Novastar MCTRL4K LED Display Controller With Best Price!

The Novastar MCTRL4K LED display controller is stable and reliable, and it supports multiple functions. Such as HDR, RGB independent Gamma adjustment, low latency, 3D, etc.

It is mainly used in the field of leasing and fixed installation. Such as concerts, live broadcasts, monitoring centers, stadiums, sports centers, etc. Powerful functions allow it to meet the configuration needs of super-large LED screens.

This article will introduce you to this powerful LED controller in detail. Learn more in this blog!

Novastar MCTRL4K_back

MCTRL4K LED Display Controller

  • HDMI/DVI input; HDMI/extermal audio input;
  • 1 light sensor interface;
  • Resolution supported:2048×1152, 1920×1200, 2560×960;
  • Resolution supported:1440×900; (12bit/10bit)
  • 12bit/10bit/8bit HD video source;
  • Cascading supported;
  • 18bit gray scale processing and presentation;
  • Video format:RGB,YCrCb4:2:2,YCrCb4:4:4;
  • Standard 1U housing; independent power supply

1. Features of Novastar MCTRL4K

(1) Support multiple input interfaces

-1 x DP 1.2

-1 x HDMI 2.0

-2 x DL-DVI

(2) Support 16 Neutrik network ports and 4 optical fiber outputs

(3) High-depth bit input: 8bit/10bit/12bit

(4) HDR function and 3D function

Novastar MCTRL4K supports HDR10-Optima&HLG. When used with A8s/A10s Plus, a high dynamic range display is realized through color processing technology. Let the screen achieve the HDR display effect.

(5) Low latency output

(6) Point-by-point brightness and chroma correction

Cooperating with the Novastar high-precision correction system, the LED controller corrects the brightness and chromaticity of each light point. This can effectively eliminate brightness and chromaticity differences, making the brightness and brightness of the entire screen highly consistent.

(7) Support ultra-large resolution input

(8) Support cascading of 10 devices

1.1 Input

(1) DP 1.2

Maximum support 4096×2160@60Hz, minimum support 640×480@24Hz

HDCP 1.3 support

No support for interlaced input sources

(2) HDMI 2.0

Maximum support 4096×2160@60Hz, minimum support 800×600@24Hz

Support HDCP 1.4, HDCP 2.2

No support for interlaced input sources

(3) 2 x DL-DVI

Interface name: DUAL DVI-D1, DUAL DVI-D2

No support for interlaced input sources

1.2 Output

(1) 1~16: 16 Neutrik (EN8FBH) Gigabit Ethernet ports

It does not support audio output but supports redundancy between network ports.

(2) OPT1~OPT4: 4×10G optical fiber interface

1.3 Control

ETHEENET: connect to the host computer

USB: USB 2.0 port can connect PC debugging equipment. A maximum of 10 devices can be cascaded.

GENLOCK IN-LOOP: external sync signal source, support Bi-level, Tri-level, Blackburst.

2. Appearance of Novastar MCTRL4K

Front Side

Novastar MCTRL4K_front

Back Side

Novastar MCTRL4K_back

3. Outstanding Functions of Nova MCTRL4K

3.1 HDR10-Optima

HDR (High-Dynamic Range) is a processing technology to improve image brightness and contrast. It allows people to have a visual experience closer to the real environment when people are watching the picture.


(1) High Dynamics. It expands the details in the picture and enriches the details and colors of the dark parts. Make the picture look more real and present an excellent visual effect.

(2) Wide Color Gamut Rec.2020. It has finer color resolution and can present more color gradations, making the picture more natural and delicate.

(3) High Color Depth. 10bit color processing endows the picture with a more realistic and smooth detail transition.

3.2 HLG

HLG is the technical standard adopted by 4K broadcast television systems. The Novastar MCTRL4K (4K×2K) LED controller simplifies the post-production workflow.

Shooting high-dynamic scenes can be presented in real-time through the display. There is no need for color correction in the later stage, and the beautiful picture can be output by direct editing.

3.3 Ultra-low Latency

Video source signal output does not exceed 1 ms. The low-latency feature makes the rebroadcast picture synchronized with the stage scene.

The low-latency feature makes it a good choice for e-sports events, concerts, and live evening parties.

3.4 3D Function

According to Nova’s description, the MCTRL4K LED controller works with a 3D emitter and 3D glasses to bring super shocking immersive 3D visual effects. Of course, a specific 3D video source is also essential.

For more information about 3D LED displays, these two posts may be helpful.

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4. Novastar MCTRL4k Price

Novastar MCTRL4K price is around $3590, and the price may be changed based on the exchange rate fluctuation.

Just contact us for your latest quotation for Novastar MCTRL4K LED display controller, we own the almost best price in the market!

5. FAQs

(1) What is the Maximum Resolution for MCTRL4K?

Nova MCTRL4k has an extreme height or width of up to 7680 pixels. As a super-loaded LED display controller, the maximum load of a single Nova MCTEL4K is 4096×2160@60Hz.

Within this range, the resolution can be customized arbitrarily to meet the on-site configuration needs of super long or super large LED display screens.

(2) What are the dimensions of the MCTRL4K?

MCTRL4K Dimensions:

482.6 x 372x 96 mm (WxDxH)(with rack rails)

435.6 x 330 x 89mm (WxDxH)(without rack rails) 

(3) What is the loading capacity of MCTRL4K?

A single unit features a loading capacity of up to 4096×2160@60Hz.

6. Novastar MCTRL4K Specifications




Input voltage

AC 100 V~240 V-50/60 Hz

Rated power


30 W




-20°C to +60°C


10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing




-20°C to +70°C


10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing




482.6 mm × 372.0 mm × 88.1 mm


4.6 kg

Packing Information

Carrying case

530 mm × 420 mm × 193 mm

Accessory box

405 mm × 290 mm × 48 mm


1x power cord

1x Ethernet cable

1x USB cable

1x HDMI cable

1x DP cable

Packing box

550 mm× 440 mm × 210 mm

This post introduces the features, outstanding functions, and application fields of Novastar MCTRL4K LED controller. Learn more knowledge about LED displays on the LED display blog.

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