Novastar LED: Useful Introduction with Detailed Case Study!

Novastar, a global famous LED solution provider, occupies sizeable market share of LED solutions industry. Today, we will discuss this international company from aspects that customers are always the most concerned about to let you have insights into Novastar LED!

What Is Novastar?

Novastar is one of the most famous LED solution providers globally who locates in Xi’an of China, and has already served more than 10,000 customers worldwide. It owns a total of 37 service outlets widely distributed all over the world including 29 domestic and 8 abroad.

Based on its advanced R&D ability and strong capital strength, it has developed many special technologies on the edge including innovative point by point collaboration sofeware, integral LED control system solutions and unique LED video solutions.

It owns more than 1,100 patents, and has been awarded by Xi’an government several times because of the outstanding achievement in promoting innovations that benifit the whole industry, and practicing the spirit of pursuing excellence.

Monumental Events

N100, the first generation of Novastar’s synchronous control system was applied by Morgan Plaza for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Novastar company initialed brightness calibration system, which is an key breakthrough in the industry to improve the brightness uniformity and play effect.

The RGB color calibration system launched in December.

In the same year, it provided complete service and calibration for Turkey Central Stadium’s 800㎡ LED display.

The launch of Nova M3 series set solid foundation for the subsequent LED control systems.

NovaStar launched asynchronous full-color control system, which was an revolutionary innovation at that time.

In 2013, more than 95% collaboration services in greater China used systems developed by Nova.

According to Deloitte China, Novastar was awarded as “Top 50 Fastest Growing Company”.

In 2014, it set the branches in Middle-east and South-east Asia, expanding its global market share strategically and providing better services for its foreign customers.

NovaPro HD, multimedia player and VP200 were launched, completing the product line of Novastar.

Novastar company has improved the standard of the whole industry and also broke the record of sales volume.

2016 is an other years with growth spurt of Novastar. In this year, NovaStar Control System has already captured 50% market share worldwide.

With its reliable products and trustworthy services, Nova devoted 20 large LED displays to 2016 Rio Olympic games, enjoying higher reputation aboard.

LED remote publishing and monitoring cloud solution is recognized as a 2017 “Outstanding Cloud Service Solution” by China’s Information Technology Service Industry.

The LED remote publishing and monitoring cloud solution is recognized as “2017 Outstanding Cloud Service Solution”.

At the World Cup in Russia, Novastar provides perfect LED display solutions for advertising, camera feeding, entertaining and so on. Ball game fans from worldwide witnessed the excellent play effect of the Nova LED screens.

Launch events were held in South Africa and Korea separately. Novastar enjoys accelarated brand awareness and gains higher and higher profits from the international market.

Nova supports the the 2020 Spring Festival celebration and 2020 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, which are both the events that attract extensive attention in China.

Novastar LED Control System

1.What Is SmartLCD?

SmartLCD is a new generation of screen configuration software from Novastar. It allows the configuration of various LED displays when working with LED display controllers.

Novastar LED SmartLCD


(1) Screen configuration like building blocks;

(2) Image rotation supports the multiples of 90°when the display is equipped with the Armor series receiving cards; Support 360° free image rotation;

(3) 18bit+ grayscale;

(4) Support readback of receiving card program and configuration;

(5) Support monitoring;

(6) Support seam brightness adjustment;

(7) Functions of video controllers can be set on V-sender;

(8) Supports cabinet brightnss and chrome adjustment in batches;

(9) Support hot backup;

(10) Canvas can be exported as image;

(11) Supports Clear View.

2.What Is ViPlex Express?

ViPlex Express is a display content publishing management system for PC, which is installed in the Windows operating system for both LED and LCD displays.

There are two modes: async mode and studio mode that ViPlex Express can support.

Please notice it is different from SmartLCD as the ViPlex Express is a content management app while SmartLCD is a screen configuration software.

how to control led display

Studio Mode:

This mode is applicable to synchronous playback. When a solution is being played in ViPlex Express, the solution is also played synchronously on the display. 

The playback window is on the extended display. You can use the screen monitoring function to view the playback on your primary monitor.

Async Mode:

ViPlex Express sends solutions to multimedia players. The solutions will be stored in the multimedia players and played according to their playback plans. 

This mode is applicable to the scenario when multimedia players load displays. 


(1) User-friendly, taking easy operation idea into account when designed;

(2) Support wireless connection;

(3) Support dual-Wifi, allowing AP mode and Wifi sta mode;

(4) Support 4G connection;

(5) Support asynchronous and synchronous modes, and support the setting of output video;

(6) Adaptive media playout, allow the size of image adjusted according to the size of the screen;

(7) Support terminal binding, cooperated management of multiple terminals, and VNNOX.

