OF800-S Series Sports LED Display

-Unique Cabinet Design with 800×900mm and 1600×900mm Size

-Front Service Design for Easy Installation and Disassembly

-Energy-saving LED Screen

-Adjustable Bracket & Soft Mask, Soft Rubber

-Perfect Cabinet Design for Sports

Unit OF800 outdoor frontal service LED display
energy saving LED display
Fast assembly unit led display
high refresh rate unit led display
High contrast unit led display
16bit gray bit unit led display
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OF800-S Sports LED Display

OF800-S series sports LED display is UNIT latest outdoor fixed LED display with front service function. Ultra low heat, high efficiency, and energy saving.
Our sports LED display not only has excellent performance and reliability, but also can bring unprecedented visual enjoyment to the audience.

1600*900mm LED Cabinet

OF800-S Outdoor sports LED screen is designed with two sizes. 800*900mm and 1600*900mm are optional.
Unique panel design with 400*300mm size. Ultra-low heat, energy saving, and excellent visual experience.

Unique Cabinet Design

OF800-S sports LED screen adopts top-class design standards and industry-leading ideas to design. The cabinet is beautiful and the operation is user-friendly.
The overall black color style with red module handle makes the entire LED display elegant and noble.

Soft Mask and Soft Rubber Design

The display adopts a soft mask and soft rubber edge design to effectively reduce the damage to the screen body caused by external impact.
Even in fierce sports events, the screen can maintain a good use condition, improving safety and durability.

Foldable, Hidden and Angle-adjustable Bracket

Equipped with a foldable, hidden bracket design for easy transportation and storage. Screen angle can be adjusted in 90°、95°、100°、105°、110°、115°
At the same time, the bracket angle is adjustable to meet different viewing needs, provide the best viewing angle.

IP65 Waterproof Capability

In order to adapt to various outdoor environments, OF800-S sports LED display has IP65 waterproof capability.
Whether it is scorching sun or heavy rain, it can maintain excellent display effects to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

Frontal and Rear Double Service Design

Both front and back maintenance meets different site application
Support full front-maintenance and rear-maintenance, can be applied to different environments

Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

The cabinet can be customized. Soft masks and cushions protect the athletes from hurting. Handles, fast lock, and wheels help with quick installation.
IP 65 for both front and rear sides. Module waterproof, joint seamless splicing, the good display effect. High brightness, high resolution, and stable performance

UNIT LED Display Factory

UNIT LED is a professional LED display manufacturer with 10 Years’ experience in producing and developing LED display.
Brightness of OF800-S is more than 6500cd/㎡. The performance is still visible under strong light.
Support front and rear maintenance, maintenance way is easy and quick. Remote control the display (Power on/off, public content, adjust brightness)

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1600x900mm Cabinet Pulley (1)
OF800 Sport LED Display Aging (1)
OF800 Sport LED Display Aging (2)

1600x900mm Cabinet Pulley

OF800-S Sport LED Display Aging

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OF800-S Series Sports LED Display

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Pixel Pitch4.16mm5mm6.25mm8.33mm10mm
LEDSMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1
Module size400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm
Module resolution96*72dots80* 60dots64*48dots48* 36dots40*30dots
LED Cabinet Size800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)
Cabinet Weight22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc
Brightness5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd
Avg power consumption300w300w300w300w300w
Max power consumption600w600w600w600w600w
Best Viewing Distance4m to 40m5m to 50m6m to 60m8m to 80m10m to 100m
Grey Level14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits
Refresh frequency≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ
Humidity-operating10%一95%10%一95%10% ~95%610%一95%10%一95%
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling modeSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or Async
Warranty3Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years
Protective gradeIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 Waterproof


OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display


96*72 dots/module
400*300mm module

OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display


80*60 dots/module
400*300mm module

OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display


64*48 dots/module
400*300mm module

OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display


48*36 dots/module
400*300mm module

OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display


40*30 dots/module
400*300mm module

Tech Support

Unit LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.