UNIT OF800 Outdoor LED Board: Product & Cases!

OF800 series front service led display is an outdoor led board with an excellent visual performance. It is suitable for many application scenarios: outdoor perimeter led display, 3d led billboard, etc.

OF800 series outdoor led board has 3 types of cabinets, which can meet the needs of various projects.

1. OF800 Outdoor LED Board Cabinet Review

The newest outdoor fixed led display OF800 series has a unique cabinet design and excellent visual effects. Its characteristics are reflected in the following aspects:

Available in Two Sizes

UNIT OF800 series outdoor led board adopts 400*300 high-quality SMD led modules.

The conventional cabinet provides two cabinet sizes: 800*900mm and 800*1200mm. The thickness of the cabinet is only 98mm. Conventional cabinets are compatible with most usage scenarios. Such as outdoor billboards and stadium sport led displays.

of800 outdoor led board (2)

Perfect Cabinet Design

The black box and red handle make the whole display look beautiful and grand. The various humanized designs of the cabinet are convenient to use, such as the handle and lock design.

The aluminum alloy box is much lighter than the iron box. The thin and light cabinet can save your transportation cost and installation labor cost.

Dual Service

High-quality OF800 series outdoor led board adopts double service method. 400*300 led modules can be assembled in seconds with special tools.

OF800 outdoor led board

Removal steps of the front maintenance module

Step 1: Insert the module removal tool into the corresponding white holes on the front of the module (5 in total).

Turn 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock the module lock.

Step 2: Insert the two module handles into the corresponding red holes (total 4),

One on the left and one on the right, rotate clockwise and fix. Then pull to remove the module.

More Energy Efficient

Compared with the traditional led display screen, OF800 can provide you with up to 30% energy consumption with its excellent energy saving.

Energy-efficient displays are friendly to your electric bill. Especially for outdoor giant led billboards.

High Protection Ability

The waterproof level up to IP65 makes OF800 outdoor led billboards adapt to the outdoor environment.

There is a waterproof rubber ring at the connection to prevent water vapor from entering the inside of the display.

The high protection level ensures the normal operation of the display screen and greatly prolongs the service life.

of800 outdoor led board (1)

Excellent Visual Effect

of800 outdoor led board (3)

The high-contrast corrugated light-absorbing mask helps the display achieve ultra-high contrast.

Single-point brightness and color calibration before leaving the factory ensure high consistency in brightness and color.

High brightness, high contrast, and high gray scale ensure the excellent visual effect of the screen.

Therefore, this box has become one of the first choices for outdoor 3D billboards.

2. OF800 Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

What is Outdoor Perimeter LED Screen?

Stadium screens can be installed in outdoor stadiums for live broadcasts and commercials.

Outdoor perimeter led display has become a standard configuration for large sports events. It can display more content and fully meet the display requirements of football, basketball, and other events.

What Standards Do Perimeter LED Screens Need to Meet?

Generally speaking, outdoor sport perimeter led display needs to meet the following conditions:

(1) Accurate color rendering of the brand LOGO

(2) With a high refresh rate, it can effectively avoid black lines and flickering during a live broadcast

(3) Should have an anti-collision design

Why Choose OF800 Sport Perimeter LED Display?

The size of the OF800 sport perimeter LED display is 1600*900mm. This aluminum profile cabinet has front service modules, adjustable bracket, soft pillow, quick lock.

Adjustable Backet

adjustable supporting bracket (2)

Through the adjustable bracket on the back, the cabinet and the ground can be freely adjusted at multiple angles of 90°, 85°, 80°, 75°, 70°, and 65°.

This means you can adjust the angle to meet the needs of more viewers, thereby increasing advertising revenue.

adjustable supporting bracket (1)

Soft Pillow

Long, soft pillows wrap the top of the box.

This design is not only to protect the display equipment but also to ensure the safety of athletes.

soft pillow meets the requirement of anti-collision design for outdoor displays.

In addition to this, the soft mask is also impact resistant.

3. OF800 Curved LED Cabinet

How to achieve the perfect transition of the flat screen at a 90-degree corner? How to get the perfect outdoor naked-eye curved large screen? Then don’t miss OF800 curved LED cabinet!

Corner arc screens are mostly used for outdoor naked-eye 3D or special curved led screens.

UNIT OF800 series 90° corner arc screen is compatible with P4.16/P5.0/P6.25/P8.33/P10 various pitches. The size of the module is 50×300mm, and the module is fixed with a rotary handle.

of800 curved led display (1)

Support front and rear maintenance, simple and easy to operate. The module can be adjusted, the stitching is small, and the display effect of the curved surface is good.

of800 curved led display (3)

This product supports customized services. Its brightness is 6000-6500cd/m², and the picture is visible even under direct sunlight.

Three-Sided LED display Project Case In Italy

Installation Country: Italy

Display Height: 1200mm

Display Length: 9000mm

Perimeter: 9000mm

Pixel Pitch: P4.16mm

Cabinet Material: Aluminum Material Cabinet

800*1200mm Cabinet Resolution: 192X288dots

Curved LED Cabinet Resolution: 144X288dots

Three-Sided LED display
Three-Sided LED display
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4. More Customer Cases

P4.16mm 800X1200mm Outdoor Advertising LED Display

UNIT OF800 Perimeter LED Display For Football Game


In this post, we introduce to you the various application scenarios of the UNIT OF800 series outdoor led board: 3D led display, outdoor sport perimeter led display, and curved led display.

Want a high-quality outdoor led board with high brightness and high protection level? Just contact us to get more information!

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