3.What Is NovaStudio?

NovaStudio is a professional LED screen controller software developed by Novastar.

This software supports three modes of play program and can customize a variety of play effects including content management of text, picture, animation, timing, and so on.


(1) Support multiple formats of video, picture, animation, documents, texts, and so on.

(2) Support weather broadcasting, timekeeping, connecting with cameras, RSS, and so forth.

(3) Support multiple play effects including changing background, adjusting transparency, volume, fade in and out, different font, etc.

(4) Support multiple windows display simultaneously and quick switching without black frames.

(5) Support multiple screen display synchronized.

(6) Support control multiple screens simultaneously, managing the contents remotely.

4.What Is ViPlex Handy?

ViPlex Handy is a screen management app for Android and iOS phones, which allows you to manage various devices such as the Taurus series multimedia players and the JT100 traffic multimedia player.

It differs from ViPlex Express because it is used for mobile phones and the formal one is used for PC.


(1) Friendly user interface: UI design fully focuses on user habits;

(2) Ease of use: Devices can be connected and easily accessed via wireless networks;

(3) Synchronous playback: Allows the same content to be played on different screens synchronously;

(4) Smart brightness adjustment: Allows for automatic and scheduled brightness adjustment;

(5) Dual Wi-Fi functionality: Supports Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi Sta;

(6) 4G connection: Devices with 4G modules support mobile networks;

(7) Dual-mode (synchronous and asynchronous): Allows you to set video output mode;

(8) Autofit to screen: Capable of scaling content to fit the screen automatically.

Products Recommendation

As a famous international company, Novastar has a strong and wide product line and advanced research and development ability.

1.Novastar LED Controller


(1) Support high resolution of 4K*2K@60Hz and 8K;

(2) No image latency, helping achieve smooth viewing experience;

(3) Wide color gamut from BT.709 to BT.2020;

(4) Support to improve image quality when working with A8s/A10s Plus.



(1) Supports 1x DVI input, 1x HDMI input, 1x audio input, and 6 Ethernet outputs;

(2) Support high resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz or 1440×900@60Hz;

(3) Support brightness calibration and color calibration;

(4) Support multiple device cascading, can cascade 20 screens simultaneously;

(5) Support to reduce color discrepancies, and provide uniform brightness;

(6) Suitable for big projects such as concerts, live broadcasting, monitoring centers, Olympic events, and so on.

MCTRL660 Pro

(1) High loading capacity of 1920×1200@60Hz;

(2) Support point to point brightness and color calibration, realizing realistic and detailed images;

(3) Support 10bit/12bit grayscale, more than conventional 8bit;

(4) Less than 1ms latency, smooth synchronous display;

(5) Support mirroring and rotation of a single or dual port;

(6) Support 6x Ethernet outputs and 2x 10G fiber output;

2.Nova MSD300 Sending Card

The MSD300 is a sending card of the M3 series. This sending card supports video and audio inputs and can decode and process them before sending them to the LED display module via Ethernet port.

NovaStar MSD300

MSD300 Sending Card

(1) Support resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz;

(2) Support multiple video formats;

(3) 1 DVI video input;

(4) 1 Audio input;

(5) Ethernet port outputs;

(6) USB control interface which is able to be cascaded for uniform control;

(7) Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712, or 2048×668;

(8) 1 light sensor interface.

3.MRV Series Receiving Card

Nova MRV

MRV Series Receiving Card

(1) Seamless splicing, perfect play effect;

(2) Support mapping, connecting LED screens easily;

(3) Self-monitoring can check the temperature and voltage of the receiving card and detect the network communication quality;

(4) Supporting reading back firmware program and configuration parameters;

(5) Support 3D;

(6) Multiple backups including loop backup, configuration parameter backup, and dual program backup.

(7) Support point-to-point color calibration.

4.Nova Accessories

VE7 Nova LED video controller

VE7 Input Expander

The VE7 video input expander is an input signal receiving device with a variety of input connectors.

(1) Support a maximum of 7 video inputs up to 1920×1080@60Hz; 1 video input up to 1920×1080@60Hz; 3 video inputs up to 4K×1K@60Hz;

(2) Support 4 optical fiber outputs;

(3) Support DVI MVR output;

(4) Support EDID management and input color adjustment;

(5) Support input resolution management of DVI, HDMI, and DP connectors;

(6) Support input color adjustment.

