED screen with a control system, you may know the logistics – first, we will connect the screen with the LED control system; and second, we need a control computer to connect to the controller to provide signals.

As you can see, the example screen has the problem of inconsistent display effect for some parts. And we can deal with it through appropriate and simple Novastar LED calibration, which we will discuss next.

led control system mechanism

Now, we start from the calibration interface:

novastar led calibration interface

Just click “Calibration” to enter into the setting interface.

Then please choose “Adjust coefficients” to calibrate the LED display color.

led color calibration

Novastar Calibration by LED Cabinet Level

You can choose different adjustment modes from “Pixel by pixel”, “Screen” and “Select by Topology”

In this case, we choose “Select by Topology.” It means you will adjust the coefficient by cabinet level.

led display color calibration

Then, click “Next” to adjust the area that you want.

The picture is shown below meaning you can also choose the more accurate area that you want to adjust. 

Here are two modes as step 2 shows: by pixels or by modules.

Here we choose to adjust by modules and fill in module size then. For step 3, you can select the area.

led calibration by led modules

Next, there will show some values we can adjust. In simple adjustment mode, we can adjust values of red, blue, and green.

And in advanced adjustment mode, we can adjust more values as the picture shows. 

Just choose from red, green and blue, you can adjust their values separately including brightness, saturation, and hue. 

You can see the visual effect with your naked eye to adjust the effect until you are satisfied. I mean, when the color and brightness level of the adjusted area is uniform with other normal areas.

color led screen calibration

If you want to apply the effect to other areas of the screen, just click “Save”, and this step will save the coefficient in your receiving cards.

Then finish the following steps 2 to 4. 

Finally, do not forget to click “Apply” to launch the coefficient effect to the rest area if you want.

novastar calibration adjustment

Now, you may have a question: what if I just want to adjust coefficient by modules?

Novastar LED Calibration by LED Module

The beginning is same, we click “Adjust Coefficient” to enter the right interface.

However, the difference is, this time we need to choose “Select by Pixel.”

led module calibration

After that, you need to fill in correct numbers to position your targeted modules. If you are not clear, try to calculate it by your cabinet pixels, and the sequence number of the targeted LED display module.

select by pixel led screen calibration

Click “Next” to turn to the next step, and the following process is just as the same with what we have listed above. 

To Sum up

Here we discuss how to finish LED display calibration for brightness and color manually by NovaLCT software. There are two modes: adjust by LED display cabinets, or LED screen modules. Through this process, you can achieve uniform visual effect just by your naked eyes without professional calibrate camera!

Like this post about Novastar calibration? If you want to know more about LED control system, just turn to our LED FAQ section! Or you can send us message if you have any needs. Besides professional technical support, we also provide you with high-quality LED display screen with good prices! Welcom get your free samples now by filling the simple form within one minutes!

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