Novastar Mctrl300 Useful Manual and Product Introduction

Novastar MCTRL300 is a model of LED display image processing controller, and it is also the basic controller of nova technology. This article mainly introduces the working principle of nova star mctrl300, product parameters and specifications, product features, refer to the price at the time of purchase and specific applications.

Mctrl300 LED display controller is Nova Nebula series M3 independent main control card, which supports video and audio input. After decoding, after the data processing is completed, the video and audio are sent from the network port to the LED display.

1. Novastar mctrl300 introduction

Front Panel of mctrl300

MCTRL300 product image
Rear panel of mctrl300

Rear panel of mctrl300

  1. Support 1 × DVI input and 1 × audio input.
  2. Support the new generation of NovaStar calibration technology, which is fast and efficient.
  3. Support resolutions up to 2048×668@60Hz and downward compatibility.
  4. Support Dual Ethernet outputs.
  5. 3 million pixel loading capacity.
  6. The UART control port is used for unified control of cascaded devices.
  7. Independent power supply.

2. Novastar mctrl300 Operating Principle

Nova mctrl300 is an independent control card of the Nova M3 Led Display Control System series, which can support audio and video input. The working principle is to send audio and video to the led display mainly through internal encoding and data processing. The USB port communicates with the PC and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

This also shows that the mctrl300 led display controller can quickly find and solve the problems that occur during the use of the led display.

Mctrl300 led display controller taking NovaLCT-Mars software as an operating platform, used in conjunction with data transceiver card, monitoring card and multi-function card, users can easily control all key information of the led display on the PC side and perfectly display the playback content.

Mctrl300 software setting and LED display connection channel:NovaLCT—MARS

The NovaLCT used by Novastar mctrl300 is the software for controlling and managing the Nova M3 series control system. The software integrates LED display configuration, timing automatic adjustment, LED display cabinet status, and LED display light point detection function.

Nova Electronic Technology has three kinds of control system software: the first one is NovaLCT-MARS mentioned above, and there are two other kinds, namely: COB calibration system, point-by-point calibration system.

Novastar mctrl300 via software link:

Based on Nova’s powerful cloud platform, and with the cooperation of advanced software, you can remotely manage and control the screen anytime, anywhere.

Connecting to the display via NovaLCT-MARS:

1. Start the LED display, use the system configuration file to start the LED display, the procedure is simple, and no manual configuration is required.

The following is the operation diagram:


Startup step 1: Set the communication port of the current operation

Startup Step 2: Load the System Configuration File

2. Manually start the LED display, this step is more complicated (link document)

Set the cabinet info

Adjust the Performance Parameters

Adjust LED Display Resolution and Refresh Rate

Set Hot Backup for Receiver Cards

Save Settings to FLASH

Save/Load Configuration Files

3. Adjust the brightness, display quality, Gamma and Current Gain

Cob LED calibration system operation principle:


Auto Adjustment

Mctrl300 Auto Adjust can adjust the display brightness according to the external environment, using a light sensor to determine the brightness of the environment.

The following are the steps to set the automatic brightness interval.

Sep1. Right-click on the circled panel and select Advanced Settings

The Advance Setting window for auto brightness

The Advanced Setting window for auto-brightness

Step 2: Set the detection period and reading time value of the light sensor

Through the hardware connection, when NovaLCT and hardware can not be linked, it can be configured as automatic, and the operation method is basically the same as automatic adjustment.

Display control

Click the Display Control button from the toolbar or select Tools->Display Control from the main

menu of the NovaLCT-Mars application main interface to open the Screen Control window

Check hardware info

Click Tool ->Hardware Information from the main menu to open the Hardware Information page. Shown in Fig.5-58 is the Hardware Information page.

Manage the led display

To make brightness control and monitoring easier, multiple LED displays can be combined

together. The combination is called a combination display.

Select Tool ->Multiple Screen Management to open the Combination Display Config window for combination display configuration. Shown in Fig.5-59 is the Combination Display Config window.