Mon300 - Monitoring Card

(1) Monitor cabinet temperature, humidity, and smoke;

(2) Monitor 8 power supply voltage

(3) Monitor ribbon cable status

(4) Monitor cabinet door open/close

(5) Monitor speed of fans;

(6) Monitor LED error status;

(7) CE, RoHS certification.

NS060 Light sensor

NS060 Light Sensor

Nova NS060 is the new generation of outdoor waterproof light sensors. It enables LED Display screen or LED Sign auto-brightness adjustment accord to ambient luminance when working with Novastar MFN300 and MFN300-B Multi-function Card. It is perfect for outdoor LED display to achieve additional functions.

(1) Detect Ambient brightness;

(2) 256 Levels of auto brightness adjustment;

(3) Support sending card (MSD300, MCTRL300, MCTRL600), PSD100 or multi-function card (MFN300);

(4) CE, RoHS certification;

(5) Equipped with 5m standard cable, 100 meters extend.

(6) Waterproof protection ability.

Novastar Software

There are three software of Novastar: COB calibration system, point by point LED displays calibration and SmartLCT.

cob LED calibration system

Based on its strong Nova cloud management platform, cooperating with the advanced software, you can manage and control the screens anytime and anywhere remotely.

The platforms supported are various including Windows, Android, and IOS, different browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and systems like synchronous M3 and asynchronous Taurus control systems of NovaStar Tech.

Novastar Services

1.24*7 online services, which can deal with the problems about products and give timely instructions within 24 hours.

2.The tech forum includes basic setup section focusing on setting up questions; configuration section where can post questions about configuring NovaStar hardware & software.

3.Cloud-based services where experts will provide you professional advice about cloud-based monitoring and publishing services.

4.Various training classes. For example, NEC certified courses including US training session and EU training session. The training classes are spreading all over the world such as the US, South America, South East Asia, Korea, etc.

Novastar LED Classic Cases

1. Beijing Daxing Airport

curved led screen

(1) Gigantic curved LED screen

This P4 180㎡ large curved LED display located on the entrance is an important symbol of the airport. Two MCTRL4K control the screen perfectly, achieving smooth and reliable management.

(2) LED advertising screen near the elevator

LED advertising screen

The P2.4 large LED advertisement display can maximize the business value of room. Controlled by two MCTRL4K, display contents can be updated anytime and anywhere quickly, boosting the potential profits and beautifing the building.

(3) Double side LED screen

Placed in the baggage claim area, 18 P1.5 high definition double side LED screens show people the sense of science and technology. 37 MCTRL R5 and 4 MCTRL4K fulfill the perfect management of multiple screens, meeting the high standards of reliability and immediacy.

2. Asian Cultural Carnival

Held at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, the Asian Cultural Carnival gave audiences an unparalleled immersive visual experience. 

Controlled by 58 MCTRL1600, the large stage LED display almost has no latency, creating an fairytale and ravishing atmosphere.  

Controlled by 58 MCTRL1600, the large background LED display and dance floor LED display showed stunning 3D effect to people, leaving them deep impression.

Asia cultural carval stage led display

3. International Import Expo

In the large international event – International Import Expo, which has 64 countries, 3000+ enterprises and 500 thousand purchasers as joiners, Novastar leverages the role of transmitting products and mutual-beneficial ideas toward people from worldwide.

(1) Central square

large novastar LED screen

Several large LED screens placed on the central square can attarct every people’s eyes when they are passing by here. These screens can not only place the role of advertising, but also beautify the whole square, showing foreign guests the sense of importance.

(2) National pavilion

The LED screens managed by Novastar LED controllers performs the cultures and features of different countries perfectly, representing the hospitality of hoster, and the idea of seeking common points while reserving difference.

(3) Expo summit

The Expo summit is an important platform for business circle to devote their intelligence and knowledge to build bilateral or multi-lateral business relationships. It is also a forum that encourges people to communicate their experiences, and form strategic relationships.

The Nova C3 controlled the displays onsite greatly, showing the strong production ability, strict utility and professional R&D adequately.

nova led controller

To Sum up

Today we discussed Novastar – the world famous LED screen solutions provider from aspects of its timeline, control system, products and classic cases. 

It has provided solutions for many international events such as Beijing Daxing airport, 2.Asian Cultural Carnival, China Youth Games, International Import Expo, and so forth. For more useful information about Novastar and LED display industry, welcome turn to our LED FAQ page!

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