Mctrl300 nova M3 led display control system user manual for download:

3. The features of mctrl300 Novastar

1. High-greyscale, general chip, with high grayscale, 16bit.

2. High refresh rate

3. Using point-by-point correction technology, correct the colour of each lamp and eliminate the colour gap between each batch of lamps.

4. Comprehensive monitoring functions, including monitoring temperature, working status of LED display, switch and power supply voltage, radiator speed and so on.

5. Infinite area load: huge and stable load, no power failure, no jitter, no jamming.

6. Green energy-saving and environmental protection: low voltage, low power consumption, low radiation.

7. With dual Ethernet cable hot backup and multi-controller hot backup function

8. Comprehensive chip support: support TI, Toshiba, MBI, point crystal, Xunjie, Mingyang, Sun and Moon into the series products, support TLC59282, TLC5929, TLC5944, DM13A, DM13H, P2510, SUM2016, SUM2017, MBI5020/5024/5034 /5035/ 5042/5050/5152, SUM2032, MY9221/9262, RT5924, 16158, 5122, 5929, 5266, 5166 and many other ICs.

9. Working with novaLCT and NovaCLB at the same time, mctrl300 supports brightness and colour tone, which can effectively eliminate colour differences, greatly improve the brightness and chromaticity consistency of the LED display, to obtain better image quality.

MCTRL300 LED display controller specification:

Product type

LED display controller

Input resolution


Load capacity

1.3 million pixel

Supply voltage


Control mode

1×type-B USB control port

Video interface

DVI, Audio

Audio interface

3.5mmaudio interface

Video format


Output interface

Dual network port

Video source bit depth




4. LED display controller mctrl300 overall frame

Nova star mctrl300 supports synchronous control of LED display playback content. the connection method is different with and without the system transmitter card. when there is no transmitter card in Novastar Mctrl300, the computer is directly connected to the receiver card through the network cable, and with the receiver card, it is connected through the receiver card.

Diagram of system architecture

Diagram of system architecture

Diagram of system architecture with no Sending Board

What has the Mctrl300 led display controller updated and upgraded?

  1. Added hot backup function
  2. Multiple device cascade, the USB interface can be over 20 cascade unified control
  3. Fixed the problem of pre-stored image flicker
  4. Fixed the problem of the LED display resolution occasionally becomes 0 * 0
  5. Fixed the factory settings, the default screen configuration information 128 * 128
  6. Updated the product appearance diagram

Mctrl300 price Estimate

Mctrl300 is a cost-effective controller, mainly used in rental and fixed installation displays, such as event sites, security control centres, stadiums, etc.

The development of any electronic product requires human and material resources for support, so the price is also based on these factors.

According to the price of various platforms, the market price of an mctrl300 led display controller box is about 200-300 U.S. dollars, and the shipping cost varies from country to country.

Now, mctrl300 updated some features, able to cascade 20 devices at the same time, so if you buy the LED display does not exceed this number, then you buy a controller on it, if you buy the LED display more than this number, may need to spend higher costs on the led display controller, want to better present the led display playback content will need a stable and reliable controller, once the problem can also be solved in time, and this is also able to recycle, so the cost is not too high.

5. Application of Novastar mctrl300

Nova star mctrl300 HD P3.91 LED display panel for outdoor advertising.

Nova star mctrl300 for transparent LED display

The main components of the Mctrl300 synchronous control method:

Transparent LED display modules, cabinets, power supply, receiving card and connecting cable, moreover, NOVASTAR MCTRL300 LED Display controller.

There are two other essential things, namely power and signal cables.

mctrl300 for transparent led display

Novastar has multiple product lines, such as LED display synchronous control system, LED display asynchronous control system, LED display point-by-point correction system, cloud-based information release and management system, etc. These product lines rely on each other to form a complete ecosystem.

To sum up:

Novastar is a global leading led display controller solution for a variety of market strategies, including entertainment, digital LED signal, and rental led display.

Today we learned about the MCTRL300 controller of NOVA Technology’s M3 Nebula series and learned about his features, operation methods, and application scenarios, if you want to know more about the nova star mctrl300 and led display you can turn to our NovaStar full introduction page.

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